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Lebanon’s New Driving Law To Be Implemented In 2015

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We’ve been hearing about a new traffic and driving law for quite some time in Lebanon, and it looks like the authorities will start implementing it as of next year. The new law is designed to reduce Lebanon’s high rate of traffic accidents and will include the points system for drivers, the establishment of traffic schools, a national council for traffic safety and a special traffic unit of the Internal Security Forces. Every driver will start with 12 points which will be deducted based on the severity of the violation. YASA and Roads for Life were among the many organizations who pushed for issuing this new law.

Personally speaking, Lebanon needed a new traffic law and I am glad we have a new decent one but the problem remains the same: Who will implement it?

People have been sharing the new fines to be implemented (see above) and I think that’s the wrong way to start. The aim should be to raise awareness among Lebanese drivers not collect more fines from them, and this strategy has already failed when Ziad Baroud tried to implement it. More importantly, establishing a decent and non-corrupt special traffic unit in EVERY area in Lebanon is a must before implementing any traffic law. If the cops don’t respect the law no one will. Maybe a good way to avoid bribery and corruption would be to issue the fines electronically.

In all cases, I didn’t hear any official statement yet from the ISF or the Ministry of Interior so let’s wait and see what’s gonna happen.

A Suggestion To Park Meter Lebanon

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I spotted one of the Park Meter officer fining a car the other day and I bought from him a Park Meter prepaid card that you can use on machines. As I was giving him the money, he was complaining on how this car has been parked for more than 2 hours without a ticket and that its driver never showed up. Honestly speaking, I agree with the officer but I wonder why Park Meter doesn’t set up prepaid cards dispensers so that people can buy these cards when needed. Most of the time, people don’t have coins and supermarkets and small grocery stores get pissed when someone asks for coins.

Prepaid cards are currently sold at Libanpost offices currently or with Park Meter officers if you ever find them.

Lebanese Minister of Transportation Wants To Ban #UBER

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Update2: Uber Beirut confirmed that these claims are not true and that business is running as usual.

Mustapha shared me with me this morning an article from Annahar stating that Uber will be banned in Lebanon after complaints by the taxi syndicate. Uber Beirut launched back in July and has been offering an excellent service at competitive prices. I personally used it at least 6 times so far and I have nothing to complain about.

As far as the ban is concerned, I honestly find it unfair and there are three things that I didn’t understand:

1- How are the Lebanese authorities going to ban Uber from all social media channels? How does that work?
2- Didn’t the ministry approve Uber’s business in Beirut before they launched? I don’t think they just launched the service here without any prior approval.
3- Can’t the ministry agree with Uber on using taxi drivers? or get its drivers a proper taxi license plate?

By the way I just checked the app and it’s working normally.

Update: Here’s a one-month old [article] about the same issue in the Daily Star. Thanks Elie!

Lebanese Ministry Of Public Works: غير مطابق

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My friend was driving back home yesterday when his car fell in an open manhole puncturing both his tires and damaging the rims. At least two other cars fell in the same manhole as it was covered with water and in the middle of the street. The same thing happened to me a year ago on the Dora highway and I had to change my car’s rims because of that!

How about Lebanese citizens start holding ministries accountable for their mistakes? And maybe fine them for every violation they commit? Or maybe a good idea would be for the Public Works Minister to reprimand those who are responsible for opening manholes in a hazardous matter and endangering people’s lives?

Thanks Mo!

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