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AUB Serial Cat Killer Finally Identified

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I just got confirmation this morning that the guy who has been killing kitten at AUB has been identified and questioned by the AUB protection office. Based on what I’ve heard, the guy confessed that it was him and AUB has forbidden him from entering the campus and will be placing posters around campus just like the one below.

Now the sad news is that the Lebanese Police couldn’t arrest the guy apparently because there are no laws in Lebanon regarding animal cruelty/murder especially when the animals are not someone’s property. I couldn’t confirm yet that part but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Overall, it’s good that the guy was finally caught but something needs to be done before he starts killing elsewhere or maybe starts killing people. If he’s mentally ill, he needs to be submitted to a hospital and if he’s killing for fun, he needs to be put behind bars.

aub killer

Thanks Miriam!

More Animal Cruelty in Lebanon: Screw Petitions! The Police Should Arrest This Guy ASAP

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The video below was shared by MTV and shows a man mistreating and severely abusing a puppy. The dog is tied up in the air and the man is enjoying beating him with his shoe and throwing him against the wall. As per MTV and the online comments, the video was shot in Zrariye, a village somewhere on the way to Tyre.

A petition was launched online and addressed to the local authorities but I think online petitions are quite useless. Everyone from the ISF to the Interior Minister are on social media and easily reachable, so let’s tweet at them and share this story until they take action and go arrest this guy.

I will never understand how people take pleasure in torturing animals or anyone for that sake. What a horrible human being!


AUB Cat Killer Strikes Again

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Back in April, I posted that someone has been smashing kittens with stones and killing them in AUB and that 5 dead kittens were found on campus. Few days ago, that same person apparently battered to death three kittens on the campus of the American University of Beirut. The attack occurred on Friday before 5pm and was witnessed by a member of AUB’s Cat Club. Here’s the story as reported in the Daily Star:

The attack Friday occurred after the kittens had been treated for fleas prior to offering them for adoption as part of our efforts to reduce the AUB cat population and improve its overall health. Throughout the process, a young man wearing blue jogging pants and a dark blue shirt with stripes sat on a window ledge some 30 meters away, observing in silence. When a volunteer returned to check on the kittens barely 10 minutes later, she saw the young man beating one of the 11 with a stick. On being challenged, he ran away, jumped down a steep wall, and disappeared in the direction of the clock tower.

The kitten he had been beating lay dead. Judging by the welts on its body, a second had been killed in similar fashion. A third appeared to have been trampled to death: the bottom half of its body was crushed and its intestines were spilling out of its anus. All three had been seen in perfect health at our midday inspection check of the site only a few hours earlier.

I’m not sure what’s wrong with this guy but AUB and the police should have arrested this sick bastard by now and I hope they do soon.

Dog Poop Is A Serious Problem In Achrafieh

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Back when bombings were unfortunately common in Beirut, I jokingly told my friend once that I’m more worried about dog poop than car bombs in Achrafieh. They are everywhere and you can’t walk around anywhere without looking down and making sure you are not stepping on dog poop. It’s gross and disgusting and Achrafieh residents are mostly to blame for that, specially those who are too disgusted to pick up their dog’s poop but don’t mind polluting the street and their neighborhood.

I’m glad Achrafieh2020 and Sukleen have teamed up to clean Achrafieh streets from dog poop and I love their slogan but I doubt that it will change anything. I honestly believe people who don’t pick up their dog’s poop should be fined just like everywhere else in the world, or even better, someone should track them down pick up their dog’s poop and put it on their front door.

Until then, let’s support this campaign by reporting any poop spotted on the streets, and let’s hope it will be followed by an awareness campaign aimed at dog owners.

Someone Is Killing Kittens At AUB

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aub cat

I just read on Facebook that someone has been smashing kittens with stones and killing them in AUB. 5 dead kittens were found near the new IFI building. I don’t know who’s this sick person but AUB administration is investigating and I hope they catch and put this person in jail not just give him a dean’s warning.

PS: There’s a picture here of the dead kitten that I didn’t want to share on the blog because it’s graphic.

Dear AUB community,

As you all know, we have a large population of cats on campus. AUB policy ensures that they be taken care of and respected, as it is a moral obligation to ensure the safety and security of all living beings.

I am shocked and disgusted to announce that someone on campus has been going around victimising and killing kittens by crushing them with stones. The other day I found 5 smashed kittens near the new IFI building. I was horrified to think that someone affiliated with AUB has it in them to treat animals in this cruel and inhuman way.

I was also informed that some students witnessed this brutal act and that the person responsible ran away. If you know of anything, please come forward. Such actions should not go unpunished, and I believe it is AUB’s responsibility to correct such behaviour.

So please, if you know of any such individuals or acts, please consider it your duty to inform the relevant authorities. The AUB vet, the animal right’s club, or even the administration.

There is also a rule against mistreating cats on our campus: students are liable to receive a dean’s warning (or more) for behaving in such vile ways.

I urge everyone to take this as seriously as possible, for a person’s moral worth can often by measured by their treatment of our silent and unprotected companions.

Via Mu Han Nad

A Happy Story From Zahle This Time

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happy via Annahar

When I wrote about the 7 year old child that got killed by a pitbull in Zahle last week, I attacked those who are training dogs for illegal fights and stated that this practice is unfortunately very common in the area, but what I didn’t say and should have is that there are as many people in Zahle that love dogs and take great care of them. The dog (Max) in the video below could have easily drowned in the frozen Berdanoui waters but his owner and a couple of Zahle guys rushed to his rescue and saved him in time.

Unfortunately, animal abuse is still very common in Lebanon and most of the incidents reported are bad ones but there are good people out there still trying to do the right thing. Only yesterday, I wrote about a hyena that was killed and another snatched from his mother in Akkar, and I’m following up on the story with a couple of friends to see if they will be able to bring the hyena cub back to his mother, but they told me it’s almost impossible for that to happen now that the hyena has formed bonds with other animals and humans. Nevertheless, it’s still better to take the hyena from this ignorant hunter and put him in a safe shelter.


Leave Lebanon’s Hyenas Alone!

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Hyena1 via LBCI

The man showing in the picture above is called Mashhour Ghossen as per Akkar News’s Facebook page and he’s bragging about snatching a baby Hyena from his mother. He was hunting apparently when he found the mother with her three children and thought it would be a good idea to steal one of her babies. The two men below weren’t interested in raising hyenas at home so they decided to kill the poor little animal for no reason and pose for pictures.


This is not the first time hyenas are killed and abused in Lebanon even though they are harmless gentle creatures. Unfortunately, there’s this misconception that they are cruel and dangerous animals and they attack humans which is not true specially when it comes to striped hyenas. The Lebanese hyena is an endangered species and plays a crucial role by cleaning forests from carcasses and bones, which is why we need to condemn these attacks and fine people who harm hyenas from now on.

Protecting hyenas and Lebanon’s wildlife animals in general is a very important matter and the concerned ministries, mainly the Ministry of Environment, should enforce the 2004 law once and for all. It is no longer acceptable to see people posting pictures of killing hyenas and media outlets sharing their stories without taking any action. The guy’s name is mentioned in the article so the authorities should go after him and bring back the hyena cub to his mother. They should also arrest those who killed the hyena cub and warn them or reprimand them somehow.

Once and for all, hyenas are not like the ones you remember from the Lion King. They may not be the nicest looking creatures but they are harmless and will soon disappear if we don’t stop killing them.

Thank you Nadine Mazloum for highlighting these wrongdoings

Don’t Blame The Pitbull For Killing The Poor Kid In Zahle, Blame The Trainer

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dog The trainer hit the dog with a sharp tool on his head to keep him away from the kid – via Annahar

A seven year old boy was killed yesterday after a dog attacked him in his family’s farm. The incident happened after the boy’s father was cleaning one of the kennels and somehow the dog, which looks like a Pitbull Terrier, grabbed the kid by his head and killed him instantly. Of course this is a terrible accident and I offer my condolences to the parents, but the kennel needs to be closed down if it’s training dogs for fights. I already asked a couple of people and they told me it’s a common practice to train dogs for illegal fights in the Bekaa and elsewhere.

A lot of people have a misconception that pit bulls are more violent than other dogs, but I think it all comes back to how the dog is treated. Any dog from any breed can be aggressive if he’s abused and trained to fight and any dog can be gentle if he’s treated humanely. Even if some argue that pit bulls are genetically different than other dogs, and pit bulls have a very strong bite when compared to other breeds, the owners should take the proper measures like using muzzles when they train a pit bull as a guard dog or for fighting. I think the police should investigate all kennels not just this one to put an end to these illegal fights and try to prevent future dog maulings.

In all cases, it’s a tragic incident that’s for sure but something needs to be done about some training camps and kennels because the process of raising and training fighting dogs is cruel and harmful to animals. Here’s one of many [videos] that shows how brutal this sport is.

PS: I just learned today that the movie “How To Train Your Dragon” is about dogs. I should watch it soon. Thanks Nadine!

Colored Easter Chicks Finally Banned In Beirut!

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RTR2662D Source

I first raised this issue 5 years ago and I’m so glad that Beirut’s governor Ziad Chbib has finally decided to forbid the selling of chicks, particularly colored chicks, in Beirut. Most of those selling chicks probably toss them in ink or spray them and leave them to die if they’re not sold. Moreover, even when the dye is nontoxic, the chicks are usually sold to children who treat them as toys most of the time and end up killing them even if they don’t mean to.

I salute Governor Chbib for this decision and I ask everyone to report those selling colored chicks or chicks in general this Easter.


via LBCI

Animal Abuse Will Soon Be Illegal In Lebanon!

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law is appro

The Animal protection and welfare law has been finally approved by the council of ministers and will soon be presented to the parliament! Animals Lebanon have been working for 3 years now to implement this law and have collected over 25,000 signatures for that purpose and their efforts have finally paid off.

It’s about time animal abuse becomes illegal in Lebanon and we are almost there!

Council of Ministers gives the animal protection and welfare law their official approval! Announced in the National News Agency and on LBC after yesterdays cabinet session, the draft law was one of 15 items discussed. This law regulates industries and establishments that use animals and will finally give all animals the legal protection they need.
Thank you to all of the Ministers for backing this campaign from the very beginning, Prime Minister Tamam Salam, Minister of Agriculture Akram Chehayeb, former Minister of Agriculture Hussein Hajj Hassan, the Ministry staff, and every one of our supporters for making this campaign possible. Now on to Parliament – and a better future for animals!