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SUV Rams Lebanese Restaurant (Zahle) in North Hollywood, Los Angeles

car1308 [High-Res]

This is a couple of months old but I just found it online on [].

Check out what the website said about the driver. It’s hilarious!

OK, hold the phone, someone’s been messing with my falafel pita. I took this photo while crawling in sluggish traffic this Tuesday afternoon. Seriously, how fast could you possibly be going on Victory Blvd. (going east, just west of Coldwater Canyon) that you would careen your SUV into this Lebanese restaurant? Maybe the driver got the gas and brake pedals confused. Maybe the driver was texting or was too engrossed in a phone conversation and lost focus on what he/she was doing. Your guess is as good as mine. I don’t know about you, but if I don’t like someone’s hummus, I just write a bad review on Yelp. But in North Hollywood, I suppose you can make a bigger statement by ramming the offending establishment…that’s how they role in NoHo, yo

FAIL: Dekwaneh Bridge Iron Joints And ISF Security Measures


I was looking yesterday for better pictures of the Dekwaneh-Achrafieh bridge dismantled iron joints and I found these. Honestly speaking, what’s even worse than the bridge condition are the safety measures taken there. Two tiny cones and some baskets from a local grocery store are not enough to alert incoming cars.

I think this bridge must be closed down ASAP and fixed in less than 24 hours. The Council for Development and Reconstruction promised to fix the matter in 48 hours 24 hours ago.

Pass along these pictures and tell your friends and family members to drive very slowly and carefully along this road or just avoid it.


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Weird Car Crash At Beirut’s Entrance

Pic from SawtLebnan

I missed this huge car crash by 10 minutes luckily today but I couldn’t help but wonder how it happened. Traffic is at its peak at this point which is next to the Forum De Beyrouth so you can’t possibly speed there. Someone also tweeted a picture of one of the cars involved in the crash and it looks like it hit something at high speed.

via Tarek

Update: Here are more pictures of the crash shared by Wael