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Al Rifai #AngelDrones Delivering Packages To Needy Families On Ramadan

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Ramadan is not only a religious occasion, but also a social and cultural one. It is a time to reach out and help those who don’t have a home or family to come back or don’t have enough to feed their children. This year, Al Rifai has decided to send out drones to deliver special packages to families and individuals in need and help them enjoy Ramadan. The drones, called Angel Drones, will be delivering packages throughout the whole month of Ramadan.


Al Rifai has always been creative with its ads and campaigns. I love the idea, I just hope no one will report the drones to the authorities thinking they are Israeli lol!


Best Father’s Day Ads From Lebanon [2015]

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castania Always creative ads from Castania

Al Wadi, Castania and Exotica’s ad are the best for this year. If you’ve seen better ones, please do share them. Happy Father’s Day to all!

Al wadi I love this one! via Al-Wadi al Akhdar

ls Not sure who inspired the other, but Lebanese Society also shared a Baba Ghannouj-related Father’s Day ad. Good one!

dads exotic Why would we want to grow up? via Exotica

Falamanki Al Falamanki barely had time for his father as he was always surrounded by celebrities haha

Alfa Ordered my future son’s Germany jersey from now – #TeamDad all the way via Alfa

Deek duke To a father, his family is the world – via DeekDuke

Roadster Super dads – by Roadster


Kababji via Kababji

Ferrari Father Enzo – by Ferrari Lebanon

Is The New Pepsi #MeshGhalat (Ataf) Ad That Bad?

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11426267_10155726597190083_5575819571490020529_n via Adonis

The new Pepsi #MeshGhalat ad is being criticized for using the word Ataf to refer to women and I agree that the term is disrespectful but not specifically towards women. I’ve seen girls use that term as well and it’s more of a slang term that’s inappropriate to use when referring to anyone in general. So yes using the “ataf” term is wrong but I don’t think that’s the only problem with this ad.

In fact, I still can’t understand what’s really happening between the guy and the girl. For all I know, it could be one of three scenarios and all of them don’t make sense:
1- The guy’s car overheats so the girl comes to the rescue and they decide to have a picnic together?
2- The girl is with the guy and the car overheats and he has the picnic kit ready so he gets to spend quality time with her in the wilderness?
3- The girl was having a picnic by herself and this guy comes out of nowhere because his car broke down?

Moreover, who does a picnic in Faqra (looks like Faqra in the background) and who keeps a picnic set and a hiking backpack in his car all the time? Kello mich zabit πŸ™‚

To be fair, the two other ads are pretty cool and the whole #MeshGhalat campaign is fun. I used that hashtag a lot and it will easily go viral.

pepsi1 via PepsiLebanon

Pepsi2 via PepsiLebanon

BlogBaladi Earning The Top Spot In Communicate Levant’s Book of Tens (Top Social Media Influencers)

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Communicate Levant just released their book of tens 2015 which includes comprehensive lists of everything that happened in Lebanon last year from viral campaigns, YouTube hits, epic media mistakes, promising local startups, bad outdoor ads, only-in-Lebanon images, ten hilarious people to follow in Facebook, ten hashtags that should be banned, ten most popular local TV shows as well as the top ten social influencers where I am featured in the top spot.

Communicate Levant asked Lebanese brands from various industries – be it F&B, Fashion, technology and others to come up with that list and it’s quite awesome to be on that list along with my fellow bloggers Gino from Gino’s Blog, Anthony from NGNO, Lana from L’armoire De Lana and Rami from +961. I’m glad British Ambassador Tom Fletcher made the list because he’s been more influential than most of our politicians in the past years and deserves to be on top for all the work he’s accomplished.


The Book of Tens came in a huge box that had balloons inside and a challenge, the #communichallenge where we need to do one of the following:

– Do something creative with the box (wear it, paint it, glue it, fold it or ship* an unloved one to a remote area across the Atlantic).
– Fit a colleague inside the box.

I already have something in mind and my younger brother won’t like the idea. Stay tuned πŸ™‚

Updated (It’s A Loto Campaign) Who’s Behind The Black Cats Campaign?

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There’s an ongoing campaign all over Lebanon portraying black cats as being bad luck and asking people to catch the black cat. I honestly don’t know who is behind it, but I find it wrong to portray black cats as being bad luck and ask people to catch black cats. If anything, doing so will further negative stereotypes and that’s the last thing black cats need as they already are abused because of such misconceptions. Moreover, asking people to catch a black cat and call a number once they do is a terrible idea as people might hurt them in the process.

In all cases, I’m trying to figure what’s the purpose of this campaign and if you know anything, please do share. More importantly, leave the black cats and all the cats alone and don’t try to catch any. If anything, adopt one πŸ™‚

Update: Impact BBDO worked on the campaign for LOTO. Since Black cats are considered bad luck in Lebanon, LOTO are sending all the black cats on a vacation from Lebanon to New Zealand.

I’m sure there’s no negativity intended around this, but I wouldn’t have asked people to catch black cats. The campaign could have been targeted towards black cat owners instead. Here’s the video:


Animals Lebanon responded to this ad by encouraging people to adopt a black cat and stop the negative myths about them.

#NO2DrinkDriving Uber Beirut Offering $1 Rides All Weekend

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I love the initiative and I think the government should consider financing such campaigns to make taxis cheaper during the weekend between 10pm and 6am. That way, we will have less traffic and less people will drink and drive. If the government can’t afford it, I’m sure a lot of brands are willing to collaborate and offer sponsorship.

Personally speaking, I always use Uber when I’m in Beirut. It’s affordable and extremely convenient.


romantic gino Gino is in the video being all poetic and stuff.

Cool Easter Ads From All Over Lebanon [2015]

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Castania Castania mbayyada!

Here are some of the Easter Ads I spotted this year. Kababji and Castania were the most creative this year while Exotica re-used last year’s ad. Here are last year’s ads in case you missed them.

MARCH ad from last year was brilliant!

Exotica Exotica

Kababji No more kebbit la2teen, hello eggs! via Kababji

Dodge Love this one from Dodge!

Jeep Nice one Jeep!

easter-2015 via Vivad

KHoury Khoury Home

Mayrig Mayrig restaurant

dunk #Huntindonuts not eggs this year – via DunkinDonuts

Nazha Ma3moul el Eid – via Beit Nazha

Sony via Sony Lebanon

Sweet Sweet Easter treat – via Dulce ‘n Banana

Tamashii via Tamashii

easter-01 via BeirutFood

Touch via Touch

Alfa via Alfa Telecom

brgrco Easter buns – Brgrco

Yasa via Yasa