Bomb in Kaslik?

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MTV: A blast targeted the Senses health club and spa in Kaslik, causing material damage

Future News: An explosion shook a nightclub in Kaslik, causing material damage only.

I just read this news on Naharnet. Why would anyone target Senses in Kaslik? Even though the blast only caused material damage, its timing and location are worrying.

Let’s just hope it’s some personal matter not more.

Update: According to VDL radio, the bomb explosion at the senses club was due to a personal dispute between the investors.

Update2: According to the same VDL radio, the explosion could be resulting from a gas leak and not a bomb.

2 thoughts on “Bomb in Kaslik?

    1. sandie

      Correction, guys, it was a gaz explosion, nothing more. Just some lazy construction worker who did not follow the safety and regulation rules…


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