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Living The Single Life In Beirut

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I am happily married because I chose to, but I’ve never understood the pressure that families and society in general here in Lebanon put on single women and men who don’t wish to get married or are just too focused on their career. Being single is not a bad thing and Jasmina Najjar tells us everything about living the single life in Beirut in this TED talk at LAU.

Jasmina is a good friend and the author of “Beirut Knights”, a book on Lebanese dating disasters. I started reading that book which is pretty fun but didn’t have time to finish yet. You can read more about the book and the author [Here].


Where To Find Used Books In Beirut?

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sa2eh-library-nath-h Al Sa2eh Library in Tripoli

If you are looking for places in Beirut that sell used books, here’s the list that AgendaCulturel came up with:

1- Bargain Box (Next to Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon in Hamra). All proceeds from the Bargain Box go the Social Services Department at AUBMC, who donate that money to needy patients.
2- Uncle Joe’s on Hamra street.
3- Monot Street Book Market. The market is organized on the first Saturday of every month on Monot Street.
4- Jeane D’Arc Book Bazar which is located on Sidani Street.
5- Souk al-Ahad, which is the Sunday Market in Corniche el Nahr where you can find almost everything including books.

In addition to these markets and shops, there are three public libraries in Geitawi in the Jesuite Garden, another next to Theatre Monot in Achrafieh and a third one in Bachoura. You can read more about Beirut libraries [Here].

Check out the full article on AgendaCulturel [Here].

Launch of Joumana Haddad’s “Superman is an Arab” in Arabic

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It’s happening today at Biel in Beirut between 7pm and 9pm. For those of you who don’t know who Joumana Haddad is, you can check out my previous post [Here].

Joumana is a quite an exceptional woman and she’s been bravely fighting sexism in Lebanon and the way women are perceived in our society. She’s got loads of death threats but nothing seems to be slowing her down and I truly admire her and love her for that!

I won’t be able to make it to the book signing today but I am definitely getting my book signed.

Lebanese Gilbert Simon Wins First Prize In The Contest For The Cover Drawing of Asterix and the Picts

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Gilbert Simon and his winning cover : Pictue from LorientLeJour

Gilbert Simon won the contest for the cover drawing of the latest Asterix and Obelix comic entitled “Asterix and the Picts” (Category Over 25 years old). The comic was out last week and will be available in 15 countries and 23 languages. Simon will receive a special edition comic with his cover drawing.

I am going to pass by Librairie Antoine today and see if they have it. If anyone knows Gilbert Simon, I would love to ask him if we could have the special edition comic with his cover drawing.

Cover Competition

BX_Rg1PCQAA6swX.jpg large
The winning cover

The Jewelled Kitchen now available at Librairie Antoine

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I went to Antoine & Spinneys to get the book a couple of weeks back but it wasn’t available yet. However, it’s available now for those interested. I already got my copy.

The Jewelled Kitchen is the first cookbook by Bethany Kehdy, the founder of [DirtyKitchenSecrets] and the person behind Taste Lebanon among many other things.

In case you missed my earlier post on Bethany, check it out [Here].