M6 “Enquête exclusive” on Road Accidents in #Lebanon

M6 is doing a special report on the most dangerous roads in the world and is featuring Thailand and Lebanon in their first episode. Here's what they said about roads in Lebanon: "Au Liban, le code de la route est tout simplement ignore et ici il est tres facile d'avoir son permis. Alors la nuit, la route devient un terrain de jeu mortel. Vitesse, alcool, accidents sur les routes les plus dangereuses du monde" In…

We’ll Be Getting a Better Mecanique Service Soon (Hopefully!)

We're finally getting a new company to handle the mecanique in Lebanon and they are already making very ambitious promises. Mecanique in 15 minutes, 13 new Mecanique centers, drive-through cashiers, a better infrastructure and no more wasta, but at a relatively higher price: $33 instead of $22, out of which $5 are state taxes and one additional $1 on the VAT. SGS, a world leading car inspection and verification company, won the bid along with…

Ferrari #PanoramaLebanon 2016: It’s Happening Soon & I’m a Proud Partner!

3 days ago
Scuderia Lebanon is not done with Lebanon just yet this year. Following the exclusive and successful test drive that I took part in last August, Scuderia Lebanon is planning to organize another event called Panorama ...

Two Accidents at the Beirut Grand Prix

4 days ago
Let’s just say that I’m glad the so-called Beirut Grand Prix, which ended up not even being a drag race, ended without any major accidents. I was looking at videos this morning and I barely ...
Source: Beirut Grand Prix website

Few Thoughts on The Upcoming Beirut Grand Prix Event

1 week ago
Several people have been asking me about the upcoming Beirut Grand Prix, and why I haven’t written anything about it yet, especially given that I love cars and auto racing events. Honestly, I’ve been meaning ...

Ferrari 488 Spider and California T HS Test Drive in Kfardebian

1 month ago
Scuderia Lebanon invited me for a test-drive on the new 488 Spider and California T HS last week in Kfardebian. The test drive was scheduled on a week day and I couldn’t attend but I ...

Random Car Going The Wrong Way in Yesterday’s Hill Climb

2 months ago
Photo Credits: Biser3a Lebanese Rally driver Jawad Slim almost got killed in yesterday’s hill climb when he almost crashed into a car going the wrong way. Slim was able to miss the incoming car and ...

#PekingParis2016: Charbel Habib and Walid Samaha Made it To Paris!

2 months ago
The Peking Paris 2016 race has finally come to an end and TeamLebanon has made it all the way to Paris! Charbel Habib and Walid Samaha drove their Porsche 356C across eleven different countries and ...

What The Dbayeh Traffic Highway LED Was Saying This Morning

2 months ago
I wonder how many people have to die before they install a pedestrian bridge on the Nahr el Kalb – Dbayyeh highway. ...

#PekingParis2016: Team Lebanon is One Week Away From Making History!

2 months ago
Charbel Habib and Walid Samaha just crossed borders to Poland with their 1964 Porsche 356 C after driving over 5000 KM across Russia. They are still holding the second spot in their category and holding ...