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Rush Showing Soon In Lebanon

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I love Formula1 and I’ve been following it regularly since the early 90s. I even flew to Italy two years ago to watch the Monza GP, one of my favorite tracks (Spa Francorchamps being my all-time favorite).

F1 has changed drastically since the 90s and the new tires introduced three years ago have spoiled some of the fun for a lot of fans as drivers were more concerned with preserving their tires than racing. In fact, there are a lot of technicalities that the driver has to worry about, unlike the early days where it was all about racing and that’s what the movie Rush is all about.

I wasn’t born back in the 70s but I read a lot about F1 during this period, watch tons of documentaries and YouTube videos and was always amazed by the way races were organized and the risks undertaken by drivers back then. Of course it was a major improvement from the 1950s and 1960s where people would stand on the track to watch the race but you’d have to be extremely talent and very brave to race in F1 back then.

[YouTube] F1 in the 1970s: Where men, were men

One of the greatest rivalries in F1 history took places in the 1970s between James Hunt and Niki Lauda and luckily for us F1 fans, Rush is a biographical action film that tries to reproduce the 1976 Formula One season and the rivalry between these two. The Hunt-Lauda rivalry resembles a bit the Senna-Prost one as Lauda was a cool and technical genius while Hunt was a highly controversial driver and just crazy!


For those of you who never heard about Hunt, this man had a ritual of throwing up before every race, most of the time due to the heavy drinking and partying the night before, he got drunk on his wedding, he was a sex addict as he’d have sex before climbing into the cockpit, he’d take his Oscar, his German Shepherd, on dinner dates in London etc …

Hunt was probably the most controversial figure F1 has ever witnessed and he reminds me a bit of Kimi Raikonnen, who funnily enough, entered and won a snowmobile race in his native Finland under the name James Hunt, and often checks into hotels and makes reservations using the alias. [Source]


As you might have noticed, I have a lot to say when it comes to F1 but it’s just to show how excited I am about this new F1 movie and F1 in general. Speaking of F1 movies/documentaries, Senna is the best F1 documentary I’ve ever seen and I highly recommend it. I’ve watched it over 10 times so far.

Rush’s release date should be October 3 in Lebanese theaters.

Nicolas Amiouni Cedars Rally 2013

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That’s some pretty cool driving!

Nicolas Amiouni is the youngest Lebanese rally driver and a very promising one. He’s definitely impressing at this year’s rally as he’s managed to rank in the top 3 or 4 at most stages behind the more experienced Abdo and Roger Feghali and Nasser Al Attiya. Unfortunately his car caught fire yesterday and he lost some time.

Let’s hope he will be the one to break Roger Feghali’s winning streak.

How successful is the Lebanese Diaspora?

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lebanese diaspora

This week’s episode on the Freakonomics radio examines the Lebanese Diaspora and how successful it is. Listen to it [Here].

“If you look at ten or twenty or thirty of the richest countries around the world, among the richest people in those countries is someone from Lebanon.” Of course Taleb would say this, Dubner thought. He is Lebanese. But the idea stuck. And that’s what this week’s episode is about.

How successful is the Lebanese diaspora? And how did they get to be this way?

Lebanese railway revival to be studied

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Rayak Train Station – Picture taken from Bambi’s Soapbox

Based on the below article, the European Investment Bank will conduct a study to examine the cost and feasibility of reopening the approximately 80 km Beirut-Tripoli railway. The article doesn’t say who ordered such a study but they’ve been doing studies for over 10 years now and still nothing so maybe it’s better if we invest these 2 million euros somewhere else.

It seems Lebanese will have to wait for the oil drilling to begin before they have a chance of any electricity, water or high speed trains (Assuming politicians don’t steal the money first).

LEBANON: Tenders for a study into the feasibility of rebuilding the disused railway from Beirut north along the coast to Tripoli are to be invited by the European Investment Bank during September.

The standard gauge line linking Haifa, Beirut and Tripoli was built by Allied forces during World War II. Along with the rest of the Lebanese rail network it is currently derelict, with the last trains having run around 1997.

EIB plans to commission a comprehensive study of the technical, economic, financial, environmental, social and institutional aspects of rehabilitating and reopening the approximately 80 km Beirut – Tripoli section, and it will seek assistance with the development of tender documentation for procurement of the construction works.

The study is expected to cost around €2m, funded by the Facility for Euro-Mediterranean Investment & Partnership programme.