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Video Showing Zghorta’s Mayor Toufic Moawad Fatal Car Crash

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LBCI shared today a security camera footage showing the moment Toufic Moawad’s Audi Q7 crashed into a truck on the Dora highway. Looking at the video, and regardless whether the drive had been drinking or fell asleep or was speeding, this truck should not be parked that way on the freaking highway! Moreover and like Yasa has pointed out in the picture below, Toufic could have survived the crash if the proper road safety measures were taken on the back of the truck.

In all cases, whatever we say won’t bring back Toufic who was loved and admired in his hometown.

May he rest in peace.



Who Closes The Dbayyeh Maritime Road And DownTown Beirut’s Main Road On A Monday?

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It took me almost 2 hours to get to work today because the maritime road in front of the ISF HQ in Dbayyeh was closed due to the military parade planned for their 153rd anniversary. The traffic had almost reached Zouk and cars were barely moving. To make things even worse, the road from Annahar bldg in Beirut was closed due to the parliament session.

The police ended up opening Dbayyeh’s road after realizing the traffic they’ve caused, which is definitely a good sign, but I urge our interior minister, who’s a pragmatic person from what I’ve seen, to put an end to these catastrophic and badly timed road closures. Traffic on a Monday morning is always bad, so it’s definitely not the best day to be closing down busy roads. Celebrations should be strictly held on Sunday mornings or any day of the week in a remote area.


Idiots Of The Day

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As I said on so many occasions before, what bothers me the most about these stunts is that they take place on highways where it’s very easy for cops to spot these motorists and arrest them. Moreover, these bikers go out usually on Sundays and have gathering points, so there’s no excuse not to stop them before someone gets hurt.




PS: Pictures taken from YASA Facebook Page.

Updated: Video Of The Girls Partying On A Car’s Roof On The Highway

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If you compare the location of the video to the original picture that was circulating, it shows that these girls stayed on top of the car from Dbayyeh to Jounieh at least. I would recommend whomever owns that Mercedes to sell it and buy a Chevy Avalanche, turn the back of the truck into a small pool and voila!

Update: The Lebanese police apparently stopped the car on the highway in Jounieh and asked the girls to go down and get dressed. They later investigated with the driver and his friend and then released them.

Going The Wrong Way In The Worst Possible Place

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10384697_10154164262435174_879292364756434741_n via Jad

Every morning on my way to work, I head towards the Charles Helou highway then go down to the right towards the Port and notice there are cars and motorcyles the wrong way up to save some time. Just imagine cars heading the wrong way towards the highway on a blind right corner when you can’t possibly spot them till the last second.

I don’t know how stupid you have to be to do that.