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Animal Abuse Will Soon Be Illegal In Lebanon!

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The Animal protection and welfare law has been finally approved by the council of ministers and will soon be presented to the parliament! Animals Lebanon have been working for 3 years now to implement this law and have collected over 25,000 signatures for that purpose and their efforts have finally paid off.

It’s about time animal abuse becomes illegal in Lebanon and we are almost there!

Council of Ministers gives the animal protection and welfare law their official approval! Announced in the National News Agency and on LBC after yesterdays cabinet session, the draft law was one of 15 items discussed. This law regulates industries and establishments that use animals and will finally give all animals the legal protection they need.
Thank you to all of the Ministers for backing this campaign from the very beginning, Prime Minister Tamam Salam, Minister of Agriculture Akram Chehayeb, former Minister of Agriculture Hussein Hajj Hassan, the Ministry staff, and every one of our supporters for making this campaign possible. Now on to Parliament – and a better future for animals!

I Am A Friendly Dog But No One Wants To Adopt Me

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BETA‘s shelter for abandoned and abused dogs in Lebanon is now full due to low adoption rates and no kill policy. As a result, they’ve decided to start a new campaign ” The Expats Pets Program ” to help find loving and permanent homes abroad for these animals, while raising awareness on this forced immigration to encourage local adoption.

I think you are all familiar with BETA‘s amazing work in Lebanon and I’ve shared many of their stories in Lebanon, so let’s spread the word and donate:
– To help them keep these animals in Lebanon
– Or donate to their rehoming program to give them an opportunity abroad.

Of course if you wish to adopt a dog locally in Lebanon or internationally anywhere in the world you can also do so through the [website].


Horrible Animal Abuse Filmed On Dora Highway

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A video was shared earlier by Animal Rescue Lebanon today showing sheep loaded inside a truck with tons of bags placed on top of them. That’s just outrageous but I wonder why didn’t the people who filmed it call the cops? The truck probably stayed for a good half hour on the highway so they could have easily been arrested.

Check it out [here].

Here’s Why He Drove With A Dog Tied To The Car

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After BETA shared a picture of a Honda CRV on the Jounieh highway with an animal tied to the car, the driver reached out to BETA and told them the full story. As shown below, Mr. Nehme apparently was trying to help the dog by driving him to a training school in Nahr el Kalb, but since he couldn’t put him in his car, he thought he’d tie him to the back of his CRV and drive slowly till he gets to the training school.

Of course it’s good to hear that the man has good intentions, but tying the dog and driving for a long distance was a terrible idea. He put the dog’s life in danger and other drivers’ lives as well by driving slowly on a highway.

Yesterday, all animals lovers were sharing the photo of Jack, the dog who was tied to a CRV and dragged around the Nahr El Kalb area; we shared the photo and expressed how harshly we condemn what happened.
Jack is now at a foster home under BETA’s supervision, he is being taken care of and we are making sure he will recover from the aftermath of yesterday’s incident.
However, we would like to clarify the other side of the story, from the point of view of Mr. Edward Nehme, the owner the Honda CRV in question.
Jack was brought to the neighbourhood of Mr. Nehme, and apparently he was being aggressive and somehow terrifying the neighbors, so Mr. Nehme took a personal initiative with very good intentions and decided to locate the dog to a training school in Nahr El Kalb, Mr. Nehme told us that no matter how hard they tried to put Jack in the car, he wouldn’t go in and wouldn’t cooperate at all; So one of the neighbours suggested tying Jack to the back of the CRV and driving very slowly, and this is what happened.
The training school management did not accept to take the dog but helped Mr. Nehme get the dog in the car.
The dog was taken to a vet who advised Mr. Nehme to take Jack to our shelter, where an animal lover accepted to take the dog and ensure a foster for him because we cannot accommodate more dogs at the shelter.
Mr. Nehme didn’t know any better so he drove long distances and tried his best to get the dog to safety; we surely do not accept the way this was done, and we will do our best it never happens again, but we know it was done with good intentions.
The dog now is fine, he has minimal damage in his paws, which shows that the car was driven very slowly, and he will visit the vet to make sure he is healthy.

Hide Your Kids! فيديو لسمكة قاتلة تفرم الحديد

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There’s nothing new about this killer can-eating fish that has gone viral in the past few days. It’s called the puffer fish and it’s been there for the past 10 years or more in Lebanon. In fact, Saida fishermen exhibited tens of these fish back in 2008 in order to warn the residents of eating them as they are highly poisonous.

I wonder if there’s any strategy set to keep this fish away from our shores.