Jerry Ghazal’s First Single is Out

My first encounter with Jerry was during one of his "Connected" episodes on MTV when I tweeted asking him to include some local trends instead of focusing on the global ones. I didn't think he'd answer back but he did and then we met on several occasions and I quickly realized he wasn't one of those young-dumdum TV presenters who don't know what they're talking about and just wanna be on TV. This guy prepares…

Should You Consider an MBA?

Working in the financial sector for the better part of a decade means I share my floor with many MBA graduates. In these uncertain times for Lebanon, with skyrocketing unemployment and bleak economic outlook, many of you might be thinking if continuing your education abroad might be a wise choice for you. The short answer is, MBA degrees do help your CV stand out for potential employees, and will undoubtedly give you a salary bump.…
Movies & Television

Capharnaüm Unanimously Voted to Represent #Lebanon at the 2019 Oscars

14 hours ago
Nadine Labaki’s latest blockbuster “Capharnaüm”, which earned her worldwide success and the Jury Prize (French: Prix du Jury) at the Cannes Film Festival last May among many other awards and nominations, was voted on Tuesday, in the premises of the ...

In Pictures: Tom Young’s Grand Sofar Exhibition

1 day ago
Tom Young’s new exhibit debuted on September 16 at the Sofar Grand Hotel and will continue till October 14th.The exhibition will comprise forty artworks on canvas spread across the ground floor in a curatorial attempt ...

Basketball – Lebanon fades in the dying minutes against New Zealand

1 day ago
A perfect first quarter seemed to put us on track for an excellent win against the Tall Blacks, but the Lebanese players melted in the heat down under and succumbed to 25 offensive rebounds by ...

#Lebanon is too Diverse for a Single Trip – Video by Tolt is Out

2 days ago
So the famous French travel vlogger Tolt did end up releasing a “Don’t go to #Lebanon” and it looks pretty cool! However, it did feel like watching the “Rise Above Lebanon” tourism video with all ...
Animals & Wildlife

Did the Ship With “Infected Cows” Dock at Beirut’s Port or Not?

3 days ago
I’ve been following this story for the last couple of days and I can’t really tell who’s lying and who’s telling the truth. The Ministry of Agriculture has been denying since day the story but ...

Tennis – Lebanon rewrites history in Davis Cup with Thailand win

3 days ago
While the country’s eyes are on New Zealand for tomorrow morning’s basketball match between Lebanon and the Tall Blacks, a 20-year-old Hady Habib, ranked #643 in the ATP, claimed the final point in the tie ...
Mags & Books

Emily Nasrallah Honored with Stamp as Final Book goes on Sale

4 days ago
In collaboration with the Ministry of Telecommunications, Liban Post issued on September 5 a stamp to honor prominent Lebanese author Emily Nasrallah, who passed away on March 14. The stamp’s face value is 1,250 LBP and ...

Basketball – Limping #Lebanon edges past China in unnecessary extra time

5 days ago
It was messy, it was stressful, it was exhausting.  But it was a win, regardless. Our team might be lacking key players including Jean Abdel Nour, Wael Arakji, Nadim Souaid and Bassel Bawji to name a ...