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Inflation in Lebanon

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This production is part of the Lebanese Economic Association project (TheLEAproject): Upgrading Lebanon’s Economic Analytical Capacity; a project funded by the International Development Research Centre, Canada. It is a short animation explaining what is Inflation, what is the CPI, how it is calculated and how Inflation should be measured more accurately in Lebanon.

Illustration and Animation are done by the one and only Maya Zankoul.

May Daouk’s 19th century Villa in Achrafieh, Beirut

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Now that’s a thing of beauty!

When interior designer May Daouk moved back here from New York with her sons ten years ago, she was exceptionally lucky to find a charming single-story late-19th-century villa, belonging to one of Beirut’s leading families. Situated in the smart Achrafieh district and featuring a sea view and a tree-shaded terrace, it has a tranquillity rare in this frenetic city. [AD]

Metel Ma Shelta

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Very cool anti littering awareness campaign designed by graphic design students Mohamed Olaymi,Nadine Razzouk and Lama Shehadeh. It’s a very simple idea, they printed out messages on the back of what looks like a folded LL10,000 note and dropped them in strategic places. When passerby’s notice the money on the floor they bend down to pick it up only to discover it’s not really money and instead find the anti littering message on the back. Here is a link to their [Facebook Page]

Thanks Razan

Not a good start

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So a new burger place opened in Lebanon and I’m not sure if the owner is aware or not but his logo is a blatant rip-off of Johnny Rockets. Johnny Rockets is a popular US franchise that’s available all over the Middle East and they were even open in Lebanon back in the late 90s before they closed down. I remember before they closed down they were having incredible offers on their burgers. If you were a student you could have a burger for LL1,500 which was ridiculously cheap considering Coke cost LL4,500.

Thanks Patrick

zaatar w zeit

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I’m a big fan of zaatar w zeit but I absolutely dislike their new identity as well as the new look and feel of their branches. With their new identity I feel like they’re leaving the Lebanese culture behind and heading towards a generic fast food chain look. Why drop the beautiful Arabic typography? Why go from warm, cozy and homy to cold and clinical?