The Gardens Naccache: The Hottest New Venue in Town

The Naccache Gardens is a new cluster of restaurants, cafes and bars that recently opened in Naccache 50 meters away from Spinneys. There are currently ten outlets open there, including three Lebanese restaurants Enab, Beit Salwa & Assafir, Caribou coffee shop, Yoshii , Smoking Bun , La Pizzaria, Sud, La Petite Table, Heights and a Mexican place called Bandidos. I was at the opening two days ago and it's a really cool new space. Unlike…

My Dinner with Lebanese Michelin-Starred Chef Greg Maalouf at Liza in Achrafieh

Lebanese cuisine is without a doubt one of the most easily recognized and beloved food around the world. Highly diverse Mezza options, exceptionally healthy ingredients and cooking methods, as well as the fact that the food is always made to share are some of the reasons you’ll find a Lebanese restaurant in almost every corner of the world. Chef Greg Maalouf - The popularity of Lebanese food means that a lot of the dishes your…

A Lousy Breast Cancer Awareness Ad

2 weeks ago
I’m not sure really sure what they are trying to say with this poster. The quote says “Dedicated to all those who’ve lost the fight and to those who won’t quit the fight” and the ...

Poppins Malik el Cornflakes

3 weeks ago
Poppins is set to break two Guinness World Records this weekend in Jounieh: The largest cereal box and the largest cereal breakfast. For that purpose they are organizing an event with live entertainment and activities ...

Top Chef Middle East Starts On September 21

1 month ago
I usually follow Top Chef France and I love it. The Top Chef Lebanon edition wasn’t that great to be honest, so I hope this one will be better. The judges for Top Chef Middle ...

Mouth-Watering Mini Burger Creations by BiBayti

1 month ago
[Bibayti] is a platform where you can select a menu of your choice and a chef will come to your home and cook for you. The website has been up and running for a year ...
Source: NNA

Batroun Enters Guinness Book of Records for The World’s Biggest Sea Food Display

1 month ago
Photo Credits: NNA-LEB Batroun enters once again the Guinness Book of Records after setting up the world’s biggest sea food display. This is the second Guinness Record set by the city, after making the world’s ...

Khanjar – 3assal Lebnene Akhou Charm****

1 month ago
Source I got this picture today and I noticed +961 has posted about it. It’s a Lebanese honey made in the South with a hilarious name and description. عسل أخو شرم*** “نتحدى اكبر راس يعمل ...

Café Najjar in a Mug Explained

1 month ago
The first thing that caught my attention in Café Najjar’s latest commercial was the guy using a mug, not the traditional Lebanese coffee cup, to drink the coffee but that’s not the first time Café ...

Roadster Diner: New Look, New Menu But The Same Great Quality & Service

1 month ago
Roadster’s new menu and the whole new re-branding have been the talk of the town for the past few weeks and there seems to be a lot of mixed opinions on RD’s new identity and ...