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Picture from the Jal el Dib car accident

Picture via George

It looks like he was flying not driving.

A young Lebanese man, identified as Maurice Hayek, was killed on Thursday when his car crashed into a shop wall in the Metn town of Jal al-Dib, the National News Agency reported.

Hayek, age 19, lost control of his Mercedes car while driving at a high speed and crashed into the wall of the Wooden Bakery shop in Jal al-Dib. [Yasa]

Cement truck falls off the Nahr el Mot bridge

Picture from IsmailSakalaki

Several people were injured this morning when a cement truck fell off the Nahr al-Mot bridge near City Mall. Looking at the picture and the location of the accident, we are extremely lucky that it is a day off and no one is out.

W Motors to unveil the LykanHypersport 2013 hypercar at the Qatar Motor Show

Picture via

The LykanHypersport is priced at 3,400,000 US dollars, making it the most exclusive and expensive sports car in the world, with only 7 units produced. I couldn’t find any news on the potential buyers but I am assuming the Qatari Emir already booked one to his name.

LykanHypersport 2013, the Arab world’s first high performance luxury sports car is all set to be introduced at the Qatar Motor Show, opening on the 29th January. Priced at $3.4 million, only seven units of the car will be produced making it the most exclusive sports car in the world. The salient features of the car are its uniqueness, high performance and luxury quotient. The car has the potential to go from 0 to 100 kms per hour in 2.8 seconds to reach the maximum speed of 390 kms per hour (242 mph), over 100 kmh (62 mph) faster than the take off speed of Airbus 380, the world’s largest commercial jet. [Source]


The exclusive car is the outcome of six years of hard work of distinguished names in the automotive industry including RUF automobile, Studiotorino, Viotti, Magna Steyr Italia and ID4MOTION; all of them Italy based, a land with the heritage of producing the most iconic sports cars. LykanHypersports 2013 by W Motors is said to make its first delivery in September this year and the seven lucky owners will be rewarded with a Special Edition Cyrus Klepcys watch, worth over $200,000. [Source]


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Watch out for Tire Shops

Tire Shop on Dbayyeh Maritime road (Not the one I went to)

After I damaged two of my tires on Monday by falling in a pothole on the Dora highway, I remembered an incident that happened to me few months back that I had forgotten to post about.

I was on my way up to Ghazir to meet a friend when a van passed me on the right, hit me and kept going. I felt my right front tire got damaged so I didn’t bother following him but instead headed to the nearest tire shop to have it checked. Once I got there, the guy took out the tire and after inspecting it and cleaning it with water, showed me that it was punctured in 5 different places and that I needed a new one.

Punctures were 3 from the outside and 2 from the inside in the same area. That’s not my tire but just to show you a close up picture

I found it weird that the punctures were in different places and in this specific area (as shown in the picture), so I asked the guy to keep my damaged tire in the trunk and put a used one that’s not so expensive (He wanted to keep my tire). I paid him 20$ and headed to the tire shop I usually go to in Jounieh. After checking the damaged tire for few minutes, my guy “M3allim Zakhia” got pissed and started cursing the other guy so I was like what’s wrong? That’s where he showed me a needle that tire shop owners are using to puncture tires in sensitive areas and force people to buy new or used tires.

Apparently, there are several tire shops on the highway that are using this method and you can’t really see what they are doing because they take the tire inside the shop. So whenever you have a flat tire, I recommend you call your insurance’s tow truck or take it to a trusted tire shop. Fortunately, I was able to fix my 200$ Michelin tire and threw away the used one.

PS: The pothole on the Dora Highway was closed only yesterday.

Greetings from The Ministry of Public Works

postcard [High-Res]

I got a very nice surprise yesterday on my way back home yesterday, a new pothole in the middle of the Dora highway that ruined my right front and right rear tires. I got pissed for a few seconds but then smiled when I saw a lot of cars parked on the side of the highway having ruined their tires as well. There were 10 cars behind me and new ones were coming in every 10-15 minutes.

The tires were completely ruined and are beyond repair so I called my insurance’s tow truck and had the car moved to the garage. Of course I started thinking on how to report this to the ministry and have them pay for a pair of new tires but I quickly snapped out of it and remembered this is Lebanon we are talking about.

The positive side of this story is that I have two brand new Michelin tires to burn in case of a protest. I bet Meshkal’s director Dania Bdeir didn’t think this could be a valid reason to burn tires in Lebanon lol!

PS: I am thinking of coming up with a postcard for every ministry with a picture of their achievements.

“The Bride” Storm causes floods all over Lebanon

Picture taken by George: ESIB road – Mansourieh

Here are some fresh pictures of the storm taken this morning, noting that the storm will get worse in the days to come.

Picture taken by @NadiaBsat: Karantina

Picture taken by @NadaAbdelsamad : Karantina

Picture taken by Leila: Mathaf – Sodeco road closed by trees

A__XQG_CMAAVIkn.jpg large
Picture taken by Rania el Khatib: Saida

Picture taken by SamSalameh : Saida

Picture by @khaladk: Tripoli under water

Amioun under water: Picture from Rania el Khatib

Picture from Saida via CeeReports

Kahraba Zouk