Fail: A Hamra Cafe is Offering Discounts on Arguile to Students

A cafe in Hamra called Barjees is offering a 20% discount on Arguile to students and using the slogan "Arguiltak Serr Naje7ak!" to promote his place. I don't know where to start to be honest, with the slogan itself, with the idea of encouraging students to smoke Arguile or with the sad fact that Arguile places are turning into study points. Wou daress ra7 yotla3 :)

Reviewing Doctors Online: With or Against?

Whenever people want to consult a doctor in Lebanon, they rely on word of mouth and ask their friends and family members about the "best" doctor in town. Most of the time, this doctor is so overwhelmed with appointments that you need a month or two to book a 30 seconds appointment after waiting a couple of hours at least. Personally speaking, I'd rather see a not so well known doctor who has time for…

Recycling is the Ultimate Solution to Lebanon’s Garbage Crisis, and it’s Super Easy to Implement!

2 days ago
We are all excited about finally getting a Lebanese president but the garbage crisis is still out there with no solutions in sight. In fact, there is a solution that’s been out there ever since ...
The FB page that shared this video has this as a background photo

The Lebanese Civil War Mentality We Need To Get Rid Of

3 days ago
I couldn’t care less about Aoun or Amal or any other political party for that sake, but there’s nothing even remotely funny about posting such videos online, especially with everything happening around us and the ...

The Question-Answer Rounds at Miss Lebanon Need to be Dropped

4 days ago
Every year, Miss Lebanon contestants compete to come up with the dumbest answers in the question-answer round and every year, they get bashed online. Since Miss Lebanon contestants are accepted based on their looks and ...

How Bad is LBC’s “Take Me Out” Show?

5 days ago
“Na2ashit” is basically the Lebanese version of “Take me out”, a popular dating game show in Australia and the UK. It started broadcasting on LBC few weeks ago and it is presented by singer and ...

Sabaa Wants to Achieve the Unachievable

1 week ago
A new political movement called Sabaa (Seven) launched yesterday in Lebanon and it was a rather disappointing start. To begin with, the press conference they held was not properly organized, the speakers were not well ...

You Don’t Need a Driver License or a Plate to Drive Electric Scooters in Beirut

1 week ago
I shared a picture of a scooter parked illegally and having a Chinese license plate a couple of days ago and I asked how does one fine this driver? As it turns out, it was ...

Last Voice Note from One of Achkout’s Victims Revealed

1 week ago
Joe Maalouf shared a voice recording during his new show “Hawa el 7oriyyeh” of one of Achkout’s victims Jean-Paul Hoballah one day before the murder took place. In the recording, Jean-Paul is heard complaining to ...

BBChi’s Rola Yammout Interview is Even Worse than Her Clip

1 week ago
I was watching BBChi’s first episode on LBC and this show is off to a horrible start. I expected better from Salam El Zaatari and Fouad Yammine especially after CHI.N.N got cancelled but the show ...