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Camaro Club Lebanon Rides For The Lebanese Army

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Over 40 Camaros gathered for a ride to support the Lebanese Army yesterday. I spotted some of them on the highway then saw the album they uploaded on their Facebook page. The Camaro Club is one of the biggest clubs in Lebanon, which is quite surprising considering how expensive the car is.

Speaking of Camaros, the only one I’ve driven was a very old one and it used to drift like crazy. I wonder if the new ones are difficult to drive as well.

You can check out more pictures [Here].




Lebanese Jad Himo, Winner Of The Red Bull Car Park Drift Regional Finals in Dubai, Found Dead

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This is terrible news but Jad Himo, the Lebanese drifter who proudly won the Red Bull Car Park Drift Regional Finals in Dubai last year, was found dead on the Matn highway.

Nothing’s clear now but the person who was with Jad told the authorities Jad parked his car on the highway, went down and shot himself.

Jad was only 24.


Where Did All The Traffic Go In Nahr El Kalb?

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I have no clue what was going on this afternoon, but there was absolutely no traffic between Dbayyeh and Nahr el Kalb. The road is always packed there and I pass by it almost everyday at the same time, yet for some unknown reason the roads were empty today. One of my friends told me that it’s due to some army checkpoint on Charles el Helou but still something was not right.

I posted the above picture on Instagram and everyone was as surprised as me, so if any of you knows what was happening please do tell!

Roberto Merhi Makes His F1 Debut With Caterham

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Roberto Merhi was not yet confirmed as a Caterham F1 driver but he took part in the Monza free practice session and got faster lap times than his teammate Marcus Ericsson. Merhi is currently second second to Red Bull protege Carlos Sainz Jr in the FR3.5 standings with three rounds remaining. He is a Spanish driver of Lebanese origins.

Spain’s Roberto Merhi will make his Formula One debut with Caterham in first practice at Monza on Friday, while Kamui Kobayashi will return to race duty, the team have confirmed. Merhi will take Kobayashi’s place for FP1, which will be the 23-year-old’s first run in F1 machinery. “I am delighted to be taking part in my first ever Formula One free practice session and I want to thank Caterham F1 Team for this opportunity – it’s something I’ve wanted for a very long time,” Merhi said. [Link]