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Is This still Acceptable in #Beirut These Days?

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PS: I cropped the lower part to make the picture less gruesome.

There are so many wrongs in this picture that I don’t even know where to begin, whether with the fact that these poor animals are being killed in a barbaric way in the middle of the street or the fact that there are still people willing to sacrifice sheep to welcome leaders.

And let’s not get started with public health issues. What a shame!

Four Female Sea Turtles Killed in Less than A Month in Tyre (Mansouri Beach)

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sea turtle

Less than 5% of the Lebanese Coast remains clean and untouched and there are at least two turtle reserves known, both in the South (Mansouri and Kolaila beaches). Both are recognized as being protected natural areas by the municipalities but they are still not protected by law and are often threatened by projects or simply fishermen.

In the past four months, four female sea turtles were killed by dynamite and lannate poisoning even though using these substances is forbidden by law. The Orange House Project, an NGO working for the protection and conservation of sea turtles in South Lebanon, shared pictures of the dead turtles and urged the authorities to do their job and stop these criminals.

Sea turtles travel from all over the world to lay their eggs and reproduce on our beaches. They are beautiful yet endangered turtles and something needs to be done to declare the Coastal area that stretches from the Naqura Cliffs (South of Tyre) to the Tyre Reserve a protected area and sea biosphere reserve!

Say No To Spring Hunting in Lebanon!

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nat Source

Spring hunting is extremely damaging to wild birds as they are flying back to nest and provide the next generation of birds. If we don’t allow these migratory birds to breed during this sensitive time, their populations stand no chance of recovery.

The Indiscriminate Killing of any type of Migratory or Resident Birds,.at any time of the year (and surely increasing at the Migratory Season), ..the shooting that is happening at any Location (not just in the Bekaa Valley, or High lands),..between Olive groves, Fruit gardens, agriculture fields, between houses in villages, the use of hunting guns by people as young as 7 years old,….this is not just killing beneficial birds that help control the ecological balance (the birds help in harmful insects reduction and therefore directly contribute to a healthy agriculture and to the farmers reducing the use of chemical fertilizers) but also spreading all “heavy metals” / “toxic chemicals” from the bullets shot in the air, powder falling on the soil, on the fruits, olives, vegetables, infiltrating the soil and polluting the ever rare fresh water…

This is simply a Suicidal activity..not just for the country Lebanon but also to the Region and the whole Planet since we are all Connected on our Home, Planet Earth.

Unfortunately, hunting in Lebanon is still not regulated and a lot of hunters just go out and hunt for the fun of it. They shoot at anything that flies and don’t even bother retrieve the downed birds or pick up the empty bullets. A couple of hunters were arrested this year due to illegal hunting but more needs to be done to stop the carnage. There’s already an ongoing campaign and a online petition being signed and we can do more by preventing family members and friends from hunting during spring.

I truly hope that avid and ethical hunters will refrain from hunting during spring and practice their hobbies in other seasons. A lot of species are declining due to climate change, habitat loss and and spring hunting will only make things worse.


Vulture Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison After Refusing To Admit Any WrongDoing

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vulture Locals swooped on the vulture in the southern Lebanese town of Bint Jbeil – via The Guardian

I don’t have a problem with apprehending birds that have Israeli identification rings on them but to capture them on suspicious of espionage is quite ridiculous. Any headline is better than “Vulture arrested in Lebanon on suspicion of spying” or “Israeli “Spy Eagle” Caught In Lebanon” because such headlines really make us look stupid.

I’m sure Israel has all sorts of spying tools and could be using birds and animals as well (hard to believe tbh), but let’s report this the proper way and make sure we find a spying tool on that poor bird before accusing him of spying lol!

A vulture from an Israeli nature reserve has been captured in Lebanon on suspicion of espionage after flying across the border, Israel’s nature reserve authority has said.

Members of the Israeli public phoned the Israel Nature and Parks Authority to alert it to Facebook reports and pictures of a vulture with an Israeli identification ring and location transmitter captured by residents of the south Lebanese town of Bint Jbeil, a spokeswoman, Tali Tenenbaum, said.

“Reports passed to us show the vulture tied with a rope by local people who write that they suspect Israeli espionage apparently because of the transmitter attached to him,” the authority said. [Source]

Here’s what Colbert had to say about the “Spy Israeli Birds”:

PS: The title is obviously a joke.

Hyena Shot 4 Times In The Head In Akkar

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hyena Source

I cannot believe that their first instinct was to shoot the poor animal in the head instead of calling the cops or an ambulance or NGOs like Animals Lebanon & BETA that take care of animals. Unfortunately, this is not the first crime against hyenas in Lebanon and it won’t be the last.

I’ve said that a dozen times and will repeat it: Hyenas are harmless gentle creatures and they don’t attack humans (especially the striped ones). Moreover, the Lebanese hyena is an endangered species and plays a crucial role by cleaning forests from carcasses and bones, which is why we need to condemn these attacks and fine people who harm hyenas from now on. If they really felt threatened by the animal, they could have tied him up and waited for someone specialized in animals to show up instead of shooting him brutally like that.

Check out the [video].

PS: The video contains graphic content and may not be suitable for sensitive viewers or children.

Animal Cruelty Is A Serious Crime! A Young Kid Encouraged To Kill A Kitten For $10

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This is disturbing, disgusting and unfreakin-believable! A video is being shared today on Facebook showing two guys encouraging a young kid to push a kitten off a building. You can hear them offering him $10 if he throws the cat off the roof. I don’t know who these people are but they need to be reported to the police.

I’ve had it with animal cruelty in this country. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with some Lebanese. This is a serious crime and it should be punishable by law once and for all!

I’m not embedding the video but you can watch it [here]. If you are sensitive viewer, don’t watch it as it contains graphic content.

AUB Serial Cat Killer Finally Identified

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I just got confirmation this morning that the guy who has been killing kitten at AUB has been identified and questioned by the AUB protection office. Based on what I’ve heard, the guy confessed that it was him and AUB has forbidden him from entering the campus and will be placing posters around campus just like the one below.

Now the sad news is that the Lebanese Police couldn’t arrest the guy apparently because there are no laws in Lebanon regarding animal cruelty/murder especially when the animals are not someone’s property. I couldn’t confirm yet that part but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Overall, it’s good that the guy was finally caught but something needs to be done before he starts killing elsewhere or maybe starts killing people. If he’s mentally ill, he needs to be submitted to a hospital and if he’s killing for fun, he needs to be put behind bars.

aub killer

Thanks Miriam!

More Animal Cruelty in Lebanon: Screw Petitions! The Police Should Arrest This Guy ASAP

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The video below was shared by MTV and shows a man mistreating and severely abusing a puppy. The dog is tied up in the air and the man is enjoying beating him with his shoe and throwing him against the wall. As per MTV and the online comments, the video was shot in Zrariye, a village somewhere on the way to Tyre.

A petition was launched online and addressed to the local authorities but I think online petitions are quite useless. Everyone from the ISF to the Interior Minister are on social media and easily reachable, so let’s tweet at them and share this story until they take action and go arrest this guy.

I will never understand how people take pleasure in torturing animals or anyone for that sake. What a horrible human being!


AUB Cat Killer Strikes Again

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Back in April, I posted that someone has been smashing kittens with stones and killing them in AUB and that 5 dead kittens were found on campus. Few days ago, that same person apparently battered to death three kittens on the campus of the American University of Beirut. The attack occurred on Friday before 5pm and was witnessed by a member of AUB’s Cat Club. Here’s the story as reported in the Daily Star:

The attack Friday occurred after the kittens had been treated for fleas prior to offering them for adoption as part of our efforts to reduce the AUB cat population and improve its overall health. Throughout the process, a young man wearing blue jogging pants and a dark blue shirt with stripes sat on a window ledge some 30 meters away, observing in silence. When a volunteer returned to check on the kittens barely 10 minutes later, she saw the young man beating one of the 11 with a stick. On being challenged, he ran away, jumped down a steep wall, and disappeared in the direction of the clock tower.

The kitten he had been beating lay dead. Judging by the welts on its body, a second had been killed in similar fashion. A third appeared to have been trampled to death: the bottom half of its body was crushed and its intestines were spilling out of its anus. All three had been seen in perfect health at our midday inspection check of the site only a few hours earlier.

I’m not sure what’s wrong with this guy but AUB and the police should have arrested this sick bastard by now and I hope they do soon.

Dog Poop Is A Serious Problem In Achrafieh

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Back when bombings were unfortunately common in Beirut, I jokingly told my friend once that I’m more worried about dog poop than car bombs in Achrafieh. They are everywhere and you can’t walk around anywhere without looking down and making sure you are not stepping on dog poop. It’s gross and disgusting and Achrafieh residents are mostly to blame for that, specially those who are too disgusted to pick up their dog’s poop but don’t mind polluting the street and their neighborhood.

I’m glad Achrafieh2020 and Sukleen have teamed up to clean Achrafieh streets from dog poop and I love their slogan but I doubt that it will change anything. I honestly believe people who don’t pick up their dog’s poop should be fined just like everywhere else in the world, or even better, someone should track them down pick up their dog’s poop and put it on their front door.

Until then, let’s support this campaign by reporting any poop spotted on the streets, and let’s hope it will be followed by an awareness campaign aimed at dog owners.