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Douaihy Sweets Commercial


I think Douaihy should focus more on what makes them so special and stop pointing at Hallab (It’s so freaking obvious) in their ads. Plus they r giving Hallab free publicity and showing them as being humble and polite with Douaihy customers.

PS: For example, Douaihy Knefe is really good and I love their delivery package. Everyone hates waiting in queues to get Knefe and like it hot, so here’s something to work on as a commercial.

Dairy Khoury Ads


Is it me or are the Dairy Khoury ads getting nastier? We moved from “Man Talaba el ISO 7alaba el Layali” to “Man 7alabaka a7abbaka” to “Iza mich 7eliba ma bta3refa”.

Not that I have a problem with that, but the ads play in the morning when all the kids are going to school, and I am sure parents won’t appreciate their children repeating these Pipo quotes at school.

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