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Art Of C At City Centre Beirut: Creativity For A Good Cause

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Five Lebanese artists were showcasing their creativity for a good cause at the Beirut City Centre on Saturday. Famous Tattoo artist Hady Beydoun, Graffiti Artists Rami Mouallem and Alfred Bader, Fashion Illustrator Sandra Bakhamian, and Dispatch Beirut were all decorating a huge C letter and turning them into giant pieces of art.

I passed by to check out what they’re up to and took pictures of their art work. I love Sandra and Rami’s structures the most.


20140809_170110 Rami Mouallem supporting Donner Sang Compter

20140809_165914 Sandra Bakhamian supporting Tamanna

20140809_165736 Hady Beydoun’s artwork

20140809_165254 Alfred Badr at work

20140809_165324 Dispatch Beirut supporting KunHadi


Middle Eastern Artist Saint Hoax Uses Disney Princesses In Sexual Assault Awareness Campaign

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ariel princest diaries

Saint Hoax is a pseudonymous Middle Eastern artist, presumably from Lebanon. He/She came up recently with a series of disturbing posters called “Princest Diairies” to highlight the fact that many sexual abuse victims are abused by their own family members. For that purpose, she used Disney princesses like Jasmine and Ariel because she felt that it’s a visual language that her targeted audience would be attracted to.

The campaign has gone viral online and was featured on [Time], [HuffingtonPost], [NYDailyNews] and others.

I thought it was a brilliant idea to integrate the Disney characters. You can check out other ads and campaigns by Saint Hoax on [Facebook] and [Here].

Saint Hoax is a pseudonymous Middle Eastern artist. Infatuated by the element of POP, Hoax works with both tangible and digital mediums to recreate a world based on visual lies. Combining pop art with tyrants and world leaders became Saint Hoax’s signature.
POPlitical Infatuation : Preface
History is defined as the study of past events. I heard about the victorious defeats, the malicious affairs and the all night long wars.
I read about the dictators, fantasized about the monarchs and lived below the tyrants. I opened my assigned history book
and I realized that page 1 is a carbon copy of page 10. While page 10 is a mere reflection of page 20. An arti-vicious cycle of no trial, just error. And the only way to remain entertained is by rewriting history through visual lies. One hoax after the other.

Thanks Natasha!

The Basbous Brothers House in Rachana

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10411750_798237393550244_4303395272372196050_n Picture by @georgesper via LiveLoveBeirut

The picture above is not a smurf house, but the residence of the Basbous brothers in Rachana. Michel, Youssef and Alfred Basbous were all born in Rachana and never wanted to leave their hometown. Instead, they used their incredible talent as sculptors to turn Rachana into a village of Fine Arts by excellence. They created open-air sculptures and hosted in 1994 an international sculpture event where artists were asked to contribute to the ever-growing outdoor museum in Rachana.

I’ve heard a lot of times about the Basbous brothers but never visited Rachana. The town is located in the North on the way up from Batroun as shown in the below map.

You can read more about the Basbous brothers [Here].


Here’s another look at the house:

0c8209f252e6dcbf9355449f19c159c4ab397576 Taken from AtlasObscura

An old picture and a commemorative stamp of the 3 brothers:



Secret Walls X Beirut

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Secret Walls is basically the “fight club of the art scene” where artists compete with black paint and markers for 90 minutes. It was brought to Beirut last year and rounds are being organized regularly at different venues. The next head-to-head fight took place at Behind The Green Door in Mar Mikhael.

All artists are more than welcome to join in and you can follow updates on [Secret Walls X Beirut's] Facebook page.

Meet Secret Walls X Beirut. It’s a “fight club of the arts,” with a live art battle that happens over a 90-minute round. Secret Walls was born in a London pub, and has since spread across the globe. Chady Abousleiman aka Chad the Mad brought it to Beirut last year, and it is rightly flourishing in the city.

Essentially, two artists, without making prior sketches, freestyle a piece of art using only black markers and acrylic paint. 90 minutes may seem like a long time, but it goes by so quickly, and it’s truly amazing to see art come to life as you sit in a bar sipping on a drink. It really made me appreciate the talent that it takes to do something like that. [Source]


PS: Inspired From Melissa Tabeek’s post.

The Culture Trip: List Of 10 Contemporary Art Galleries You Should Visit In Beirut

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For all the art lovers, here’s a list of 10 contemporary art galleries that you should visit when you come to Beirut.

The list includes:
Beirut Art Center
Beirut Exhibition Center
Art Factum Gallery
Art On 56th
Janine Rubeiz Gallery
Karen Chekerdjian Studio
Mark Hachem Gallery
Ayyam Gallery
Sfeir-Semler Gallery

Beirut is an excellent choice for art lovers who wish to discover what’s new in contemporary art from the Middle East. Thanks to its geographical position, the Lebanese capital acts as a gateway to the region, with internationally renowned venues such as Agial Art Gallery and a host of smaller galleries exhibiting works by Lebanese, Syrian, Iranian and Arab artists. These ten must-visit contemporary art galleries provide a fascinating insight into modern art and culture in the Middle East.

Lucien Bourjeily Got His Passport Back From The General Security

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Lebanese Writer and Director Lucien Bourjeily had applied to renew his passport and was expecting to receive it few days ago in order to travel to London and represent Lebanon at the “The LIFT festival”. However, the General Security refused to return the passport and said that “they will revert back to Lucien in the coming month or month and a half”. Given that Lucien is not a criminal and has a clean record, what happened is wrong and needs to be investigated. Fortunately, the General Security ended up giving him the passport today knowing that his story made all the headlines and went viral on all social media channels.

Here’s what Lucien posted today:

VICTORY!! The general security has just released my Passport!!!
Although, they made me miss my UK Visa appointment by confiscating it but there’s still hope (with the help of the British Council and The LIFT Festival ) that I can make it to London International Theater festival on the 22nd of June and perform the play “Vanishing State”, and that they refused to even give me back the 105,000 L.B.P. they made me originally pay for what was supposed to be the “fast service” option

I am sure the British Council will help Lucien get his visa and make it on time for the festival.

Fashionable Candles for Palm Sunday

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This doll is part of an art exhibition at the Beirut Souks done by Cynthia’s Candle. The candles on display are supposedly the world’s tallest Palm Sunday Candles which I hope no one will consider buying for their children. I remember when I was a kid, I had to carry my younger cousin’s 1 meter and a half candle for a good hour just because he was too little to hold it.

Aside from the exhibition, there are other fashionable candles for kids which are pretty cute, at least for girls. You can check them out [Here].