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Open Sushi at Ichiban

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Pay extra for starred items, not all sashimis are included, get charged for leftovers and extra ginger. So much for open Sushi.

I have to admit though the sushi is good there, but a bit too pricey. I paid 100,000 LL for 2 soft drinks and 24 pieces.


Lunch With Lara Khoury At Tawlet Ammiq

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Lebanon is a confusion of culture and religion and has always been an explosive battlefield where the corrupt strive for power and dominance, destroying it’s identity and portraying a defective one to the outside world. If you take a closer look however, you will see Lebanon as I see it, a treasure in its diversity, a treasure in its variety and a treasure in its history. That’s why I dare to dream of a peaceful and glorious Lebanon, where people can unite, where political differences are set aside, where violence doesn’t exist, where anyone can coexist peacefully. If I can get people to see what I see, then maybe we can start forward to a better future.

Don’t throw away food …

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This is a great initiative that restaurants in Beirut should adopt as well, specially Lebanese restaurants with all the mezza that goes to waste. This should be done throughout the year to help the poor, not just for the Syrian refugees.

I always feel bad when we’re at some Iftar or Lebanese buffet and there’s so much food on the table that no one barely touches and gets thrown away.

Giveaway: 3 Vouchers To Try Out The Best Burger in Beirut At BRGR Co

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BRGR Co has one mission, which is to become the “number one trusted source for gourmet burgers globally” and it has definitely succeeded in doing that in Lebanon and hopefully soon in London where they opened recently (and in New York where they’re planning to open next). For me personally, their burgers are by far the best in town and everyone I took to BRGR Co seems to agree with me. My favorites are the Butcher’s Cut and the 8oz.

Having said that, and since they recently reopened their main branch after a short renovation phase, I thought I let 3 of the blog’s readers go and enjoy the ultimate burger experience at any of the two Brgr Co branches in Beirut.

All you have to do is the following:
– Like BlogBaladi’s [Facebook Page].
– Leave a comment on this post naming one of the items on Brgr Co’s Menu.

New look at Brgr co by the internationally renowned designer Gregory Gatserelia

The competition ends tonight at midnight. Three people will be selected randomly.
Good Luck!

NB: You need to put your proper email in the email field while commenting since winner will be contacted by email. You can only comment once, anyone caught commenting more than once will get disqualified.

The New Boubouffe

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I finally passed by Boubouffe’s new location yesterday and I wasn’t disappointed one single bit. As some of you know, Boubouffe closed down its original branch and moved to a newly revamped location. The place looks nice, the bar is still there and the Shawarma is still the best you could ever taste.

Price for one Shawarma Chicken + Soft Drink = 11000LL which is around 7$.

It’s expensive but worth every penny.

PS: Boubouffe’s burgers are worth a try too and the Moules et Frites as well.

Update: The new location is on Charles Malek’s Avenue (Hekmeh Main Door) before the old MTV Building. It’s open on the main road so you can’t miss it.





The Jewelled Kitchen now available at Librairie Antoine

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I went to Antoine & Spinneys to get the book a couple of weeks back but it wasn’t available yet. However, it’s available now for those interested. I already got my copy.

The Jewelled Kitchen is the first cookbook by Bethany Kehdy, the founder of [DirtyKitchenSecrets] and the person behind Taste Lebanon among many other things.

In case you missed my earlier post on Bethany, check it out [Here].