Are we getting an Opera House in Beirut?

The Lebanese Ministry of Culture is seeking funds to open an opera house in Beirut and "has signed an agreement with China for a grant of $35 million to develop the National Conservatoire for Music in Dbayeh". More cultural centers and an opera house are definitely good news as long as there's a plan to make good use of it. I wonder if the ministry has any plans for Le Grand Theatre de Beirut, a…

AKK Architects Are Renovating a 19th Century Ottoman Mansion in Beirut

It's always great to hear old Beirut houses being renovated, rather than being demolished and replaced by skyscrapers. Beirut-based Annabel Karim Kassar Architects, which is founded by Annabel Karim Kassar, has launched the restoration of a 19th century Ottoman mansion in Gemmayze's Rue Gouraud street. The methodology of the project's design and renovation will be shared with the public in a temporary exhibition inside the mansion during Beirut Design Week, which is taking place between…

The Wanton Bishops “Hitman” Wins Best Low Budget Video at Berlin Music Video Awards

4 days ago
Lebanese Rock n’ Roll The Wanton Bishops emerged as winner at the 2017 Berlin Music Video Awards under The Best Low Budget category. The Lebanese band won for their latest video “Hitman”, which is one ...

CNN: Surfing Becoming More Popular in #Lebanon

6 days ago
I remember when Cafe Najjar first featured a surfer in its most recent ads, I got several comments asking me if one can really surf in Lebanon while others laughed at the idea. Well surfing ...

ASHEKMAN Are Drawing a Massive “Salam” (Peace) Sign on Ouzai Rooftops

1 week ago
ASHEKMAN just kicked off a huge project in Beirut’s Ouzai area where they will be painting hundreds of houses and buildings to show the word سلام (Peace in Arabic). The gigantic Arabic calligraffiti will be ...

World Economic Forum: 9 Lebanese Starts Ups Shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution

1 week ago
The World Economic Forum has teamed up with the International Finance Corporation to bring us the top 100 Arab World startups that are shaping the future in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). ...

Architect & AUB Professor Salma Samar Damluji Elected member of the Académie d’Architecture en France

1 week ago
Professor Salma Samar Damluji, a British architect of Iraqi and Lebanese descent, was elected member of the prestigious Académie d’Architecture en France a month ago. Dr. Damluji joined the American University of Beirut in 2013, ...

Stefano Fallaha to Represent Lebanon at the 2017 Global Student Entrepreneur Awards

1 week ago
Stefano Fallaha may be Lebanon’s and the Middle East’s youngest entrepreneur and he was just nominated to represent Lebanon and the American University of Beirut at the 2017 Global Student Entrepreneur Awards. Making it to ...

I won The “Top Blogger” Award At the 2017 “Middle East Social Media Festival”

2 weeks ago
I was invited yesterday to receive my award at the “Middle East Social Media Festival 2017” under the category “Top Social Media Blogger”. The MESMA (Middle East Social Media Award) “rewards individuals in various categories ...

18-year-old Lebanese Karl Massaad Clinches First FIA F4 podium After a Brilliant Race

2 weeks ago
A month ago, Karl Massaad became the first Lebanese & Arab driver to compete in the British Formula4 Championship for 2017. Yesterday, Massaad made history by clinching his first podium at Thruxton Circuit in the ...