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Žydrūnas Savickas “Big Z” Coming To The International Strongman Challenge in Beirut

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20130715_074516-1 [High-Res]

I usually follow the World’s Strongest Man competitions and I remember watching Big Z win year after year. He’s the only competitor to have won every major strongman competition and he’s coming to Beirut for the The International Strongman Challenge that will be held in Dekwaneh at the Golden Body Club on Sunday 28 August 2013.

I’ve never been to one of those competitions, so I am gonna ask around see if we can meet this big guy and take a picture with him.

Pet Shop Boys concert was epic!

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On Wednesday I went to the Lana Del Rey concert which I thought was pretty boring but last night I went to the Pet Shop Boys one and it was just incredible. First of all just a little backstory, my first cassette tape I ever purchased was for Pet Shop Boys back in the 80s. They’ve always been one of my favorite bands ever even though I really haven’t kept up to date with their recent work.


So anyway last night I got to the concert an hour early since I was hoping I’d be lucky enough to find a spot right in the front (I had the Golden ticket) and to my surprise the place was empty when I got there. I quickly grabbed a spot right in front of where the mic was placed and waited. There wasn’t an opening act for the concert but they were playing some pretty good music to get us moving. Then, the second Pet Shop Boys walked on stage the energy of the place completely changed. Even though the event wasn’t as packed as Lana Del Rey the people who did show up were true fans at least the ones who were standing around me in the golden ticket section. I was standing so close to the stage it was just unreal seeing them perform live and so up close. Neil Tennant was standing right in front of me and I was jumping up and down screaming wanting him to notice me.


They played a mixture of new songs and classic 80s and 90s songs that were remastered so they wouldn’t sound out of date. The changes were very subtle and I actually want to try and find those remixes online. Whenever a classic song came out the crowd just went wild as you can see in the videos I’ve put up here. Sadly the sound in the videos isn’t that great since I was standing right in front of the speakers which overwhelmed the tiny iPhone mic. Also at one point I rant out of battery and space on my phone hence why the West End Girls video ends abruptly.


Pet Shop Boys kicked ass last night and I can’t believe how old they are. I love them, 30 years later and they can still bring so much energy to the stage with their music and their never ending costumes. No exaggeration every two songs they were going backstage and changing into different outfits each one looking wilder than the other. Their two supporting dancers also did a phenomenal job as well. I’m so glad I went to the concert, it completely blew me away. For those of you who missed it you really missed out on a extremely entertaining and visually rich show. Hopefully they’ll come back again one day.

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Lebanon upsets hosts to clinch second position at the 2013 William Jones Cup

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Picture from Lebanese Basketball FB Page

After a shocking defeat in their opening game against Taiwan B at the William Jones Cup, the Lebanese Basketball Team defeated Japan and Taiwan A to clinch the second spot. Their next game will be the toughest one against the South Korean team. There are a lot of talented players in the team, so let’s hope they do well and get ready for the upcoming FIBA Asian Championship in August.

Here’s the full list of players in the National Team [Source]:
4 Jean Abdel Nour 198-G/F-83 Al Riyadi
5 Mohammed Ibrahim 196-G-83 Sagesse
6 Ali Mahmoud 184-G-83 Al Riyadi
7 Cheikh Hussein El Khatib 186-PG-86 Champville
8 Bachir Ammouri 201-F/C-83 Moutahed
9 Elie Estephane 193-G-86 Sagesse
10 Ali Haidar 201-F-90 Al Riyadi
11 Rodrigue Akl 187-PG-88 Sagesse
12 Ali Kanaan 207-C/F-85 Champville
13 Amir Saoud 187-G-91 Al Riyadi
14 Loren Woods 218-C-78 Al Riyadi
15 Fadi Khatib 199-F-79 Champville


As you can see from the list and picture above, American Player Loren Woods was given the Lebanese Nationality. As for Lebanese-Australian Basketball player Julian Khazzouh, he has not agreed to join the team and the Lebanese Federation is still considering banning him for 3 years, which I still think is a wrong decision.

On a last note, I still have idea what happened to the warning that Lebanon received from the FIBA and whether we decided to continue the league or not yet for this year.

VIDEO: Drifting with Abdo Feghali

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The Red Bull Car Park Drift qualifier was pretty cool today and I finally got the chance to drift with Abdo Feghali. I don’t know why people get scared or start yelling during a drift. It was smooth and fun and I wish it took longer.

Tomorrow’s the big final and I am definitely not missing it! Until then, here are few pictures I took today:

PS: You can follow me on [Instagram] for more pictures and live coverage.

Abdo Feghali drifting a BMW M3

From Inside Feghali’s car

Red Bull #GivesYouWings – Guys On the roof: Jump!

Waiting for Dado to hop on

At the Start

Too many BMWs

Special T-shirt for the occasion

Baalbeck Festival moved to Jdeideh

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I have no idea where that silk factory is in Jdeideh but it’s quite sad to see the famous Baalbeck festival moved to Beirut.

Tickets for the festival are available online at [Virgin Ticketing Box Office].

For the first time in festival history, concerts will be staged in Jdeideh al-Metn, in the magnanery (silkworm nursery) of the village’s 19th-century silk factory.

“We chose this place because it is still unknown to the public,” the news release said. “It is located on the outskirts of the capital and it is available in all regions.”

The venue may have changed, but performance dates remain fixed. Marianne Faithfull will perform Saturday Aug. 17; vocalist and jazz pianist Eliane Elias will take the stage Friday Aug. 23; Marcel Khalife will perform with his oud Saturday Aug. 24; Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui’s dance piece PUZ/ZLE, with the participation of vocalist El Hage, will be held Friday Aug. 30. [DailyStar]

Pop Pop!!! at Vick Vanlian

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Fuck it. Let’s go Dancing – Artwork by Corinne Martin

Vick Vanlian were celebrating the Beirut Design Week by displaying the artworks of two talented Lebanese artists, Corinne Martin and Hady Beydoun, in addition to their new limited edition items. I wasn’t familiar with Hady’s work to be honest but he’s apparently very well known and there’s a lot of cool stuff on his [website]. As for Corinne, I’ve been following her for a while now on Instagram and Facebook and checking her blog and I am glad I finally got the chance to meet her and have a small chat.

Here are few pictures I took from the exhibition:

[nggallery id=48]

Jounieh car-free day

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All the coastal roads in Jounieh were closed on Sunday for the Jounieh on bike “Green Day”. It’s good to see that the event attracted a lot of people and I hope it will become a monthly event not just take place during the festivals. The same goes to the car-free days being organized in Achrafieh.