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A Smart Take On The Garbage Crisis In Lebanon

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It’s not easy to tackle a situation as tricky as the one we are in right now in Lebanon, especially when you are selling a product or managing a brand. In fact, I’ve noticed that most of the brands are choosing to ignore the ongoing garbage crisis and protests and stay away from the negative vibes, which is understandable.

However, some of them are managing the crisis in a very smart and creative way like Almaza and Café Najjar. Almaza only shared one visual stating that “Hayda mich Jawna Hayda mich Ne7na” while Café Najjar has been following up closely and shared three brilliant visuals so far.

All of them tackle the current situation without taking sides or hinting at politics and while relating to their main product which is coffee of course.



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Old 2010 Bahr Loubnan Campaign Is Perfect For Lebanon’s Ongoing Garbage Crisis

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coming soon

These posters are part of a 2010 campaign initiated by NGO Bahr Loubnan and depicting Lebanon’s historical sites covered in trash. The ads were meant to raise awareness on the dangers of marine pollution and prevent Lebanese citizens (and the government) from throwing garbage in the sea and on the coast.

Quoting Bahr Loubnan’s VP Rima Tarabay, she stated that “what people must realize is that this land is for our children and grandchildren. Politics comes and goes, but the land stays, and if we continue [polluting], we will not have this land. We won’t have enough water or any agriculture. Our children will be ill. People are not thinking about the long term. The environment is as important as political and security problems”.

Here’s the solution she suggested back then as well and that would have prevented all these #YouStink protests:

“Our idea is that we should go to the dumpsite, sort the garbage, take off all the solid waste and see how we are going to recycle it. The organic stuff, we keep and pass it through a machine to de-contaminate it. Then, eventually, we’d build a park over the site, a public garden for the people of Saida. The organic waste can make energy to be used for a variety of things.”

Ironically, the campaign was supported by the Ministry of Environment at the time, the same ministry that is turning Lebanon nowadays into a large landfill because of its incompetence and lack of vision.

PS: Garbage tourism will start booming soon in Lebanon. If you want to know more, check this [tutorial].

bahrloubnan1 - Copy

barhloubnan2 - Copy

bahrloubnan4 - Copy

bahrloubnan3 - Copy

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Five Funny #YouReek (#YouStink) Pictures & Videos

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A Beiruti snack called Ramez – Mazraat that sells chicken got inspired from the #Tol3it_Ree7etkon campaign and 3as3us’s #Farroujna_Lil_Watan episode and kicked off the #‏طَيبي_ريحتكن‬ campaign.


I have no idea who originally shot this video but Ninar shared it first and Tchuup sent it to me. It’s hilarious lol! If you know who originally took it, please let me know so I give him/her the credits.

20150822_185110 Batman was spotted at the protest giving interviews

chabi7 I had no clue riot batons can fire bullets – Picture by Mohamad Cheblak


In case you missed the Red Bull Car Park Drift this year, there was another M113 drift happening in Beirut last night. Check out the [video].

The Types Of Recycling We Don’t Want In Lebanon

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Throwing garbage in nature is a crime and Lebanese who are illegally dumping their trash in valleys, mountains and in the sea should be put behind bars. Ghaleb Cabbabe came up with a smart campaign to raise awareness on this matter by replacing the usual recycling signs with the ones shown below.

This is not the solution we want for the waste crisis. This is corruption and ignorance at its best.





Zahle Teta “Yi K*** Em Hal Kahraba Chou Bitdall Ma2tou3a bi Beirut!”

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Zahle residents have every right to brag about their achievement as they now have 24/7 electricity and water and have sorted out their garbage issues as well. More importantly, they managed to confront generator owners and the mafias behind them and keep them away from the city.

I wish Jounieh officials (and other major cities for that sake) would learn a thing or two from Zahle and come up with a plan to provide electricity to its residents and stop the Zouk power-plant pollution instead of hanging polluting posters and holding useless press conferences.


I’m Taking Part In The Uber Food Drive To Help Families In Need This Ramadan

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Uber Beirut and LiveLoveBeirut are teaming up to launch a food drive in Beirut to provide food to families in need during Ramadan. The food drive took place today and was extended for an extra day tomorrow to give those who couldn’t donate today another chance. Over 200 bags full of food were collected today which is quite awesome.

I’m requesting the food drive tomorrow and I’m hoping everyone else will as well as it’s for a good cause and barely requires any effort.

Here’s what you need to do:
– Open your Uber app [Android] [iOS] tomorrow Friday July 10th between 11am and 4pm
– Request the FOOD DRIVE option in your app (Move the slider to the far right)
– Bring at least five canned goods / non-perishable food and hand them to the volunteers who will be in the FOOD DRIVE cars (For ex Tuna, Beetroot, Homos, Beans, Rice, Pasta, Lentils, Burgul, Jam, Halawa, Processed cheese, Sugar, Salt)


You will then receive a thank you perk of $5, $10 or $200 worth of Uber credit automatically in your account at the end of the day and a complimentary Live Love Beirut bracelet. The food will be distributed to families in Beirut by Iftar time.

If you are taking part in the campaign, send me a picture of the goods or how you delivered the goods to the Uber car and I will gladly share it on the blog. The Food Drive is taking place in Hamra, Verdun, Downtown and Achrafieh only.