Rodolphe is Lame even when He’s Proposing

I ignored the below video like 4 times but Facebook kept bringing it back on my timeline until I watched it and regretted doing so of course. Basically Rodolphe decided to "surprise" his fiancee/gf and propose to her during his latest show with Raja "Ekhir 7al2a". Of course, the bride-to-be was waiting backstage when he proposed and then was escorted by one of the Zaffe guys, who was holding a trumpet, to meet Rodolphe. Rodolphe…

Another Flop From Lebanon’s Tourism Minister

First Tourism Minister Guidanian says he prefers Armenia over Lebanon and now he's attacking Middle East Airlines and promoting non-Lebanese airlines. During a radio interview with Sawt Lebnen, he stated that what the MEA is doing is wrong, and that they are harming tourism in Lebanon and causing financial losses to the touristic sector. He added that MEA is a major problem and that he is fighting to make things right, then encouraged people to…

AUB Beach is Open but Not Suitable for Swimming

22 hours ago
AUB sent out an email few days ago that AUB Beach will be open officially as of Monday 22nd of May from 10:00am till 7:00pm on a daily basis, including weekends. However, this email was ...

Casper & Gambini’s Introducing a Braille Menu in #Lebanon

1 day ago
C&G’s is launching today its Braille menu, making it the first restaurant to do so in Lebanon. As you all know, Braille is a writing system that helps blind, partially-blind or visually impaired individuals to ...

Riyadi & Homentmen Basketball Fans Captured Singing Disgusting Chants

1 day ago
“Armane Armane ya 3****t choulli jebak choulli jebak 3a Beirut” “Jaroudi 3*****te Shaker ya l***i Ha ntoj al riyadi Ya ekhwet al m*****ke” Disgusting chants, disgusting fans and a disgusting finale. I saw the most ...

Deghri Messengers, Beirut’s First Bike Messenger Service, to Cease its Activities

1 day ago
Deghri Messengers is a green courier service that was founded in 2013 and that provides deliveries by bicycle of goods and packages inside Beirut. Unfortunately, it released a statement this morning announcing that it will ...

The Wanton Bishops “Hitman” Wins Best Low Budget Video at Berlin Music Video Awards

2 days ago
Lebanese Rock n’ Roll The Wanton Bishops emerged as winner at the 2017 Berlin Music Video Awards under The Best Low Budget category. The Lebanese band won for their latest video “Hitman”, which is one ...

Syrian Version of Games of Thrones to be Aired during Ramadan

2 days ago
I saw pictures a month ago of an Arabic version of Game of Thrones with all the characters but I didn’t think it was for real. As it turns out, there’s a Syrian version of ...

So-called Lebanese Nationalists Mixing Leftism & Homosexuality

3 days ago
I don’t even know where to start with this video. I’m not sure if it was meant to be satire or a serious one because nothing adds up. Here’s what they’re saying briefly: – In ...

Le Charcutier Aoun is not Selling and will Remain 100% Lebanese

3 days ago
For the past three years, I’ve been hearing rumors about Charcutier Aoun selling out to Al Futtaim but the deal never took place. Negotiations were apparently serious this year but the deal was cancelled and ...