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Faraya Mzaar InterContinental Hotel Sunday Buffet

The Mzaar InterContinental Hotel is a great place for spending weekends during winter specially when the whole area is covered with snow. However, with all the snow gone and the hotel’s terrace open, nothing beats sitting outdoors, enjoying the view and the delicious open buffet.

I went there a couple of weeks ago and even though it was really hot, none of us was bothered as there was a large tent covering the whole terrace with ventilators all over the place. We had to call and reserve in advance as the place is usually fully booked (mostly families), even though it fits 600 people.

The buffet offers a large variety of food for all tastes. Grilled Salmon, Shrimps, Chicken and Steak, Italian Pasta Stand, Quesadillas, Pizza, all sorts of Lebanese Mezza, Sushi, Salads, Cheese, Raw meat, Salmon and others all for 45$ per person (Drinks not included). There’s also an exquisite dessert stand and arguile is available for those who want. Added to that, there’s a guy who plays the guitar and sings old rock songs and classics every Sunday and he’s not bad at all if you ask me.

Last but not least, the Mzaar InterContinental is truly a 5-star hotel and its service shows it. The waiters are friendly, quick and helpful, the stands are clean, the cooks are professional, the food is great and everything is just impeccable.

For further information or reservation, call +961 9 340 100.

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New Restaurant in Antelias?

I spotted this beautifully renovated old Lebanese house in Antelias in the street that has all the restaurants/pubs/Shisha places. The house is next to Pinocchio Restaurant and facing Public and Kahwit el Sitt. I am presuming it will be yet another restaurant, or maybe a pub just like Carlitto’s.

It could also be someone’s residence but I don’t think anyone would want to live on this street.

Fauchon Paris opening in Beirut

The legendary Parisian market Fauchon is set to open in Gemmayze soon.

An institution of French gourmet excellence for over 125 years, Fauchon provides delicacies from all over France and the world for that matter, and is divided into different sections with a section for items such as preserves and exotic canned goods, another for breads, pastries and chocolates and another for items such as cheese, pate and terrines. [Link]

Fauchon already has branches in Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE. [Link]

Batroun to make the World’s largest glass of lemonade


Some 200 people will squeeze some 2,200 kilos of lemon which will be added to 1,000 kilos of sugar, 3,000 liters of water, and 1,000 kilos of ice cubes. Together, the participants will make 5,200 liters of lemonade, which will fill a glass 285 cm high and 140 cm at its base with 185 cm opening.

“The lemonade will be clean and fit to drink, and it will be distributed for free on beaches and in restaurants and other public places after announcing the new Guinness World Record at the end of Batrouni Lemonade Day,” Khoury said, adding that lemonade will also be distributed along the city’s main roads. [Link]

Even though it’s another pointless Guinness World Record, it’s very hot these days and I am sure everyone will need a fresh Lemonade. We will probably set another Guinness World Record in emptying the largest glass of lemonade.

Eatalians moved to Casper & Gambini’s

I noticed yesterday while passing by Kaslik that Eatalian has closed down and moved next door to Casper & Gambini’s. That’s actually a smart move as Eatalian wasn’t doing that well and Casper & Gambini’s branch is relatively big when compared to other Casper branches, add to that the fact that Olio Pizzeria opened across the street.

Anyway, I went down to check it out and have a lemonade. The place looks practically the same except they brought in Eatalian’s tables and chairs to replace the couches and cozy chairs on the right section of the restaurant.

Once I sat, I noticed Casper & Gambini’s was marketing its new light delivery menu. The dessert on the picture looked really delicious and I assumed it would also be available but as it turns out, it’s only for delivery. Isn’t it usually the other way around? Items on the menu are not available for delivery?

It’s not a big deal but I think it’s silly that you market light items or any items inside the restaurant that customers can’t have. It’s like “Excuse me, can I have this dessert on the picture? It looks delicious” and the waiter goes “I am sorry it’s only available for delivery”. The minted Lemonade was great by the way.

Weird Place in Jeita (Update)

Picture taken on Saturday

It’s been almost a year since I posted about that weird place in Jeita, which according to some of our readers, is supposed to be a museum on aquatic life.

As it appears, work has picked up at the site and they are finishing up the building and the boat which looks like a Phoenician one. I asked one of the workers on site if he knew what’s gonna open here, and he mentioned a museum and a restaurant.