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Volvo V40 Test Drive

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I’ve tested and reviewed smart phones, TVs, apps and games so far and the new Volvo V40 will proudly be the first car I get to test drive and write about. I just picked up the car today which is perfect as I will have the whole weekend to try it out.

I will write next week a full review so stay posted (if cars interest you of course).

Picture of the accident between a bus and a truck

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Three people were killed on Wednesday when a passenger bus collided with a truck on al-Bouar highway, north of Beirut, the Lebanese Red Cross and the National News Agency said. [Naharnet]

To be honest, taking the bus or mini-van in Lebanon has become a suicide mission. I don’t know why police officers are so keen on ignoring their reckless driving. Most of them have no respect for pedestrians, other cars, road signs etc …

YASA Speed Awareness TVC 2013

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To be honest, I have mixed feelings about this campaign just like the guys at Brofessional. The reason is that unlike many, I happened to know May’s tragic story but people who don’t will get a bit confused.

In all cases, YASA and others are doing a great job promoting awareness but the accidents are still on the rise and the roads are getting worse. I think it’s time we move from TVCs to more practical approaches or maybe a mixture of both.

You can watch May’s Interview with Min el Ekhir Talk of the Town [Here].