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Rare Marine Turtle Almost Killed By People Taking Selfies in South Lebanon

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Selfie-Turtel-Lebanon via GreenArea

A sea turtle was reportedly pulled out of the water at a Rmeileh beach and people started taking selfies with it and stepping on it. To make things worse, the turtle was hit repeatedly on the head and a parent forced his kid to walk on the turtle. The giant sea turtle was later on rescued by the Civil Defense after being contacted from GreenArea. The organization also contacted the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture as well as Animals Lebanon.

This is a clear violation of Agriculture Law 1/125 that prohibits the poaching of marine animals. Unfortunately, this is not the first time sea turtles are killed in Lebanon.

I will never understand why people willingly harm such beautiful creatures. What’s the point in hitting a sea turtle on the head and leaving it to die? Where’s the fun in that? Seriously? Would you like someone to hit you on the head repeatedly and take selfies?

turtle sea

Nadine from Newsroomnomad first reported the story and posted a lengthy article on this matter. I recommend you read it [here].

Verdun Bombing Update: Canadian Embassy Denies Sending Any Security Instruction

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Few minutes after the unfortunate Verdun bombing occurred yesterday night, everyone started sharing a security instruction supposedly sent by the Canadian Embassy and the UN to their staff “warning them to stay away from all Beirut restaurants, avoid going to Beirut and in particular avoid visiting Hamra areas”.

I asked some Lebanese-Canadian friends I know and none of them got the message. I also checked their website and didn’t find anything. It turned out to be a fake one as clarified by the Canadian Embassy in Lebanon below. I am not sure about the UN though.

What’s funny is that a lot of Lebanese were outraged by the fact that foreign services or embassies would know more than us about potential terror threats in Lebanon. In all cases, I think someone needs to investigate where that rumor came from because all the local media shared it without even checking. Till then, I recommend you check the official websites of every embassy for travel advice:

The UK has a very accurate and up-to-date travel advice section [], the US Embassy as well [] and the Canadian Embassy of course [].

Canada warning

They Are Building a Hospital Near Horsh Beirut!

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hospital via Nahnoo

Horsh Beirut was closed to the public for more than 20 years by the Beirut Municipality for fear of vandalism and poor maintenance, and due to the lack of resources to protect the park. As soon as it reopened all week long to the public, a construction site popped up right next to it. Apparently, a new hospital is being built there.

Beirut Governor confirmed the news and said he will hold talks with the NGO Nahnoo regarding that matter.

There’s nothing really to talk about here! Let us leave the damn park alone and expand green areas around it. That’s the only rational thing to do. Instead of building new hospitals, let the municipality invest in renovating and improving the present ones.

Lebanese Police Cracking Down On Celebratory Gunfire

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The ISF launched a hashtag #بتقبل_تقتل asking online Lebanese users to report people firing guns in the air and endangering innocent people, and they’ve already managed to arrest 3 people in Beirut and Akkar. Of course we are all glad they are arresting people finally but I wish they would have taken preemptive measures before the municipal elections.

Launching hashtags and online campaigns right now will not bring back the innocent people who were killed or injured in the past few months or years even. The authorities have to be very strict about this matter as those who shoot guns in the air are criminals.


sle7 via Sakkir el Dekkene

Brazilian Company Building The Janna Dam Involved In a Massive Corruption Scandal

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While the first phase of the Janna dam construction was handled by a local firm, the second phase which should have started in 2014, consists of the construction of a dam that will enable the storage of up to 38 million cubic meters of water and was awarded to a Brazilian company (Andrade Gutierrez).

This same construction company, Brazil’s second-largest, “has just agreed to a plea deal with federal prosecutors for its alleged role in a massive corruption scandal centered on state oil company Petrobras and agreed to pay 1 billion reais ($286 million) to settle the allegations”.

Ironically enough, a controversial hydropower dam in Brazil being built by Andrade Gutierrez (AG) was pushed through, despite protests by environmental and social campaigners, by Brazil’s ex-president Dilma Rousseff, who was suspended recently over corruption allegations. The Belo Monte dam went ahead regardless of concerns about its environmental impact and economic viability, which is exactly what’s happening now with the Janna dam. Andrade Gutierrez is also involved in the World Cup scandal and is behind the controversial Amazonia Arena in Manaus.

These dams and stadiums were all built to serve the political parties in Brazil and were all overcharged. The total cost of the Janna dam is estimated at $200 million and works are ongoing despite several concerns raised and the lack of scientific reports to back its construction.

Another scandal in the making. Why am I not surprised?

Original Story via YouStink

VIDEO: Two Teenagers Torturing A Small Chick

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chick via APAF ( Animals Pride And Freedom )

Young and stupid. The school should reprimand the two teenagers as well as the person filming them. I can’t believe they are scouts. Nevertheless, I am totally against harsh punishments such as kicking them out of school. Someone should sit down and explain to them what they did wrong otherwise they will commit worse acts later.

Thanks Aly!

The New Roadster Branch Is Pretty Cool

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The new RD look and feel has been the talk of the town for the past three days. Some people liked the new look, some hated it while others said it’s a copy of Divvy restaurant. I refused to share the comparative pictures between both restaurants that were circulating online because I’ve never been to the new RD branch and I thought they were misleading.

Anyway, I passed by the Backyard this morning before Roadster even opens, looked around the new branch and personally loved it. The new look is actually pretty cool and a breath of fresh air. In fact, I don’t think the old RD would have fitted in this new venue because most of the shops open there have the same feel, and the same applies to the Village Dbayyeh. As far as the new logo is concerned, I’m still not very comfortable with it but what matters to be is that the food and service quality remain the same.

In terms of comparing it to Divvy (I love that place by the way!), I think those who are saying it’s a “copy paste” obviously haven’t been to Divvy or other diners. Divvy Mar Mikhail doesn’t look anything like Divvy at the Village so you can’t really compare the two to begin with, and most restaurants open at the Village and the Backyard have this urban industrial feel so again the comparison doesn’t stand. Still, I do agree that Roadster’s new round couches (RD had round couches since ever) and menu look very similar and RD should have paid more attention to these minor details especially that Divvy & RD owners were ex-partners.

On another note, I’m surprised that no one saw similarities with the Zaatar W Zeit branches that re-branded few years ago (notice the front facade and stairs), noting that ZWZ & RD belong to the same people.

All in all, what I care about mostly is the food and service quality to remain the same because I’m not there to eat the logo. In recent months, I found myself ordering more frequently from Deek Duke because it’s constantly evolving and introducing new items. At this point, Roadster should do the same and reconsider its portions and prices. In terms of delivery service, the quality has been dropping drastically for all diners and restaurants not just Roadster.

Here are few pictures of the new RD branch in Hazmieh:







#StopJannaDam: Drone Footage Of The Forest Destruction Taking Place

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The below video was shared by the Lebanese Eco Movement yesterday. If I’m not mistaken, one of the spots shown is one of the most beautiful ones in Jannet Artaba that was featured in Live Love Lebanon’s promotional video.

What is happening is a crime against nature. I thought works were suspended until further notice but obviously that’s not the case.

Jounieh’s Illogical Road

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jounieh road

During the municipal elections in Matn and Keserwan, I saw a video somewhere bragging about this new road they inaugurated on the Jounieh highway. To be fair, this road is very useful but the execution is terrible.

In fact, the road barely fits two cars and at some point you need to slow down to let another car pass. Also once you turn right from the highway to go in, you reach a point where you find yourself on the other lane. To make things worse, there are no signs on the highway to tell you where that turn is.

I have no idea who engineered this road, or who’s behind all of Jounieh’s inner roads because they either cause more traffic or more accidents.