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My Favorite Cereals: Jordans’ Country Crisp

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I have cereals almost every day for breakfast and sometimes during the day and I always like to try out new brands, however I’ve been addicted for the past 4 or 5 months to Jordans. When I started buying them, few supermarkets had them but since then I’ve been seeing Jordans in a lot of supermarkets and they are running out real quickly.

My favorites are the Chunky nuts, the Honey & Nuts and the Chocolate. If you like mixing cereals with your yogurt, go for the Muesli.

I’ve been buying Jordans from O&C in Jal el Dib, Stop & Shop in Dbayyeh and Achrafieh and Black Pepper in ABC Dbayyeh. TSC and Charcutier Aoun don’t have them.

Buffalo Steak House Open In Kaslik

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I wonder if it’s a good idea to open a steak house in the middle of Kaslik. I don’t recall any other restaurant opening in that center next to Lina’s but most of the diners, cafes and burger joints that opened on that street ended up closing down, except for Crepaway, Zaatar W Zeit and Burger King.

I will definitely pass by and give it a try when it opens as I’ve never been to Buffalo Steak House before.

Update: It looks like it opened in April. Thanks Ryan!

Eat And Pay What You Want At Motto In Mar Mikhael

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There’s a new restaurant called Motto (previously known as Mo’s) in Mar Mikhael where you can eat and pay as much as you want. Motto doesn’t want to stick to famous cuisines and will be serving Thai, Ethiopian, Spanish, Sri Lankan and others. There’s a minimum donation of LL9,000 and the rest is up to the customer to decide.

I couldn’t find any Facebook page for Motto but it’s a nice concept that might work out if the meals are good and the place is clean.

Update: Here’s the Facebook Page for Motto.

La Creperie Opening Soon

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10384848_543347102176_4825668553893274435_n via Bob

La Creperie is one of the most beautiful and authentic restaurants in Lebanon and is located on top of a cliff offering a breathtaking view of Jounieh’s gulf. The restaurant was closed for renovation a couple of years ago and is set to reopen very soon. I don’t have the exact details or how the place looks like now but I will update you very soon with pictures and information.

La Creperie is my favorite restaurant in Jounieh. I miss sitting on the balcony and enjoying their amazing crepes and meals.


Abra Municipality Takes Back Its Ramadan Memo

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The above memo was distributed a week ago in Abra asking all Abra residents, restaurants and cafes not to eat or serve food in public during Ramadan. The memo was apparently issued after Saida’s Mufti had requested so but the municipality annulled the memo after being harshly criticized and given that it violates the constitution.

Meanwhile, a similar memo was issued by Tripoli’s municipality but I doubt that anything can be done about it.


Update: The Tripoli memo was apparently annulled too.

6 New Burgers At Roadster Diner

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20140618_200305 The new California Dream burger

I passed by Roadster tonight to try out the 6 new burgers that will become available on Friday. Technically speaking, 5 of them are brand new as the Route 66 burger which was introduced before is among the new additions to the menu.

Here are the new burgers:

Cheese’n’Cheese: 160g Angus prime beef, Iceberg lettuce, Melted Swiss cheese, Philly Steak Sauce and Sauteed fresh mushrooms.
BBQ Bacon’In: 160g Angus prime beef mixed with bacon, Grilled Tomato, Grilled Onion and Melted Cheddar cheese.
Old School: 160g Angus prime beef, Fresh tomato, Crisp Iceberg lettuce and RD Cocktail Sauce.
Route 66: 160g Angus prime beef, Fresh tomato, Crisp Iceberg lettuce, R66 Sauce.
Chili Mariachi: 160g Angus prime beef, Fresh tomato, Crisp Iceberg lettuce and Special Chili Sauce.
California dream: 160g Angus prime beef, Fresh tomato, Flour tortilla chips, Crisp Iceberg lettuce, Pickles and Fresh Guacamole.

I had a bite of all of them except for the Chili one as I can’t have spices. The Old School is a dull burger and shouldn’t be on the menu in my opinion, the Cheese’n’Cheese and the Route 66 were ok but I loved the California Dream and BBQ Bacon’In. They were rich in taste and the guacamole was perfect with the tortilla chips in the California dream burger. Also if you like bacon you’d love the BBQ Bacon’In and I recommend you add crispy bacon on top as well.

20140618_195158 Chili Mariachi

Kate Middleton Likes Tabbouleh

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French fries are the best thing you could have with Tabbouleh but I don’t think that would be good for Kate’s diet. Personally speaking, I like Fattoush more than Tabbouleh.

Kate’s gorgeous-skin diet consists of completely uncooked foods, according to Daily Mail. Kate is trying out the trendy eating pattern for two reasons! First, to keep her fit frame looking its best — she wants to maintain her athletic figure. Second, to get radiant and glowing skin! While we think Kate already looks absolutely gorgeous, we’re all for her trying new eating patterns to see what makes her feel her best.

Kate already has a few favorites from the raw food diet. She’s loving ceviche (raw fish served in a bed of juices and spices), gazpacho (a cold soup), watermelon salads and tabbouleh, according to Daily Mail. She’s also drinking almond milk! Kate’s plan is to stick to this raw-only regime for at least one day a week! [Link]


Beirut Café: A Cozy Mom-and-pop Eatery In St. Petersburg

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These family restaurants usually serve the best food! Check out the full article [Here].

Lakkis and Houssein met while in school in Beirut. Lakkis’ parents ran the Middle East Bakery near Allentown, Pa., for years, so she comes by her pastry prowess honestly. She is responsible for Beirut Café’s spinach pies, for the maamoul shortbread of semolina with dates or pistachio, the namourra with the texture of corn bread drizzled with rosewater, and (the showstopper) cheesecake baklava.

This spring has seen some joy and some hardship for the owners. In May, one of the couple’s sons got married and, on the same day, another went into the hospital. The result was that the restaurant spent a few weeks shuttered, but the tiny, 34-seat cafe is back in full swing.

Take a gander at the dessert case before finding your table. Lakkis will whisk by to take drink orders or open your beer or wine for you (it’s BYO) and bring glassware. By her own admission, service can be sluggish, but she’s confident the food is worth a wait.

I agree. The maza (appetizer) sampler is a fine way to start ($14 for 2 people, $26 for 4), with five items arrayed attractively. The falafel are some of the best in Pinellas County, crisp and greaseless with the earthy flavor of chickpea and fava bean, best dunked in piquant tahini sauce. Join these with tightly rolled, minty grape leaves (sometimes with rice, sometimes with wheat berries), maybe with a scoop of thick, garlicky labneh (yogurt sauce), hummus dotted with sauteed ground meat and toasted pine nuts and refreshing yogurty cuke salad.