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The Grandparents Frame by JOHNSON’S Baby

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My brother and sister-in-law live abroad and just had a baby girl a month back. Ever since, my parents who are now grandparents ask me almost every day if my brother sent me any new pictures or videos of the baby. I taught them how to use Skype on the iPad but the picture is not always crystal clear because of the internet connection, and it’s a hassle to regroup pictures from different sources in one place, so this Grandparents App is a really nice and simple idea.

I am going to see if I could get the frame and surprise my parents with it. You can download the app [Here] and read all about this campaign [Here].

Almaza, Al Rifai, Exotica, Himaya and Ksara Show Support to KAFA’s #NoLawNoVote Campaign

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The parliament just ratified the law to protect women from domestic violence without making any amendments. Congrats to all the Lebanese!

Update: The law was passed without the amendments requested by KAFA, so it’s not what we were hoping for but definitely a step in the right direction.

Update2: Here’s the statement released by Kafa.






#StripForJackie AND #SayNoToViolenceAgainstWomen

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Even though I fully support the latest #StripForJackie campaign and freedom of expression as a whole, we needed this brilliant ad to remind the Lebanese about the violence against women in Lebanon and their latest two victims Roula Yaacoub and Manal Assi. The enthusiasm that the Lebanese Online community has shown towards Jackie should be the same if not more for important matters such as domestic violence and women rights. The same goes to all brands and marketing agencies who joined the #StripForJackie campaign in the past few days whether out of conviction or just to get some free publicity.