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Going The Wrong Way In The Worst Possible Place

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10384697_10154164262435174_879292364756434741_n via Jad

Every morning on my way to work, I head towards the Charles Helou highway then go down to the right towards the Port and notice there are cars and motorcyles the wrong way up to save some time. Just imagine cars heading the wrong way towards the highway on a blind right corner when you can’t possibly spot them till the last second.

I don’t know how stupid you have to be to do that.


Ferrari Dealership Moving To Dbayeh

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Scuderia Lebanon is moving from Saifi village to a new ultra-modern facility in Dbayeh right next to the center where Shtrumpf and Chopsticks are located. They’ve already announced the news during the release of the Ferrari 458 Speciale, but they only put the Ferrari logo around the new location few days ago.

In case you’ve missed it, check out my Ferrari 458 Speciale experience.

Car Blocking The Dora Highway

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Annaharpic Picture via Annahar

Based on what Annahar posted, a woman driving a Mitsubishi locked herself inside the car and refused to move aside after her car broke down in the middle of the Dora highway. She stayed in her car until the tow-truck came.

There are two questions I have to ask here:
1- How did she end up like that on the highway? What the hell was she trying to do?
2- Why didn’t the cops show up and move her aside? She should be fined for that.