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Why We Should Close Dekkenet el Balad

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1907330_1426877300912787_6497287955229637538_n via Sakker el Dekkene

Dekkenet El Balad opened its doors a couple of weeks back in Gemmayze offering illegal certificates, driving licenses and other permits. Of course this was part of a marketing campaign to raise awareness on corruption and ask people to report acts of bribery but as expected, and since Lebanese and people living in Lebanon are unfortunately used to “buying” everything, the Dekkene has been receiving messages on their hotline number (76/808080) from people inquiring on these illegal services (just like the one illustrated above).

Having said that, the only way to fight corruption in Lebanon is by reporting and exposing people involved in these acts of bribery and it’s everyone’s duty to get involved in this campaign La Nsakkir el Dekkene once and for all.

Time Out Beirut Closes Down

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Update: Timeout Beirut’s website now redirects to

As you can see from the tweets below, someone was asking why TimeOut Beirut is now called BeirutView on Twitter and then a previous employee replied and stated that the Magazine’s co-founder sent a mass note that she’s leaving TOB/On Time as of May 30. I checked the website at the time of the tweets and it was still running but few hours later, it was shut down and the facebook page was closed down as well.


The only reply I saw regarding that matter on Twitter was the one below but I heard people saying that they lost the license. I can’t really confirm any of the info mentioned, specially the negative comments that emerged and that I’ve heard before, so I guess we will have to wait for an official statement (if there will be any), but something must have gone wrong for the magazine to shut down like that.

Personally speaking, I rarely check TimeOut Beirut and I don’t recall the last time I’ve bought their magazine.


Lucien Bourjeily Got His Passport Back From The General Security

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Lebanese Writer and Director Lucien Bourjeily had applied to renew his passport and was expecting to receive it few days ago in order to travel to London and represent Lebanon at the “The LIFT festival”. However, the General Security refused to return the passport and said that “they will revert back to Lucien in the coming month or month and a half”. Given that Lucien is not a criminal and has a clean record, what happened is wrong and needs to be investigated. Fortunately, the General Security ended up giving him the passport today knowing that his story made all the headlines and went viral on all social media channels.

Here’s what Lucien posted today:

VICTORY!! The general security has just released my Passport!!!
Although, they made me miss my UK Visa appointment by confiscating it but there’s still hope (with the help of the British Council and The LIFT Festival ) that I can make it to London International Theater festival on the 22nd of June and perform the play “Vanishing State”, and that they refused to even give me back the 105,000 L.B.P. they made me originally pay for what was supposed to be the “fast service” option

I am sure the British Council will help Lucien get his visa and make it on time for the festival.

The Reasons Why TMC Chief Michel Moutran Was Removed From His Position

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You’d think that after watching the video above, you’d understand why Michel Moutran got fired but the title is misleading and the Jadeed report is meaningless. I really find it hard to believe that this man was substituted by another just because he was doing a good job. Something doesn’t add up here.

Update: Here’s what the ISF had to say about that.

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TMC Chief Michel Moutran Sacked For Unknown Reasons

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I just read Gino’s post and noticed Michel Moutran‘s tweets that he is no longer managing the Traffic Management Center account and apparently was removed from his position.

It’s a shame that he’s no longer running the show as Moutran was a decent, hard working and highly admired man and his project (TMC_Lebanon) was a huge success and built a much-needed bridge between the people and the authorities. I tried looking for articles stating the reasons why he got sacked but found none.

A Tsunami Drill In Lebanon

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We witnessed few days ago a huge fire in Baabda that destroyed an entire forest just because the Fire Department wasn’t equipped properly and our firefighting helicopters couldn’t be used, and yesterday it rained for few hours and the roads got all jammed and flooded with water, and today I am reading that Lebanon had a tsunami drill in Byblos yesterday.

Of course we should be conducting tsunami drills in Lebanon and I am glad Byblos has taken this initiative but I don’t think a tsunami would hit the Byblos coast only and I am pretty sure the Civil Defense, the Lebanese Red Cross and the Lebanese Army won’t have enough units to perform such a drill along the coast. Moreover, our focus should be at the moment on fighting fires since summer is near.

In fact, I think municipalities located in the mountains should seriously consider investing money and employing people to monitor and guard the forests and quickly react to any fire that erupts.