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Car Accidents Decreased In 2013 In Lebanon

accident1 [High-Res] via KunHadi

The Lebanese Traffic Management Center published the number of accidents that took place in 2013 month by month. The total was 3204 accidents, causing 4301 injuries and 560 casualties. August was the deadliest month with 78 kills. I usually check stats on KunHadi’s website (see above) but the December numbers are missing.

Even though the number of casualties is almost the same, the total number of accidents is down by 30% from 2012 which is good news!

Source: TMC

Meet Abou Younes: A Lebanese Taxi Driver Who Takes His Kamanja With Him


kamanjā, also called kemanche, or kamānche, stringed instrument of the fiddle family prominent in Arab and Persian art music. It is a spike fiddle; i.e., its small, round or cylindrical body appears skewered by the neck, which forms a “foot” that the instrument rests on when played. Measuring about 30 inches (76 cm) from neck to foot, it has a membrane belly and, commonly, two to four strings tuned in fourths or fifths. The musician, who plays while seated, rests the foot of the instrument on his knee. The kamanjā is played by soloists as well as in ensembles. [Source]

Picture Of The Day: Traffic In Beirut

via TMC

I don’t know how recent this picture is but I can assure you the same exact thing happens every day and it’s sad but freaking hilarious!

How the hell did the car circled in red end up where it is?

Speaking of Traffic, check out how bad is the Dora highway right now after some workers decided to block the road.