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Lebanese Festival Day 2014 In London

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The Lebanese Festival Day is an annual event held in London aimed at bringing together members of the Lebanese community in the UK. Around 7000 people attended last year’s event and the organizers are working on attracting more Lebanese to the 2014 edition.

Here’s a link to the event if you wish to join or help out. [LebFestivalDay]

The Lebanese Festival day is an Annual event held in London and aims at giving members of the Lebanese community in the UK the opportunity to meet each other, irrespective of their religious or political views. The Festival aims to create awareness and educate the wider British community about Lebanese culture, customs and traditions also to promote Lebanese products, cuisine, culture, education and tourism. The organising Committee of the Lebanese Festival Day London was formed in 2009 by members of the Lebanese community from different backgrounds, all enthusiastic about Lebanon. Strictly non-religious, and non-political. Just Lebanese!


Lebanon MMA Heavy Weight Champion Mark Tanios Defeats Egyptian Mohamad Abdel Karim At Bahrain’s Desert Force Championship

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1669615_276990605792500_1152022268_o (1)
Mark Tanios is the guy on the right

Lebanese Champion Mark Tanios claimed his second consecutive win in the MMA Heavy Weight Title after defeating Egyptian Mohamad Abdel Karim at the Desert Force Championship that was held in Bahrain last week. He got unanimous decision over the Egyptian fighter and is now a step closer to the regional MMA Heavy Weight Title.

Congrats to Mark and to the Lebanese Mixed Martial Arts Committee who is preparing our MMA fighters in the best way possible! Prior to the tournament, Mark was sent to a 40-day camp At Montreal’s Tristar Gym and was supervised by Feras Zahabi, the trainer of the UFC Champion Georges St Pierre.

You can check out more pictures [Here].


More Than 1000 Cyclists Take Part In The “Ride For Roy” 65K Memorial Ride

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The Ride For Roy is a 65 km ride that starts and finishes at Atlantis, The Palm. It was organized to honor Triathlon Lebanese Champion Roy Nasr‘s memory. Roy was killed by a drunk driver whilst riding his bike near Safa Park back in September 2013.

More than 1000 cyclists joined the ride, noting that all the registration fees will go into the Roy Nasr Memorial Fund.

Here are few testimonies given by athletes on Roy, including Lebanese Maxime Chaaya.


“This is to celebrate the life of a man who was an inspiration to so many,” said Paul Venn, an organiser with Race ME, which hosts triathlon events. “It is a chance for people to pay their respects to a man who was never happier than when on his bike. The thought of more than 1,000 people on a ride with jerseys with his name would have put an enormous smile on his face.”

“Roy was a natural leader and had a certain aura about him, so whether it was in the sea or in the pool he would give others a boost and help them swim a bit quicker,” Seth Chappels, founder of Dubai Masters Swim Club where Nasr trained, said. “He was a competitive triathlete but always had time for a word for you,” he said. “You could not help but like him.”

“Roy was a motivator and such a warm person,” said Chris Khouri, an IT manager who took to triathlons after a 2009 motorbike accident left him disabled below the chest. “He would call me every couple of months to chat and he didn’t have to. He has left behind a legacy. He touched so many people because of his positivity.”

In Pictures: Lebanese Protest Against Domestic Violence On International Women’s Day

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It was great seeing so many people at Mathaf today for the demonstration planned by KAFA. It is time to change all laws that give advantage to a man over his wife or any woman for that sake, and to officially set up an office to follow up domestic violence issues and provide the required protection for victims (A governmental office not one run by an NGO).











Register For The 2014 Raid Des Cedres Through the Rangers Events App

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The “Raid Des Cedres” is a yearly event organized by the Rangers Regiment and that I would love to go to one day (Target is next year). The race starts at the Cedars of Tannourine usually and ends in the Cedars Forest in Becharre. This year the Lebanese Army launched an app to register for the event and get to know about other activities they’re organizing throughout the year.

There are 3 types of races you can register to, the 45K, the 30K and the 18K. Download the app [Here].

Part from their mission to empower Military-Civilian interaction, The Rangers of Lebanese Army are organizing yearly sports events in Lebanon to promote the below objectives:
– Enjoy Lebanon’s nature
– Exploring Lebanon’s mountains and beauty
– Promote Lebanon’s touristic image by making the event as International on yearly basis
– Respecting and preserving nature
– Competing with spirit

Who Wants To Join The Epic “Red Bull Can You Make It” Adventure?

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Imagine you have to travel over 1000 kilometers across Europe in 7 days without cash, credit cards or phones, but instead with only Red Bull cans to trade for transportation, lodging, food and other necessities until you reach Berlin. This may seem like a crazy idea but that’s what the Red Bull Can You Make It? is all about and Lebanon will be the only country in the Middle East to take part in this once in a life time adventure this year.

Who Can Apply?
University students over 18 years of age are eligible to apply in teams of three beginning January 31 until the application deadline on March 12. Thousands of teams will apply, but only 100 will be selected.

How To Apply?
Gather a team of three and create a video explaining why your team should be chosen to compete. Red Bull Is looking for teams that are adventurous, have an up-for-anything attitude, and can rely on charm, wit and quick-thinking abilities when faced with a challenge.

This is a brilliant idea and I truly envy the teams who will be selected for this adventure. Check out Red Bull’s [Website] for more details.

The Uncut Film Festival At The American University Of Beirut

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Uncut Film Festival1

The AUB Cineclub and the Museum Of Censorship Club – AUB are proudly organized The Uncut Film Festival at AUB next week.

Five movies will be screened from Monday till Friday at 6:30pm in the Charles Hostler Auditorium (Sea Side). Everyone is welcome to attend and entrance is free of charge.

Here is the list of the movies and their dates:

Monday 17, February: Syriana by Stephan Gaghan – 2005
Tuesday 18, February: Life of Brian by Terry Jones -1979
Wednesday 19, February: One Man Village (Semaan Bi Day’ia) by Simon El Haber – 2008
Thursday 20, February: Chou Sar? (What Happened?) by De Gaulle Eid – 2009
Friday 21, February: L’inconnu du Lac (Stranger by the Lake) by Alain Guiraudie – 2013

I am personally against any kind of censorship and am fully supportive of this event. I will do my best to make it to at least one of the screenings and meet the people behind this. I love that they picked “Life of Brian”, a movie that probably would have never been approved in Lebanon these days.

Meet Lebanese Rima Najdi, AKA Madame Bomba

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Rima Nadji is a Lebanese performance artist who is revolting against the situation that we Lebanese have put ourselves into. “She is protesting against the normalization of suicide bombing in Beirut and She knows that some people may take a glimpse at her and smile, or think this is a joke, but it is not. This is not a joke. It is a matter of life and death.” [Source]

It is definitely a weird way to protest but a very powerful one. We should not get used to suicide bombing and car bombs in Lebanon, we should not behave as if nothing’s happening because all of us are targeted at the moment. Let’s all keep in mind that we are only victims, not martyrs of these explosions. [#NotAMartyr]

Madame Bomba at Torino pub in Gemmayze