Who’s Spreading Rumors About Zaatar W Zeit?

If I ask anyone about the food safety campaign that was kicked off few months ago, the only thing they will probably remember is the first list of restaurants that was announced by the Minister that included the likes of Roadster and Kababji surprisingly. Of course we still don't know the nature of the violations at these restaurants, the standards applied to check these violations and if there's any follow-up process. I've been supporting this…

Doomsday Seeds Transferred From Syria To The Bekaa In Lebanon

The Global Seed Vault in Svalbard in Norway This is quite an incredible story. Apparently things have become so bad in Syria that the Svalbard Global Seed Vault has sounded the doomsday alarm and made an extraordinary request in early September to remove thousands of samples and transfer them to a vault in Lebanon's Bekaa valley. The aim is to preserve Syria's unique agricultural heritage after ICARDA's gene bank in Aleppo, which includes more than…

The Cheesecake Factory Is Finally Opening In Lebanon

11 months ago
The Cheesecake Factory will not open at CityCentre Beirut as it was expected and announced. Instead, it’s opening soon in Verdun and they are already recruiting. I tried The Cheesecake Factory for the first time ...

A Pink Burger To Spread Awareness On Breast Cancer

11 months ago
Duo Resto launched a “Pink Burger” during October to help spread awareness on breast cancer, and 1500LL will be donated to Faire Face Cancer Association with every Pink Burger order. I like the campaign but ...

Beirut Shawarma Place Kicks Off A Cool Initiative To Feed The Hungry

11 months ago
Al Soussa snack in Tarik el Jdeede has kicked off an initiative to feed the hungry by encouraging customers to buy and donate an extra Shawarma sandwich. Whenever you place an order, you can ask ...

Kaleicoffee.com – An Online Destination For True Coffee Enthusiasts in Lebanon

11 months ago
I’m not a coffee fan, I don’t need to have my morning coffee to wake up but ever since I moved to my new house and got a brewing coffee machine, I’ve enjoyed experimenting with ...
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Butcher’s BBQ Joint: Soul Food In The Heart Of Mar Mikhael

11 months ago
If you are looking for an authentic BBQ joint in Beirut, Butcher’s BBQ Joint in Mar Mikhael is the place to go. It’s a small and cozy place that serves mouth-watering “soul food” sandwiches, burgers ...

20 Things To Do In Tripoli – Lebanon (Part2)

1 year ago
via Budkheir I’ve finally managed to compile the second part of the “20 things to do in Tripoli” series that I started a month ago. Eid Al Adha is around the corner so it’s the ...

Beirut Hunger Strikers’ First Dish Is Mloukhieh

1 year ago
I’m glad that the protesters have finally decided to stop their hunger strike. Their decision to go on an open-ended hunger strike was a brave one but badly timed in my opinion as it is ...

20 Things To Do In Tripoli – Lebanon (Part1)

1 year ago
Tripoli is Lebanon’s second-largest city and despite being one of its poorest, it is rich in diversity and is a beautiful city to explore. There are always new places to visit and new things to ...