Black smoke over Beirut (Update)

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Here’s an update on the environmental disaster that we witnessed yesterday after used tires were put on fire in an area near the Bourj Hammoud Landfill.

According to MTV, the fire — which was first reported as having taken place in Bourj Hammoud’s landfill – resulted from the burning of tires by “those who want to financially benefit from the copper (contained in tires), whose prices have soared lately.”

MTV said the perpetrators are “well-known and the state does not need any telecom data to find them.” [Source]

The state knows those people? Why doesn’t MTV reveal their names then?

One thought on “Black smoke over Beirut (Update)

  1. a_monkey

    what i don’t understand is why the state assumes or makes it seem like the only evidence to use against someone is telecom data, is there no other piece of evidence you could use? just saying you don’t need telecom data is equivalent of saying you don’t need evidence? wtf?


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