Valrhona Easter Contest 2016: Lebanese Pierre Abi Hayla Wins 1st Prize

Pierre Abi Hayla, from LE NOIR Atelier Du Chocolat, took part at the Valrhona Easter Contest 2016 and won the first prize. His Easter egg, "Egstrate" , consists of seven layers of chocolate and includes Valrhona’s four colors . Valrhona is a French premium chocolate maker and is considered one of the best chocolate manufacturers on the planet. Valrhona focuses mainly on high-grade luxury chocolate marketed for commercial use by chefs as well as for…

Cancerous Wheat: Lebanon’s Food Safety Scandal Refuses To Go Away

Health Minister Wael Abu Faour first states that wheat entering Lebanon failed to match safety standards, and that few samples contain cancer-causing substances, then Economy Ministry Alain Hakim comes out and says that the results Abu Faour are inaccurate and that the wheat is safe. Minister Abu Faour replies back that the Economy ministry’s testing methods were "outdated and could no longer be relied on", before Agriculture Minister Akram Chehayeb intervened and reconciled both parties.…

Zaatar Man2oushe For 250LL is Back At Ghalayini Hamra

6 months ago
via Bairoute Snack Ghalayini is a cheap and popular snack in Hamra that used to sell the Zaatar Man2oushe for 250LL and the Cheese Man2oushe for 750LL years ago. Apparently the snack has decided to ...

Celebrating Mother’s Day in Lebanon: Two Heartwarming Videos

6 months ago
Here are two heartwarming videos on the occasion of Mother’s day done by TheSpot mall and Divvy. 1- #Shta2tellikMom: A son surprises his mother after living abroad for 6 years: Best Mother’s Day surprise ever! ...

The Proper Way To Detox

7 months ago
Detox Juice Stand At Le Mall Sin el Fil Even though detox or “cleansing” diets are becoming more and more popular in Lebanon, I was never really tempted to try one. I’ve read a lot ...

Do You Know Anyone Who Doesn’t Like Abou Arab?

8 months ago
There are probably two or three Kaak places on my way back home every day but I rarely pass by them. However, whenever I’m headed North, South or to the Bekaa, Abou Arab is a ...

Meet The Labneh Chocolate Bûche

9 months ago
The Labneh Bûche is back this year for Christmas with a new flavor, Chocolate. These healthy and home-made Labneh-based Bûches are being prepared by my friend and dietitian Nicole Maftoum (#EatLikeNicole) and are delicious! The ...

UNESCO Adds Arabic Coffee To “Cultural Heritage” List

9 months ago
Source UNESCO announced the new additions to its Intangible Cultural Heritage list last week and the tradition of making Arabic coffee was among the 20 new traditions. Quoting the UNESCO report, “Serving Arabic coffee is ...

First Visit To The Cheesecake Factory In Beirut

9 months ago
The Cheesecake Factory opens officially today in Verdun, Beirut right across Starbucks but the media were all invited yesterday to try out the new outlet. I got there around 7 pm and the place was ...

Forget Garbage, ISIS & Elections: Lebanon Is Making The Longest Man2oushe In The World Today!

10 months ago
Amjad school and Socrate Catering will attempt today to make the longest Man2oushe in the world startig 9am. Currently, the longest pasty measures 15.17 m (49 ft 9.24 in) and was achieved by Fuchsia (Saudi ...