Breakfast at Furn el Sabaya: Home-Made, Delicious & Clean

I've been meaning to visit this small bakery for quite some time but I never got the chance to do so. However on Sunday, Brian woke up early and everyone was still asleep, so I took him for a ride all the way to Amchit and decided to drop by Furn el Sabaya to pick up breakfast. Brian waiting for his man2oushe Furn el Sabaya opens every day from 7:30 AM till 2 PM and…

FoodBlessed & SMW: An Amazing Volunteer-driven Food Truck Serving Free Meals To Those in Need

FoodBlessed, a local hunger relief initiative, and SOUPer Meals On Wheels, a first-of-its-kind food truck in Lebanon, were both founded by Lebanese Maya Terro and aim at reducing the number of people going hungry in Lebanon by offering free meals all year long. I feel bad that I wasn't aware of this initiative up until now but the work that they've been doing is quite incredible and I love how they are trying to tackle…

The New Roadster Branch Is Pretty Cool

3 months ago
The new RD look and feel has been the talk of the town for the past three days. Some people liked the new look, some hated it while others said it’s a copy of Divvy ...

What Do You Think of Roadster Diner’s New Logo & Look?

3 months ago
Roadster Diner just opened a new branch in Hazmieh’s Backyard and introduced a new logo and look. I think this is the first logo change ever since Roadster opened and it’s very different from the ...

Burger King Campaign Explained

5 months ago
The Burger King ads were finally explained tonight. As it turns out, BK Lebanon is launching a one of a kind 9-meter long food truck that will have the full BK menu and will tour ...

Indigo on the Roof New Menu: Excellent Choices, Exquisite Desserts

5 months ago
Indigo on the Roof is Le Gray Beirut‘s exclusive restaurant and one of my favorite spots in Beirut. I’ve been there countless times for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner and it has always been a ...

Did Anyone Figure Out Burger King’s Ads?

5 months ago
“10452 branches in Keserwan” “365 new branches” “451 new branches in Keserwan” “252 new branches in Matn” I tried mixing the numbers together, adding/subtracting them, it doesn’t make any sense. Does anyone know what this ...

Smoking Bun Opens in Hamra

5 months ago
Yesterday the Smoking Bun guys called me to hand me an invitation for their new branch opening. When I went down to meet them, a fireman was there waiting for me with a small fire ...

New York-based Restaurant ilili: First Lebanese Restaurant To Receive The 5-Star Diamond Award

5 months ago
This is the first time I heard about that restaurant to be honest as I’ve never been to New York and the news may be a bit old but it’s definitely worth sharing especially that ...

Valrhona Easter Contest 2016: Lebanese Pierre Abi Hayla Wins 1st Prize

6 months ago
Pierre Abi Hayla, from LE NOIR Atelier Du Chocolat, took part at the Valrhona Easter Contest 2016 and won the first prize. His Easter egg, “Egstrate” (Egg + strata which means geological layer), consists of ...