Who wants a Captain Majed Jersey?

I've been looking for almost a year for a Captain Majed jersey for Brian and I just found out Ashkeman Clothing is selling one. It's not exactly the same as Captain Majed's jersey but it's pretty cool one. Too bad they don't have toddler sizes so I might as well buy it for me :P I love that Captain Majed t-shirt they also have.

Creative Space Beirut: Beirut’s First Free Fashion School is Breaking Barriers & Offering Quality Education

I never had the chance to write about Creative Space Beirut but they've just been featured on Ozy so I thought this would be a nice opportunity to shed the light on this beautiful and inspiring initiative that was started back in 2011 by Parsons graduate, Sarah Hermez, and her former Parsons professor, Caroline Simonelli and they've just graduated their first class of designs in Fall 2016. What is Creative Space Beirut? CSB is a…

Victoria’s Secret 2016 “Bright Night” Fantasy Bra Handcrafted by The House of AW Mouzannar

7 months ago
This year’s Victoria’s Secret show witnessed the unveiling of the $3 Million emerald and diamond bra, handcrafted by one of the leading fine jewelers in the Middle East: The House of AW Mouzannar. The show ...

What’s So Special About These Maku Sandals?

9 months ago
A group of three Lebanese have apparently come up with the most comfortable sandals ever with an unmatched quality and versatility. They call them Maku and they are already off to a great start on ...

Sabrina Sato in #Beirut

10 months ago
You’ve probably never heard of Sabrina Sato but she’s very well known in Brazil and has a very popular show. I was checking her Instagram and she has like 9 million followers. The only reason ...

Lebanese Sarah Beydoun, Founder of Sarah’s Bag, Receives The 2016 Oslo Business for Peace Award

1 year ago
[Photo Credits] The Oslo-based foundation “Business for Peace” grants every year the Oslo Business for Peace Award to up to seven honourees “in recognition of their individual and outstanding business-worthy contribution to the building of ...

Caravan Beirut: Lebanese Designers Taking Over Georgetown Park, Washington D.C

1 year ago
More than 40 established and emerging Lebanese designers are flying all the way to Washington DC to take part in the Caravan Beirut pop-up store and showcase their talent and collections at the 4-day event ...

A New Movement Is Joining The Beirut Protests: #Badna_BALMAIN_Ya_Man

1 year ago
A group of Lebanese male fashionistas, also known as instainfluenzee7omneldarebanistas, were outraged after BALMAIN X H&M launched its collection today for ladies only and they decided to start a new movement in protest. An urgent ...

On Being Fashionably Responsible: Lebanon’s VEA Turning Tires Into Handbags And Accessories

2 years ago
A special VEA line signed and endorsed by Ms. Paula Yacoubian. The Paula by Vea collection’s profits went to serve causes of her choosing. A single tire contains about the equivalent of two U.S. gallons ...

RIP Basil Soda

2 years ago
Lebanon lost today one of its renowned fashion designers Basil Soda. Soda unfortunately lost his battle against cancer after a couple of years and died today aged 47 only. I don’t know much about the ...