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Café Najjar in a Mug Explained

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The first thing that caught my attention in Café Najjar’s latest commercial was the guy using a mug, not the traditional Lebanese coffee cup, to drink the coffee but that’s not the first time Café Najjar uses a mug in one of its ads.


In fact, I found an older commercial in the “Wen fi Lebnene Fi Najjar” campaign where they are drinking in a mug and there’s a good explanation behind it.

Café Najjar is targeting young Lebanese who usually drink their coffee in a mug and are no longer used to Lebanese coffee or maybe find it too strong. Everyone I know at the office or in my surrounding drinks coffee in a mug so it’s smart to target this audience and introduce them to a Lebanese product that’s definitely better tasting than lousy coffee sachets.

Here’s how Najjar explained it:

The Ad brings out a feeling of national pride, reminding Lebanese they have a rich heritage to be proud of, with wonderful shots of the nation’s ocean and coastlines, old souks, customary houses and enchanting method for life…Yet the new confronts, look, feel and sound of the brand have an unmistakable message: Najjar is the inspiration for all coffee drinkers the brilliant peered and the driven youth, since its taste, appeal and spirit are ageless. Café Najjar promises to show the best of Lebanon for the Lebanese everywhere in the World. We thank you for being a loyal consumer. We appreciate all your comments and looking forward for more expansion

I loved the latest “Chef” ad better than the “Surfer” one, it feels more “Lebanese” and the cutest Keira (the little girl) is in it.

One thing though that they should have emphasized on is how to prepare Cafe Najjar in a mug because a mug of Lebanese coffee has way too much caffeine in it, or maybe launch a coffee machine that does it? I found a recipe in the comments for those interested:

For one cup of Cafe Najjar brew:
We need 60ml water with 1 spoon of grind coffee.

For 2 cups of Café Najjar brew:
We need 120 ml with 2 spoons.

For a kettle of 3 cups Café Najjar:
We need 180 ml with 3 spoons.

I’m not a heavy coffee drinker but I will prepare it for my wife this week and see if she likes it.


Almaza vs. Beirut Beer

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beirut beer

So Almaza Beer kicks off a campaign entitled “Almaza, Lebanon’s Beer” or #‎BeeretLebnen‬ and Beirut Beer hits back at them by reminding them that they are part of Heineken (they didn’t name it though). A lot of people didn’t appreciate the attack against Almaza and started bashing Beirut Beer but I don’t see the problem in it. It’s pure competition and advertising and it’s fun even though Beirut Beer is not as good or as popular as Almaza in Lebanon.

Let’s see if Almaza will reply back or not, noting that their marketing campaigns are among the best and their replies to certain events are always epic.

I linked to the two videos below as I couldn’t embed them.


beirut beer1

Lebanese Army Ads [2016]

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lebarmy Protecting Lebanon 24/7.

Here’s a roundup of the Lebanese Army Day I found this year. A Happy 71st birthday to our brave soldiers and I hope our kidnapped soldiers will be freed soon.

Fakhry My favorite ad this year – Fakhry Chicken

Furn Beaino Let’s focus on what unites us – Furn Beaino

JAC JAC’s ad reminded me of Red Alert’s V2 rocket launcher

lol via Tatra Dairy

Kababji I have mixed feelings about Kababji’s ad this year

Ecole Des Arts via Ecole des Arts

Alfa Telecom Alfa decorated their building for the occasion

Chahine Our army rocks- via Chahine

BUTEC2 Proud of our soldiers – via Butec

chop sticks

Lock Stock

Smoking Barrels




Cafe Najjar From “Wen fi Lebnene Fi Najjar” To “Abel Kel Chi, Fi Najjar”

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If I had seen this ad on TV, I would have never guessed it was a Cafe Najjar one. Beach house, surfer with dreadlocks, beach volley and a camp fire: A drastic change from their latest ads but a good one in my opinion.

It’s a feel-good summer ad and I love how they’re showing beautiful areas and surfers in Lebanon because very few people know that you can actually surf here. There’s one thing that I didn’t get though: Why is he drinking Cafe Najjar in a mug? Who does that?


PS: Someone should tell them to fix their YouTube title and remove the 47s (47 seconds) from it.

PS2: They removed the video I shared and uploaded a shorter one with the seconds in the title 🙂

What Are These Girls Talking About?

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Child marriage continues to be a serious problem in Lebanon and the Middle East. Girls are generally more impacted than boys as they are not physically nor emotionally ready to become wives and mothers. Child marriage is also quite prevalent among Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and families seek to marry their teenage girls for protection or economic reasons.

Raising the minimum legal age of marriage to 18 is a must but is unfortunately far fetched in Lebanon.

Best Father’s Day Ads From Lebanon [2016]

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kababji Kababji is my favorite this year

Here’s a roundup of the best Father’s Day ads I spotted this year. If there are ads that I might have missed, please forward them to me.

Happy Father’s Day!

exotica When dad breaks the rules – Exotica

touch A son’s first hero. A daughter’s first love – Touch Lebanon

almaza Awwal kar3a min wara daher 2emme – via Almaza

Jeep I will always look up to you – Jeep Lebanon

Fakhry Haha! via Fakhry

Dodge This should be used to promote road safety – Brilliant one by Dodge Lebanon

dewards1 Cherish these moments with your fathers as long as they are here – Dewars

Sultan Ibrahim To more generations to come – Sultan Ibrahim

Pepsi leb via Pepsi Lebanon

volvo-fathers-day-3 via Volvo Lebanon

KHoury Game of Thrones-inspired ad – Khoury Home

deek duke Being a dad is the greatest – Deek Duke

BMW Lebanon My hero – BMW Lebanon

Bank Audi It’s all about the trust indeed – Bank Audi

Bank of Beirut These little things that made a big difference – Bank of Beirut

Spinneys1 Lol! – via Rizk Group

kronfol El Dene 2em wou bay – Kronfol

Krikita via Krikita

papaya Haha!

zifaf via Zifaf

shawarmanji Via Shawarmanji

Toyota via Toyota Lebanon

stoli Stoli

The Most Frequently Asked Question in Lebanon: Dawle Aw Moteur?

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For me, it’s even more complicated than Dawle Aw moteur, since we still don’t have our own circuit breaker (disjoncteur) and are using the main construction site one that powers three buildings.

I have no idea what’s that campaign about. I hope it’s not another 24/7 electricity campaign because the last time we had one, electricity got even worse.

Ten Great Travel Destinations Where Lebanese Don’t Need a VISA

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Even though we have one of the most expensive and least useful passports in the world, there are still some cool travel destinations that we can go to without a visa and MasterCard wants to remind us of some of them:

1- Mauritius
2- Turkey
3- Sri Lanka
4- Georgia
5- Jordan
6- Nepal
7- Malaysia
8- Oman
9- Seychelles
10- Maldives

I am not so sure about Sri Lanka though as I know there is a visa of around 50$ to be paid.