Despacito 3al Lebnene by Fouad Yammine

I hate that song and I hate the fact that it made so much buzz. Gangnam was also a silly song but at least there was something original about it, unlike Despacito. Anyway, I haven't listened to any of the Arabic parodies and mashups but this one by Fouad Yammine caught my attention and it's hilarious :D

12 Lebanese Women in Forbes’ Top 100 Most Powerful Arab Businesswomen 2017 List

The 2017 Forbes list of the 100 most powerful Arab Businesswomen is out and 12 Lebanese women made the list. Forbes collects information from annual reports and company websites and look at criteria such as company revenues or GDP, years of experience and scope of the role or ministry. The UAE had the highest number of women on the 2017 list with 18, followed by Egypt with 16 and Lebanon with 12. Lubna S. Olayan,…

Burj Hammoud Mountain Garbage Being Dumped Into the Sea

1 day ago
No one really knows what’s happening at the Burj Hammoud landfill but the mountain is slowly being flattened and dumped into the Mediterranean. Here’s a recent picture taken by a friend showing how the mountain ...

In Pictures: The Synagogue of Bhamdoun

2 days ago
Most of the Lebanese Jews lived in Beirut but there were also communities in other cities like Saida and Tripoli and there are still intact synagogues mainly in Saida, Bhamdoun and Deir el Qamar. The ...

Lebanon Just Appointed 3 new Female Ambassadors

2 days ago
Amal Mudallali, Sahar Baassiri and Tracy Chamoun were appointed this week by the Lebanese government as new ambassadors for Lebanon. Dr Amal Mudallali, who works as a CEO for Bridges International Group, is a contributor ...

WTH Happened to LiveLoveLebanon’s FB Page?

3 days ago
Whether you thought the #LiveLoveLebanon was a good initiative or not, one cannot but admire the work they’ve been pulling on Instagram and Facebook and the breath-taking pictures and videos that they were sharing, up ...

What does the VAT Increase from 10 to 11% Mean for You?

3 days ago
The newly approved VAT increase from 10% to 11% will have a negative impact on all Lebanese as it will lead to an increase in living expenses and a decrease in the purchase power. Some ...

This Guy Says He Bought a Tank to Support the Lebanese Army

3 days ago
A Lebanese-Canadian shared a video in support of the Lebanese army where he’s saying that one should show real support to the army by offering them a tank. The guy is posing right next to ...

Game of Thrones Song: Awesome Oriental Version by Iyam El Lira

4 days ago
Iyam el Lira is a Lebanese band formed by young talented musicians whose mission is to reach out to new generations and remind them of the good old songs by adding a special twist to ...

Deekmatic: A Chicken Lover’s Hidden Gem in Matn

5 days ago
I’m quite familiar with local restaurants and small “mom-and-pop” places in the Metn area. I went to school in that district, and many of my closest friends live and grew up there. Naturally, all the ...