Boobs, Botox and the Babes of Beirut

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I think this article is offensive, over-generalizing and pointless. [Article]

For a largely Arab country it’s a bizarre thing that in Lebanon (Beirut specifically), women care more about their appearance than men. Males lead a rather sullied existence, priming their closely cut mini-beards and, from my own observations, eating rather a lot. The formula in Lebanon’s capital for women is fashion-forward, from their choice of cloth to the decisions they make surgically. [Link]

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One thought on “Boobs, Botox and the Babes of Beirut

  1. Nadine

    this article goes perfectly with night life scenery in Lebanon but of course it does not apply for the whole society.
    i work with many Europeans and they almost give the same comments as this article about Lebanese people…


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