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Best Valentine Ads From All Over Lebanon

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Alben Funny equation from Dairy Khoury

Stli Stoli‘s funny take on Exotica’s Valentine ad

zwz ZWZ’s Valentine ad is the smartest – click [here] to see what they did

10376733_10152869822186713_5990133490696009347_n Chili’s

Gandour Tarboosh love by Gandour

RIfai Rifai

Sony leb True that – via Sony Lebanon

volvo Volvo V40 Polestar is my Swede heart – Volvo Lebanon

vw Volkswagen

alfa Alfa ditched the red #PurpleValentine

durex Durex Arabia getting inspired from 50 shades of grey

Kababji Kababji

edl EDL Setting the Mood for Valentine Since 1964 – via Sitcom Lebnene

What’s With The Chinese Billboards?

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I noticed a couple of Fransabank billboards in Dbayyeh written in Chinese for some reason. I’m assuming that’s a teaser campaign for some new product but I wanna know what they’re saying and I don’t know anyone who speaks or reads Chinese. I asked on Twitter and got nothing so I googled a bit and found an app (Baidu Translate) that actually translates pictures in Chinese which is pretty cool but not that practical. I got something like “Golden Chamber and Synopsis” from the first billboard on the left which could be referring to Jin Kui Yao Lve’s book but didn’t get lucky with the second picture which is showing Xian’s city wall.

Update: I updated my Google Translate app and used their new feature which includes scanning a picture and detecting and translating the text on it. It’s way more accurate as I got something about a new Fransabank Platinum card debuting in China and being accepted in the whole territory or something like that. I also got UnionBank but I don’t know how it’s related.

Thanks Sabine for the tip!

Nutella’s Controversial Billboard

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nutella - Copy Picture via Rania el Khatib

People are apparently upset with the above Nutella billboard because it shows Christian names with the English version and Muslim names (Except for Sarah which is not Muslim) with the Arabic one. I don’t know if all the billboards are like this one but I agree that the way the names were depicted in this one is wrong, even if it wasn’t done intentionally. I wouldn’t make a big fuss out of it though but whomever did this should have been more careful.

It is worth noting that it’s common in Lebanon to have billboards in Arabic for areas like Tripoli and the same billboards in French and English in areas like Jounieh and Beirut.

Update: Here are all the Nutella billboards I found on my way to work today. I couldn’t find the one posted by Rania (shown above) and as expected, there are many versions in both Arabic and English. I am checking now to see where that billboard was spotted.







Lebanon Featured On The North Face’s Instagram Account

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The North Face featured on its Instagram account this stunning picture of Tannourine that was taken by team climber @bookofsamuel. The picture shows Will Nazarian, an Armenian/American climber, who’s been climbing all over Lebanon and has some amazing videos on the Rock climbing Association for Development page [].


Check this video below taken in Tannourine


Thanks Sarhad!

#NetworkOfHope: 33 Advertising Agencies From Lebanon & Jordan with 1 Message: HOPE

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M&C Saatchi MENA kicked off an initiative with Pikasso to gather almost all the advertising agencies in the countries of Lebanon and Jordan, unifying them to all work together under one big message: HOPE. As a result, 23 advertising agencies from Lebanon and 10 advertising agencies from Jordan have each developed visuals that were printed by Pikasso and were mounted on 4X3m panels starting December 29, 2014. I like the initiative as it sends out a positive note for a new 2015 year, which will hopefully be better than the bloody and turbulent 2014 year we went through.

I tried digging out the visuals by tracking the #networkofhope hashtags and here are some of them:


Hope - FP7

Hope - Havas

Hope - Image lifting

Hope - Impact BBDO



Med Kek







There’s also this short visual by Clementine: