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The National Campaign “Ardi Mesh Lal Bay3″

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Al Fersan Al Arbaa singing “Ardi Mesh Lal Bay3″ as part of the National Campaign launched by several ministries in Lebanon.

This is a very serious matter in Lebanon, specially in regards to Lebanese Christians, but nothing’s being done about it except songs and pointless campaigns apparently. There’s nothing wrong about selling lands to non-Lebanese but there’s a certain percentage that shouldn’t be exceeded which is not the case.

Since the Church is obviously concerned about this matter, they should consider opening a fund to buy lands from people who are desperate to sell and in need of money.

Eagle Shot Down by Lebanese Hunters In Akkar

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These reckless hunters must be put in jail.

This photo depicting an eagle hunt down by two men who were identified as being residents of the northern district of Akkar has been circulating on the major social media platforms and provoking activists’ resentment.

In the absence of a hunting regulations in Lebanon, this ‘sport’ is taking place without any restrictions almost anywhere across the country and wrongdoings have alarmingly increased.

A law was drafted in 2004 to control the situation by allowing the hunting of some common birds only.

The said law includes the implementation of bird counts in some stopover areas and the administration of training to the hunters but the draft was put on hold following the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. [Link]

Lebanese Basketball Season Might Kick Off In December

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As you all probably know, the 2013 Basketball season still didn’t kick off in Lebanon due to the political bickering between the federation and the teams. However, it appears that all the parties have reached an agreement that will hopefully get the championship started in December.

The agreement states that few amendments will be introduced as requested by several parties and a letter will be sent to the FIBA to lift the suspension after getting all the teams’ approval. Moreover, the federation will resign as of next week and pave the way for new elections. The only matter that might stop the championship from kicking off is the Sagesse team as they are undergoing some serious internal problems that might see the Beiruti team dissolved and out of the competition.

Personally speaking, I think the biggest problem Sagesse has is that it is indirectly managed by Beirut’s Bishop Boulos Matar but let’s not go there for now. I want the Lebanese Championship to get back as this year’s championship promises to be one of most competitive in years.

Lebanon Wants To Sell Cyprus Water: Keserwan Is Without Water

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I’ve been wondering for the past few days why there’s a water outage in Keserwan before I read Sad Chabrou7 is undergoing some major maintenance.

Update: There’s a water outage in Beirut as well not just in Keserwan.

CYPRUS is looking into the possibility of transferring water from Lebanon, either by ship or pipeline, to lower the cost of agricultural production, said Agriculture Minister Nicos Kouyialis yesterday.

Speaking after a meeting with the Lebanese Minister of Energy and Water Gebran Bassil in Nicosia, Kouyialis said Lebanon had submitted a proposal to transfer water to Cyprus.

According to the Cypriot minister, a joint technical committee of technocrats from Cyprus’ Water Development Department and the corresponding Lebanese department has been set up to examine the possibility of transferring water for agricultural purposes from Lebanon to Cyprus. The committee will look at the economic benefits, or not, of such a move, examining both water transfer by ship and pipeline, to see which is the most advantageous.

The study will take around three months. Within the first quarter of 2014, “we will know if it is in our interests to bring water from Lebanon”, said Kouyialis, adding that the move could prove “very beneficial” for Cyprus. [Link]

Video Of Microwaved Cat Removed, Apology Issued

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Too all who watched the video about the cat in the microwave and dissing me. Look i just filmed it “not hurted it” DISS WHOM HURTED IT i was wrong about filming it and im sorry … i never meant to send you a bad picture about me in that way. hear my voice clearly what i was saying to him about the cat. Btw i have a cat in my own house and its name is blue female Type “Angora” you can see it in my albums and i treat it good “You Should never hurt a cat and im sorry”

Mohammad Jallad, the guy who was filming his friend trying to microwave a cat, apparently issued an apology that Nemr shared on his page. The video is no longer available and I am glad to see an apology specially after his early comments but that’s still not enough.

The cat needs to be taken away from Jallad’s friend Hassan Hammoud and handed over to Animals Lebanon. As far as the punishment is concerned, I think what Nemr suggested, which is a hundred hours of pro bono, charity, work with Animals Lebanon, is reasonable enough.

Whatsapp Bulk Messages to Lebanese Mobile Numbers

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I got this email from a friend a couple of days ago and I remembered an old post I had written about “reporting harassing phone calls or text messages in Lebanon“. Even though the service provided by this marketing company is different from harassing texts and call, the common point is that someone has access to our numbers and we can’t do anything about it.

I don’t know if there are 4 million lines in Lebanon but where did that company get these numbers from? Who’s providing these lists and why aren’t the concerned parties doing anything about it?

As stated previously, there should be a hotline or website shared by the Police and Telecom ministry dedicated to reporting such issues, specially those related to harassment. Moreover, there should be a law that prohibits marketers from spamming us with messages without our prior approval.

Lebanese Restaurant In Saudi Arabia Comes Under Fire For Defending Hezbollah Chief

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Picture from Lebanondebate

An employee at the Lebanese Restaurant Baalbeck in Riyadh, has reportedly threatened two customers for offensive remarks on Hezbollah’s secretary general Hassan Nasrallah. After the news spread, Saudis were angered by the story and a campaign was launched in the KSA (And a hashtag too #مقاطعة_مطعم_بعلبك_بالرياض) to boycott the restaurant. The restaurant’s management apologized for the employee’s behavior and promised to take the necessary measures.

I don’t know what got into this employee’s mind to pull something like that, but he surely picked the wrong place at the wrong time. They are already posting names of other Lebanese restaurants to boycott in KSA and Kuwait as well, just check out the tweets on the hashtag being used.

Hammana Residents Protest Against Al-Qaisamani Dam Project

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Picture from NowLebanon

The protest took place 10 days ago on the Dahr al-Baidar international highway at the Falougha intersection and as usual, the reports coming from the residents and the ministry are conflicting. In fact, officials are saying there are no dangers presented by the dam but it seems hard to believe specially if you read some of the comments and arguments raised against the dam:

1- Why was the dam relocated from the Qaysamani area to Mghiteh which contains the Chaghour fall and is a protected area? Is it true that the dam construction will contaminate the Chaghour water, which is the key water source of Hammana?

2- Residents are claiming the potential risk of flooding will drastically increase if the dam is built. Also they will be getting less electricity.

3- Hammana mayor is against the dam and most of the protestors are claiming this project will only benefit the Kuwaitis (Who are funding the damn by the way). It seems someone wants to come up with a touristic project around the dam in few years time.

I think Minister Bassil should sit down with the town residents and answer their concerns if he’s that confident the dam will only be beneficial for them and doesn’t present any dangers. It doesn’t make sense that they protest and block the highway just to have fun.

The residents of Hammana in the Upper Metn region blocked the main Beirut Damascus road in Daher al-Baydar at the Falougha intersection to protest the establishment of the al-Qaisamani dam in the Falougha area , claiming it would affect their region’s potable water, MTV reported on Wednesday.

Earlier on Wednesday, schools had suspended classes and church bells were rung in protest, National News Agency reported. [Link]

What’s Happening To The Internet In Lebanon Tomorrow?

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Update: No Internet Outage tomorrow. Read more [Here].

Lebanon might be facing yet another internet crisis next week as we might be cut off the Consortium IMEWE cable after having failed to pay our dues. As always, the political bickering between the Telecom Ministry and Ogero is the reason for this problem, as every side is blaming the other.

Al-Akhbar reported that Ogero chief Abdel Menhem Youssef waited until yesterday to inform the Telecom Ministry of the warning sent by Consortium, while MTV stated that Ogero had warned the Telecom Ministry back in May. However Al-Akhbar did mention that Ogero was no longer responsible for that cable since 2012.

To sum it up, if we fail to pay 1.85 million dollars by next week, we might lose 60% of our Internet capacity. Let’s hope it’s just an over-exaggerated and politicized matter that will be resolved swiftly by the Telecom Ministry. I will try to ask Minister Sehnaoui today and see what he has to say about that.