Beirut Cultural Festivals Awarded Guinness World Record For Largest 3D projection

The Beirut Cultural Festivals kick off on June 28th and preparations are still underway for the two brilliant productions that will be exclusively orchestrated and executed by talented Lebanese musicians and artists, and will be projected on the largest screen in the world. Many asked me if it was truly the largest screen in the world and the Guinness World Record people were here yesterday to confirm that the 2,446 square meters screen set up…

The Coca-Cola Happiness Truck is in Lebanon!

Coca-Cola's Happiness truck has been roaming the world for years now and it has finally come to Lebanon! The concept is simple yet creative and highly engaging: A rigged Coca-Cola truck roaming the country delivering doses of happiness, connecting with as many people as possible and putting a smile on their faces. I got a text late last night from my friends at Uf Concepts, who designed this awesomely Ramadan-branded Coca-Cola truck, asking me to…

The Children’s Heart Center at AUBMC Performs First Successful Heart Transplant

1 day ago
The first successful heart transplant for a pediatric patient in Lebanon was performed on a five year child at the American University of Beirut Medical Center on June 14. The child was “successfully taken off ...

12 Gun-Related Crimes & 13 Victims in the Past Month in #Lebanon

2 days ago
There’s a list being shared online showing the names of 17 victims of violence in the past 21 days. That’s a shocking number to say the least but I did check every single one of ...

Lebanese no longer need a Visa to Travel to Qatar

2 days ago
Qatar issued a memo yesterday adding Lebanon to its list of countries whose citizens are exempt from visa requirement. The memo issued by Qatar’s Airport Passports Departments stated that tourist visas will be granted instantly ...

Best & Worst Father’s Day Ads – Lebanon [2017]

3 days ago
Here are some of the best Father’s Day ads I spotted this year as well as one horrible ad that I kept for last. My favorites this year are Exotica and Al Rifai. WHYYY?? ...

Air Canada CEO in Favor of a Beirut-Montreal Direct Flight

3 days ago
There are ongoing talks between the Lebanese authorities and the Canadian ones to allow a direct flight from Montreal to Beirut but it doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen anytime soon. Air Canada’s CEO announced ...

Burgundy (Beirut) on CNN’s List of Underrated Restaurants Worldwide

3 days ago
CNN asked food experts and members of the global academy that appoints panelists for the World’s 50 Best Restaurants for their recommendations for underrated restaurants, and Burgundy Beirut made it to the list. Here’s what ...

Retroville Music Fest at Dream Park in Zouk!

4 days ago
No childhood is complete without fond memories at Dream Park. Whether it was school field trips, family days out, friends’ birthdays or just trying out the newest ride, Dream Park would always get us excited ...

#OnlyInLebanon: Tomatoes & Eggs are More Dangerous than Guns & RPGs

4 days ago
When unarmed young men & women protest by throwing eggs and tomatoes at politicians renewing their term for the third time illegally, they can beaten severely and humiliated in front of the cameras, and no ...