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Speed Ticket Lebanon Mobile App

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Note: The app is almost a year old but I only heard about it after reading some article about 600 speed tickets issued yesterday (I thought they stopped doing so)

There’s an app available for Android and iOS now to check speeding tickets in Lebanon. Speed Ticket Lebanon basically retrieves the data from the ISF website. To be honest, I thought radars stopped working in Lebanon months ago.

You can download it for [Android] and [iOS].


Lebanese Ministry Of Interior & The Lebanese Traffic Management Center Launch the #منحط_دركي_لكل_سيارة Initiative

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Driving 3al Lebnené

The Lebanese Traffic Management Center (@tmc_lebanon) launched an awareness road safety campaign on Twitter on Sunday with the collaboration of LBCI, Annahar, LebanonDebate, the syndicate of Taxis in Lebanon and IDE academy. The aim of the campaign is to spread awareness and allow Lebanese drivers to share traffic violations on Twitter by using the hashtag #منحط_دركي_لكل_سيارة (Long and Unappealing hashtag).

I’ve already stated previously that TMC is doing a great job and I love how they’re always tweeting new updates but this campaign is very similar to what Cheyef7alak has been doing for years. The one big advantage they have is that they are linked to the Ministry of Interior and the local authorities and can actually handle some of the violations or problems raised.

For example, someone complained on Twitter about the potholes on the Zouk Mosbeh road leading to NDU, and TMC informed the concerned authorities who went on site and apparently fixed it. However when I crossed the road at night, it was more of a “ter2ee3a” than a job well done and the potholes started showing again already.


In all cases, it’s always good when the authorities listen to people’s complaints and handle them and things could only get better if both sides cooperate properly. I think the next step should be a nice mobile app or website where people could submit complaints and violations and follow up on them.

Here are some of the pictures shared on the hashtag:








Free Taxis on New Year’s Eve In Beirut

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The Lebanese Ministry of Interior and the Union of Owners of Private Taxis in Lebanon are launching an initiative to prevent people from driving under the influence of alcohol. The owners of establishments that offer alcohol should prevent their customers from driving drunk and call center traffic management in Lebanon on 1720, who in return will send a taxi to the designated place. [Source]

Check out the [awareness campaign] the Ministry of Interior has launched recently.

Follow @tmclebanon For Road Updates In Lebanon

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Picture from The DailyStar

Most of you probably didn’t know that but we have a Lebanese Traffic Management Center which consists of 30 employees who work in shifts (teams of 10) 24 hours a day. The center shares information related to all roads in Lebanon, whether they are closed due to heavy snow, or there’s a lot of traffic etc …

To make things even better, the Lebanese Traffic Management Center has a twitter account (@TMCLebanon) which is updated with screenshots and useful info sometimes several times within an hour.

SUV Rams Lebanese Restaurant (Zahle) in North Hollywood, Los Angeles

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car1308 [High-Res]

This is a couple of months old but I just found it online on [].

Check out what the website said about the driver. It’s hilarious!

OK, hold the phone, someone’s been messing with my falafel pita. I took this photo while crawling in sluggish traffic this Tuesday afternoon. Seriously, how fast could you possibly be going on Victory Blvd. (going east, just west of Coldwater Canyon) that you would careen your SUV into this Lebanese restaurant? Maybe the driver got the gas and brake pedals confused. Maybe the driver was texting or was too engrossed in a phone conversation and lost focus on what he/she was doing. Your guess is as good as mine. I don’t know about you, but if I don’t like someone’s hummus, I just write a bad review on Yelp. But in North Hollywood, I suppose you can make a bigger statement by ramming the offending establishment…that’s how they role in NoHo, yo