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Lebanese Celebrities That Wore Oscar De La Renta

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amal and oscar de la renta

I didn’t know much about Oscar De La Renta until he died and I didn’t even notice he was the one who designed Amal Alameddine’s wedding dress even though I did write about the wedding and posted pictures even. In all cases, I was reading about him a bit and I ran a quick search to see which Lebanese wore Oscar de la Renta dresses and found Elissa, Haifa and Amal. There’s also Shakira if you consider her somehow Lebanese lol!

I am sure there are others but those are the ones I found with the help of my good friend Serah.

Haifa Oscar



Beirut-Based Mukhi Sisters Among The Top 5 Middle Eastern Daywear Jewelry Designers

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mukhi (Arabia) featured the Mukhi Sisters as one of the top 5 Middle Eastern Jewelry Designers. I don’t know much about jewelry but I’ve met the Mukhi sisters on several occasions and appreciate their work and designs. One more reason why I like them is that their designs would fit perfectly on some Game of Thrones characters and I am a huge GOT fan.

Anyway, here’s the [list] featuring all 5 jewelry designers.

Using gold, diamonds, as well as other precious and semi-precious stones, they draw on their personalities, interests and obsessions to create high-end pieces. You can describe a Mukhi Sisters piece as a statement of individuality. Some of their favorite statement and signature collections are the ones that Mukhi clients tell them are conversation pieces. Their jewelry, at once whimsical and original, conveys things both about the 3 Mukhis -Maya, Meena and Zeenat- and about the women (and lately men) who wear their designs.
Jewelry runs in the Mukhi family genes: their mother is Effat Kreidie, the creative force behind Effy’s Jewelry. Their father, Chandru Mukhi, comes from a long line of Indian jewelers in the industry since 1875. Born into a world of dazzle and sparkle, Maya, Meena and Zeenat were on intimate terms with fine gems and jewelry from an early age. With such a rich heritage, the sisters began collaborating on their own brand.

mukhi (2)

Pictures of George Clooney and Amal Alameddine Before The Wedding

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Georges Clooney and his Lebanese fiancee Amal Alameddine are getting married tomorrow in Venice, Italy. Here are some pictures taken today hours before the wedding reception. It is reported that Rande Gerber, Cindy Crawford’s husband will serve as Clooney’s best man, while Amal’s sister Tala will serve as one of her bridesmaids. The wedding will take place in Venice’s luxurious five-star, 79-room Hotel Cipriani.

We still don’t know whether there will be a reception in Lebanon or not. However, I am curious to know if any Lebanese politician or personality is attending the wedding in Venice.





George Clooney, Amal Alamuddin

“Bouss Ma Tkhafsh” Or The Henna Lipstick

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I was checking out Lana’s blog and I saw this post about a lipstick called “Bouss Ma Tkhash” or “Kiss and Don’t worry”. Apparently it’s a lipstick that our mothers and the older generations know about and that you can use to kiss around without leaving any marks. I asked a couple of friends I know and they laughed and told me it was pretty commonly used back then.

Needless to say, I am not interested in it but I thought the story and the nickname were funny and worth sharing.

Check the whole post [here].

What If Charbel Zoe Had Picked PitBull’s Outfit?

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Carmen-Electra Charbel with Carmen Electra

For those of you who don’t know who Charbel Zoe is, he’s a fashion designer who won the international fashion designer award in 2013 and has worked with a lot of celebrities abroad. More importantly, he was the one who designed JLO’s outfit at the World Cup opening ceremony. Surprisingly enough, very few Lebanese had heard about him before the World Cup even though he had worked before with JLo, but he’s now the talk of the town and everyone’s praising him for this great achievement and the stunning dress or jumpsuit or outfit or whatever that thing Lopez was wearing is called.

To be honest, it’s obvious that Charbel is great at what he does and is very talented, but for me JLO looked like she was wearing some sexy circus outfit. Of course I know nothing about fashion and I am just talking nonsense, but I am pretty sure most Lebanese would have called any local artist wearing such an outfit in a concert or an event a slut.

In all cases, it’s a good thing Zoe wasn’t the one behind PitBull’s outfit because it would have been really hard to praise him.


Beirut Design Week 2014

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beirut design week

The third edition of the Beirut Design Week will be held between June 9 and June 15 across Beirut. The launching event is at Beirut Souks and will be followed by exhibitions, conferences, workshops and open studies in Saifi Village, Achrafieh, Gemmayze, Sursock, Hamra, Karantina and Mar Mikhael.

Even if you are not working in this field, it’s pretty interesting to pass by and check out the exhibitions and the work of local and international designers in Lebanon. You can check out the full program and other information on the following [website].

Beirut Design Week is held annually in June across Beirut City, featuring exhibitions, conferences, workshops and open studios showcasing the work of local and international designers operating within Lebanon. The event focuses on creative economies, intercultural exchange, design education and design entrepreneurship. Beirut Design Week is organized by the MENA Design Research Center, a non-profit organization cofounded by Doreen Toutikan and Maya Karanouh. The Center is focused on promoting a diverse understanding of design through the implementation of design research and collaborative multidisciplinary projects in the region.

For the third consecutive year, Beirut Design Week brings you again the latest on all forms of design -local and international- spread all over the city, encompassing over 80 events and locations. With every year the design community grows and the goals of Beirut Design Week become more apparent. Since the beginning, the event stands firmly on three pillars which are the foundation and basis of all the activities that place during the week. These pillars are: creative entrepreneurship, education, and community. All three categories are equally important and sum up the reasons why MENA Design Research Center has initiated and continues to nurture this annual event.

Lezem Fashion Show

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I don’t usually post about fashion shows but this one is a different one as it doesn’t only showcase the work of young talented Lebanese but also uses the collective funds of the event in order to benefit the Lebanese society”. In fact, the funds collected from this fashion show will be donated to Basmeh and Zeitooneh, an NGO aimed at helping under-privileged people of all nationalities across camps in Lebanon.

If you wish to know more about Lezem, check their FB page [Here].