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The Lebanese Police Should Arrest This Guy And Destroy His Bike

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bike idiot

I saw this video yesterday on NekatLebanese18‘s instagram account then I remembered I had posted about him already before when he pulled a similar stunt on the Dora highway. However this time, he apparently made there’s a policeman looking at him.

Since he’s not only an idiot but an arrogant one, the ISF should arrest him, destroy his bike and forbid him from driving any bikes or cars for a long time. Check out the video [here].

Don’t Drink And Drive On New Year’s Eve, Taxis Are For Free!

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yasa via Yasa

PS: The hotline you should call is 1720.

We all enjoy drinking on New Year’s Eve and we tend to overdo it which is fine but it’s never okay to drink and drive, even if you’ve only had one drink. You should always have a designated driver in case you need to go back home, but it’s preferable to stay home (or wherever you are) tomorrow night or take a taxi. If you can’t afford a taxi, the Ministry Of Interior and The Traffic Management Center, with the help of Alfa and the cooperation of The General Syndicate of Lebanon’s Taxi Drivers, launched the «ما تشرب و تسوق…ارجع بتاكسي مجاناً» to make sure everyone gets home safely.

This being said, “ما تكون بلا راس السنة” and take a taxi if you must. Otherwise, enjoy your night and happy new year everyone!

Updated: Carfax NOT Blocked In Lebanon

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Update2: Carfax is not blocked in Lebanon as it’s giving the same message in other countries. It’s probably an internal technical issue or something related to their servers.

Update: is still working

A friend asked me yesterday night if I was able to open carfax and it didn’t open but I thought it was down or something. As it turns out and as reported by Ralph From BlogOfTheBoss and Rami, the Lebanese Authorities may have blocked carfax for some reason as it is not accessible on all ISPs.

Updated: Weird Title From Yasa

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Update: Yasa updated the title and added “Very Dangerous And Illegal Driver”. Thank you Yasa and Captain Moutran for the follow up.

I love Yasa and the work they are doing but one of their recent posts on Facebook caught my attention. They shared a video of some idiotic motorist who’s showing off on the highway and wrote a title that says ” بالفيديو لبناني مجنون يذهل الناس احكم بنفسك”. If I didn’t know what Yasa stood for, I would think they were complimenting this guy, specially when they mentioned that he had a “casque” on his head.

I think what’s even more surprising is how no one arrested this guy as he was showing off on a crowded highway (Dora) during the holidays where policemen should be all everywhere to help with traffic congestion.

Check the video [Here].


I Can’t Pay My Mecanique Because I Have Invisible Fines

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no fine

I went down to the bank to pay my mecanique fees today but the teller told me that there are fines that I have to go check at the Nef3a and pay first . I went to the ISF website to see if I have any pending speed tickets but didn’t find any. I don’t remember getting any speed ticket and I didn’t park anywhere illegal to get parking fines so I am not sure what this is about. I think I’d rather pay late fees than drive to Nef3a during this week.

In all cases, I think it’s about time we make this whole procedure online.

Lebanon’s New Driving Law To Be Implemented In 2015

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new sys

We’ve been hearing about a new traffic and driving law for quite some time in Lebanon, and it looks like the authorities will start implementing it as of next year. The new law is designed to reduce Lebanon’s high rate of traffic accidents and will include the points system for drivers, the establishment of traffic schools, a national council for traffic safety and a special traffic unit of the Internal Security Forces. Every driver will start with 12 points which will be deducted based on the severity of the violation. YASA and Roads for Life were among the many organizations who pushed for issuing this new law.

Personally speaking, Lebanon needed a new traffic law and I am glad we have a new decent one but the problem remains the same: Who will implement it?

People have been sharing the new fines to be implemented (see above) and I think that’s the wrong way to start. The aim should be to raise awareness among Lebanese drivers not collect more fines from them, and this strategy has already failed when Ziad Baroud tried to implement it. More importantly, establishing a decent and non-corrupt special traffic unit in EVERY area in Lebanon is a must before implementing any traffic law. If the cops don’t respect the law no one will. Maybe a good way to avoid bribery and corruption would be to issue the fines electronically.

In all cases, I didn’t hear any official statement yet from the ISF or the Ministry of Interior so let’s wait and see what’s gonna happen.