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Nine Sharks Killed in Tyre


Nine sharks, each averaging around 50 kilos, were hunted down and killed in Tyre today. I don’t know what’s the law regarding shark fishing in Lebanon, but given that we barely see any sharks in our seas, maybe it would have been better to capture these sharks or just leave them alone.

Neuf requins d’une cinquantaine de kilos chacun ont été pêchés dimanche au large de Tyr, dans le Liban-Sud, rapporte l’Agence nationale d’information (ANI, officielle).
Les requins auraient été désorientés par la tempête de neige Alexa qui a frappé la région du Moyen-Orient cette semaine, explique Majed Bawab, l’un des deux pêcheurs à l’origine de cette découverte. [Link]

Dog Shot At Close Range In Dbayyeh


BETA Lebanon uploaded today a video showing a man in Dbayyeh shooting a dog at close range. I refrained from posting the video as it’s too graphic but you can watch it [Here] if you want. The dog (Brad) was shot in his mouth and his shoulder, had to undergo 2 surgeries and is now recovering. As you can see from the picture, he’s doing better now.

These sick and barbaric people who enjoy abusing and killing animals should and will get their punishment one day. Until then, I will keep spreading awareness on that matter and exposing these assholes if needed.

BETA rescued the dog and took care of him but Brad needs now a foster home. If you can help anyhow, send an email to You can also contribute to their rescue fund [Here].

Eagle Shot Down by Lebanese Hunters In Akkar


These reckless hunters must be put in jail.

This photo depicting an eagle hunt down by two men who were identified as being residents of the northern district of Akkar has been circulating on the major social media platforms and provoking activists’ resentment.

In the absence of a hunting regulations in Lebanon, this ‘sport’ is taking place without any restrictions almost anywhere across the country and wrongdoings have alarmingly increased.

A law was drafted in 2004 to control the situation by allowing the hunting of some common birds only.

The said law includes the implementation of bird counts in some stopover areas and the administration of training to the hunters but the draft was put on hold following the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. [Link]

Save The Last Turtle Sanctuary In Lebanon, Help The Orange House Project!


Mansouri and Kolaila beaches are two of the most beautiful and clean beaches in Lebanon and are also well protected turtle reserves, at least until now. The local municipalities, thanks to the Orange House Project, have recognized both beaches as protected natural areas but this is not enough to ensure a long-term preservation as it requires the government’s intervention.

For those of you who don’t know what the Orange House Project is, it was founded in 2012 and works for the protection and conservation of sea turtles in South Lebanon. Their work has been threatened however by several violations committed by irresponsible people, with the latest being taking down an iron fence to build kiosks and restaurants for a women-only beach.

Needless to say, the government HAS to officially declare these areas protected ones specially that they may be the region’s last turtle and marine reserve. Signing the petition might not get things done but at least it will raise further awareness.

Sign the [Petition], spread the world and help in anyway you can to protect this precious natural heritage.

South Lebanon… where the last untouched beach of the Lebanese coast lays… the one where sea turtles are born and come back every year to lay eggs. This is where the “Orange House” has been created by Mona Khalil, guardian angel of the turtles. The “Orange House” has been transformed to an ecological site (which is open to visitors) that spans on 1.4 km of coast and from which revenues help to finance preservation of marine species, and in particular sea turtles. Protecting this zone is even more important given that the sea turtle is a considered an endangered species globally.

Unfortunately, this beach faces a great danger: the human being… It has been several years that this natural zone suffers from multiple aggressions: sand theft, municipal waste discharge, installing walls, construction works… all of which constitute a pernicious cancer that is slowly destroying one of the last sanctuaries of the coastline. The most recent attack was the work of developers who took away an iron fence to build a concrete wall to mount kiosks and restaurants to create a beach for women. The president of the council of Mansouri, Riyad Zabad said no permit had been issued by the municipality for any work. Yet, these acts are more frequent, establishing a long and sad list of serious violations and illegal activities.

It is worth noting that those sea turtles come to lay their eggs on the beach where they were born. The disappearance or alteration of those sites modifies the turtles’ behavior and drastically reduces their birth rate, further exacerbating their endangered status. Mona Khalil explains, “This part of the beach where the recent construction works are taking place is particularly important for the turtles. This year, because of the iron fence they previously installed, the turtles were not able to reach the beach. This explains why we have seen a sharp decline in birth rates: no more than 35 nests this season, while we usually have an average of more than 50 in previous years”. So just imagine the disaster a construction project would cause.

It is the ecological importance and value of this beach, which has pressed Mona Khalil and other defenders to protect it with a ranking of “Hima”. “One should not believe that a “Hima” is not subject to rules and procedures similar to those laws of natural reserves”, she says. All of the presidents of the surrounding municipal councils have signed a commitment to protect the beach. But when we remind them, they laugh at us, claiming that no law is applied in this country.”… A bitter reality that even the officials do not want to change.

Departments and the municipality do not seem to care and the future of this last sanctuary depends on Mona and her family at this time; which are increasingly powerless in the face of repeated attacks and lack of support from most leaders.

It is everyone’s duty to participate in the improvement of not only our country, but also in the protection of our natural resources which do not belong to one country but to the entire planet. The region’s last turtle and marine species sanctuary is in danger! Help us protect this site and push local governments to declare the area a nature reserve and part of the local natural heritage. It is up to us to make a difference and rebuke the gossips and cynics, who view everything as a lost cause in Lebanon.


250Kg Giant Snake Found in Kfarchouba


A 5 meter long giant snake was found in Kfarchouba weighting over 200 kilos. The article stated that the snake was moved to Beirut to be put in a zoo OR to be killed and put in a museum!!! Why can’t we sell it or move it to a zoo outside Lebanon if we don’t want to take care of it? Who comes up with these absurd decisions?


On another note, the article claims they have a picture of the snake but the truth is the image shown is taken from the internet.

Lebanese Men Try To Skin A Fox Alive; Fox Rescued by BETA but dies of a broken spine


These men should be put in prison for what they’ve done. What a bunch of savages!

Here’s the original story as shared by Beta Lebanon:

A frantic phone call about a dying fox today, and 2 of our volunteers rushed straight to the scene.
To their dismay, the fox was not on the side of the Nahr el Mot highway as they were told; he was on the trunk of a car with men surrounding him as you can see in the photo. Their plan, original plan hadn’t we interfered we must say, was to tie him up on the hood of the car, drive around showing off their “trophy” and eventually sell him.

Our volunteers tried to rescue the fox, but the proud men there tried to intimidate them and scare them off, especially that they were 2 women. And one very enthusiastic man stopped them, angrily screamed at them, cursed them and asked for money in order to surrender the poor fox.

We strongly stand against the selling and buying of any animal, let alone a wild victim agonizing in front of our own eyes.

Shouts, screams, curses, but still, our volunteers tried to calm down the man and rationally explain to him that he cannot claim the fox, a wild animal that belongs to the Lebanese wild.
We are often faced with hostility during our rescues, but the same man took “aggression and ignorance” to a whole new level!

It was simple! Our volunteers refused to give up and started calling backup. So the man held the fox by the tail in one hand and a knife in another hand, and tried to skin the fox alive!

This is when you run out of patience and constructive discussions! Our volunteers aka “task force” took action, screamed, shouted and threatened, came near the fox and took him by force, and kept on threatening until the man was scared off and fled the scene, needless to say without the fox.

The fox was quickly transported to a clinic, and currently tests are being done to determine his case.
But the fox is in extremely critical state and the prognosis doesn’t look good so far!

We will keep you posted!

The fox was rescued on time before getting skinned but he was in a critical state as his spine was broken and eventually died.