The National Museum’s Underground Floor Officially Reopened!

The National Museum of Beirut's underground floor has finally risen from the dead after being closed for over 40 years. Rehabilitating the 700 square meters basement was kicked off in 2014 by Lebanon's Culture Minister Rony Arayji with the help and financial support of the Italian government. The official opening, which took place last Friday, was broadcasted live on LBC in the presence of Prime Minister Tammam Salam, Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Paolo Gentiloni,…

An Exhibition on how #Lebanon Shaped The Modern World

An exhibition on "The Daily life in Ancient Lebanon", supported by by the British Museum, the American University in Beirut and the National Museum of Beirut, was hosted by Durham University’s Oriental Museum from June till September 25 2016. The exhibition provided "an introduction to the culture and society of Lebanon in the ancient world and explored issues of faith, conflict, government, culture and trade in the ancient Levant". It also emphasized on the fundamental…

ASHEKMAN Unveil Their Largest Calligraffiti Mural Ever in Kuwait City

2 weeks ago
ASHEKMAN were off to Kuwait city this weekend to unveil their newest and largest calligraffiti mural ever as part of the city’s urban cultural week. The #Grandizer mural is ASHEKMAN’s first building mural as well ...

World’s Oldest Scale Found Near Kfaraabida, North Lebanon (Via Beirut Report)

3 weeks ago
The world’s oldest scale beam as well as other fascinating archaeological finds are currently on display at the American University of Beirut Archaeology museum. The scale beam “dates back to the early third millennium BC ...

The 2016 Ghosties Awards: Best #Snapchat Artist of the Year is Lebanese Georgio Bassil

4 weeks ago
The Ghosties Awards were organized yesterday in the W Hotel Leicester Square in London and Lebanese Georgio Bassil (Snapchat: georgio.copter) won the Snapchat Artist of the Year award. The Ghosties, organized by Snaphappen, is the ...

First Arabic TAG Heuer Digital Watch Face Designed by Lebanese Yazan Halwani

1 month ago
Lebanese graffiti and street artist Yazan Halawani has been commissioned by Swiss luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer to design the first ever Arabic face for its Connected watch. The Arabic watch-face design was launched last week ...

Cirque Du Soleil is Coming to Beirut: A Magical Show Not To Be Missed!

1 month ago
I remember first hearing about Cirque du Soleil a few years back when they came to Beirut but I didn’t give it much attention or bothered to check it out online. Earlier this year, I ...

Aishti by the Sea Featured On NY Times’ List of Coolest, Most Cultured New Malls

2 months ago
The New York Times published a list on the World’s coolest, Most Cultured New Malls and featured the new Aishti contemporary museum that opened back in October 2015. I’ve been to that new complex a ...

Texas A&M University To Honor Lebanese Jean-Claude Kalache, DOP at Pixar Studios

2 months ago
Photo Credits: [VentureBeat] Jean-Claude Kalache traveled to the US in 1990 to continue his studies and earned a Bachelor of Environmental Design degree in 1993 and a Master of Science in Visualization degree in 1997. ...

A Bullet Resistant Kefiyyeh (Head Scarf) by Beirut-Based Architect Salim al-Kadi

3 months ago
A Beirut-based architect has created a bullet resistant Kefiyyeh made out of “para-aramid synthetic fibre – otherwise known as Kevlar – which is used in body armor like bulletproof vests to help guard the wearer ...