25 thoughts on “BlogBaladi top on Google Search

  1. Najib Post author

    Of course not. There was no other browser on the computer I was using (my friend’s). Didn’t wanna use mine cause the blog would be cached.

    PS: I gave him the same comment (Bek chi man ba3dak btesta3mil hal zbele)

  2. A

    lol i like how accusing someone of using IE is an insult nowadays..
    btw im in germany, and im sad to tell u that blog baladi is #3 here with the same search πŸ™
    keep up the awesome work tho!

  3. Najib Post author

    Yeah I got also a comment from a friend saying its not showing on top. Could be related to the browser being used.

    Anyway as I said, it means nothing, just a nice find πŸ™‚

  4. A

    actually it has to do with which google extension ur using (.com, .com.lb…) here it is google.de.. that’s mainly the difference πŸ™‚

  5. Keek

    Guys, please it has nothing to do with which browser or which extension…etc. It all depends on your IP address. Search engine cater results depending on your location (it’s a matter of relevance).

  6. Keek

    By the way, those who are mocking you because of I.E. know nothing about Internet Explorer’s latest release. Benchmarks shows it’s much faster than FF and Chrome especially when rendering javascript.
    Note: I’m not an IE fan myself, I abandoned it 6 years ago…

  7. A

    i hate I.E. because when i try to open a new tab, i might as well go bake a cake in the mean time..
    i don’t care if a page’s js is rendered in 100ms or 200ms, as long as a new tab doesn’t forever to open (new blank tab, and im talking abt IE8)

  8. Wael

    The browser has nothing to do with the search results order. Google tracks your IP and provides you with location specific results and this is why it is different.

    As for people bashing IE, did anyone use IE9? Its far more adavanced and faster then any other browser I’ve used.

  9. Mustapha

    I honestly don’t know how the ranking works, and I heard the results can also depend on your browsing history.

    But what really surprises me is how good the folks of “Lebanese Bloggers” rank considering the fact that the last post they made was in 2006.. I never understood that. Google always says that it gives priority to “fresh content”..

  10. Wael

    Mustapha, this is a reason to dump Google!!

    Your blog shows as number 1 for me in both Yahoo and Bing using same query. “Lebanese Bloggers” shows as number 2 in Google. (I’m using Seattle based proxy).

  11. Ronman

    Love the IE vs FF vs Chrome argument, tried IE9, and FF4 is still better. i don’t like chrome much, but it’s my backup if ever FF4 crash, but it has never done so(ff3.6 used to crash sometimes), been a FF4 user since the first day they launched the Beta evaluation version.

    about Blog Baladi, ranking, searched on google.com the other day about if i have a speeding ticket in Lebanon, and your post with the link to the ISF specific page was the first result…very coool

  12. Wael

    I’m in France.. and blogbaladi also comes top on google search.. πŸ™‚
    keep it up guys.. it’s really an amazing blog.. so far the best one πŸ˜‰

  13. Najib Post author

    I also asked myself this question and found it very weird that this obsolete blog is still up there.

    Anyway, BeirutSpring rocks πŸ™‚


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