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Atayeb Lebnen

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I got the above “Atayeb Lebnen” gift basket on Christmas and it included virgin olive oil, Zaatar (Thyme), Sumac and honey. Since I didn’t move yet to my new house, I kept the basket at my parents’ house as my mom likes to try out local produce even though most of the stuff I’ve been getting in the past couple of years from NGOs and charities were disappointing. Surprisingly though, she called me a week later telling me that the olive oil tasted great and that it’s the best Zaatar and Summac she’s tasted in a long while and even asked me to get her some more (That was a first!). I tasted the Zaatar and the olive oil and both were indeed excellent.

I looked up Atayeb Lebnen online and found their really nice website that sells local produce individually or in baskets. There’s Thyme (Zaatar Baladi), Sumac, Extra Virgin Oil, Pine nuts, Honey and Arak Baladi. The prices are reasonable and the Thyme, Sumac and Pine Nuts come in different quantities. There’s also a description next to every product on how it’s made and in which Lebanese village. Needless to say, everything is 100% Lebanese.

Joun is a village located in the Shouf. Every year in autumn, the women of the village prepare their mooneh and store it in preparation for a long cold winter. In fact, you can find in Joun some of the best mooneh produce in the country! And this is where our thyme comes from. Just like it is mixed to be eaten at home, or to be taken in the early morning to the bakery for the manakish, the thyme has a homey and a homemade feeling to it. Mixed with high quality roasted sesame and freshly ground sumac, it is sure to give your manakish a taste you’ve rarely had before!


The website offers a next day delivery for 6$ which is also a reasonable cost and you can either pay cash on delivery or using a credit card. Knowing that I love Arak, I ordered some Arak Baladi to see how good it tastes.

You can check out Atayeb Lebnen’s products [Here].

Lebanese Restaurant Taverna Du Liban Attacked by Taliban In Kabul

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_72362064_2abc8cfc-a4b3-495e-92e4-ccf33a11787d The restaurant’s chef, Abdul Majid, was among those injured via BBC

Apparently the restaurant was a popular attraction in Kabul’s Wazir Akbar Khan area and a lot of foreign nationals and diplomats used to visit it. Unfortunately, the restaurant’s owner Kamal Hamade, grabbed a gun and tried to defend his beloved restaurant and guests but was shot dead by the assailants. According to BBC Chief International Correspondent Lyse Doucet, Kamal “made the best chocolate cake in Kabul, the best Lebanese food and, he thought, the best evacuation plan“.

At least 16 people, including both Afghans and foreigners, were killed when a suicide bomber blew himself up near a popular Lebanese restaurant in the Afghan capital Kabul police have said. Ari Gaitanis, a spokesman for the United Nations, said late on Friday four UN civilian personnel, who were reportedly near explosion scene at the time of the attack, remained unaccounted for. Taliban fighters claimed responsibility for Friday’s attack in the Wazir Akbar Khan district, which hosts many embassies and restaurants that cater to expatriates. [Jazeera]

Review: Liza Restaurant – Beirut

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Liza Restaurant is a contemporary Lebanese Restaurant that first started in Paris and has recently opened in Achrafieh, Beirut. I’ve already been 3 times to Liza and every time the food and atmosphere were great. The restaurant is located in Achrafieh above La Posta Restaurant in a beautifully renovated old Lebanese villa. Liza consists of several rooms, each named differently and nicely decorated in an elegant oriental yet modern style.



As far as the food is concerned, it is beautifully presented, looks fresh and tastes great. The portions are neither too small nor too big, which is great because you get to try out a lot of different dishes and actually finish them. The menu is quite rich and offers plenty of options for vegetarians, those who like meat and other traditional Lebanese dishes, picky customers etc ..


Since I’ve been there few times already, I’ve had the chance to try out different dishes every time and here are some of the stuff I tried or recommend you try:


Chanklish: I love Chanklish and theirs was among the best I’ve had at Lebanese Restaurants. It’s not mixed with onions and tomatoes like in other restaurants, which is the way I like it. It was a bit spicy though but fine by me.



Moutabbal and Hummus: The dishes taste as good as they look.


Makanek: They are bigger than the usual and really good. A couple of friends who were with me tried the Soujouk (I hate Soujouk) and loved it too.


Halloum Grillé: This is by far my favorite starter at Liza. Halloum tastes great and the “confiture de tomate” in the middle is amazing! I usually keep aside the tomatoes in Lebanese dishes but this one has some jam in it and is a must-try.


Mashewe Platter: The portion is barely enough for one person if you’re really hungry but the meat and Taouk were delicious.

If you want to try some special dishes, I recommend you try the Kharouf Bi Khams Bharat platter or the Moghrabiye Bel Sfarjal. If you are a Siyaddiye fan, they do it the proper way with Loukoz fish but it’s not always available. Their Kébbé méchwiyé is also worth a try. As far as desserts are concerned, my favorites are the Sfouf Bi Laktine and Achta aux agrumes.

Price-wise, Liza is a bit more expensive than your average Lebanese restaurant but it’s worth the price given that you’re in a sumptuous house with a lovely atmosphere and great food (and no arguile).

Here are some more pictures of Liza:




For more info about Liza Beirut, click [Here].

Douaihy Sweets Commercial

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I think Douaihy should focus more on what makes them so special and stop pointing at Hallab (It’s so freaking obvious) in their ads. Plus they r giving Hallab free publicity and showing them as being humble and polite with Douaihy customers.

PS: For example, Douaihy Knefe is really good and I love their delivery package. Everyone hates waiting in queues to get Knefe and like it hot, so here’s something to work on as a commercial.

10 Meter Long Buche De Noel at Al Baba Sweets

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Al Baba Sweets (The Best Knefe In Lebanon!) brought together 40 children from Ajialouna and gave them the opportunity to decorate the biggest Buche De Noel ever baked in Lebanon. The activity lasted for two days and the children were obviously happy and delighted to take part in decorating this huge Christmas Buche.

Here are few heart-warming pictures from the event:





#EatLikeNicole: Labneh And Red Berries Buche De Noel

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Nicole Maftoum is a Lebanese dietitian and she’s preparing healthy and home-made Labneh-based Buches de Noel this year. It’s a pretty cool idea and I’ve been told by a friend that it’s delicious. The only bûche I like is the bûche aux marrons but this one looks like it’s worth a try.

If you’d like to order one, Check out Nicole’s website [Here].