Amir Yazbeck Has 21+ Performances in Two Months This Summer

Just when I thought Wael Kfoury was having a busy summer schedule with 9 performances in 1 month, Amir Yazbeck just shared his schedule for the summer on a huge billboard and he's performing in, wait for it, 21 festivals over a two-month period and his billboard says "To be continued" at the end LOL! I think he's going for the Guinness Book of records for most concerts in one month if there's such a…

Watch the 2017 Jounieh International Festival Fireworks with Michel Fadel

We witnessed yesterday Jounieh's second major fireworks show this summer, which was organized by the Jounieh International Festival. I enjoyed them more than the ones held a month ago by Jounieh's summer festival but I was expecting something more spectacular to be honest. I love that they got Michel Fadel to perform during the fireworks show but the fireworks were not really in sync with the music. Still it was a nice show. Check it…

Kickass Lebanese Wrestling Championship on Sunday 16th of July 2017

1 week ago
If you love wrestling, we have some pretty cool competitions that take place every summer in Lebanon. The ones I’ve heard of in the past years took place in Mayrouba, Saida, Jourit el Termoss and ...

Barcelona Stars in Beirut for Roda Antar’s Farewell Game

3 weeks ago
FC Barcelona stars Sergio Busquets, Gerard Piqué & Jordi Alba arrived to Beirut yesterday to take part in Roda Antar’s farewell football game. Roda Antar is one of Lebanon’s most successful football players and the ...

A Busy Summer Schedule For Wael Kfoury

3 weeks ago
We were talking about summer festivals last week and someone mentioned that Wael Kfoury is performing in like 10 festivals, which is not quite common given how highly-rated and popular the singer is. But I ...

Happy Faces: Bringing a Touch of Joy to Tripoli’s Underprivileged areas

1 month ago
Eid is an occasion for children to celebrate and reunite with their loved ones but unfortunately that’s not the case in several areas in Lebanon and especially in Tripoli, Lebanon’s second-largest city and one of ...

The Coca-Cola Happiness Truck is in Lebanon!

1 month ago
Coca-Cola’s Happiness truck has been roaming the world for years now and it has finally come to Lebanon! The concept is simple yet creative and highly engaging: A rigged Coca-Cola truck roaming the country delivering ...

Retroville Music Fest at Dream Park in Zouk!

1 month ago
No childhood is complete without fond memories at Dream Park. Whether it was school field trips, family days out, friends’ birthdays or just trying out the newest ride, Dream Park would always get us excited ...

Alwan Beirut: The first 100% Lebanese Animated Movie

1 month ago
We’ve seen short animated movies in Lebanon before but we’ve never had a 90 minute long animated 100% Lebanese movie. Beirut Cultural Festivals want to reach out to young viewers and help them explore our ...

Sir Elton John Live in Beirut on December 10, 2017

2 months ago
Sir Elton John and his band are coming to Beirut (within the Byblos International Festival) to perform live at the Forum de Beyrouth on Sunday December 10, 2017. Elton John will perform as part of ...