Lebanese Swiss Bank Employee Stands up to Armed Thieves

The last thing you'd expect during an armed bank robbery is for an employee to stand up to the thieves and try to talk them out of it. Masked armed men robbed the Lebanese Swiss Bank in Bir Hassan earlier today and gunshots were heard in one of the circulated videos online. However in another video, you can see an employee facing the thieves and asking them to leave. He even followed them to the…

Video Shows How Badly Equipped & Trained Our Firefighters Are

Fire Fighters have old fire trucks, old equipment, no substances to fight the fires and sometimes barely any water. They are not properly funded nor trained to do their work and the government has yet to invest in a decent firefighting unit and invest in fire prevention methods. A video is being circulated since last night showing firefighters trying to extinguish a burning car and failing miserably. Not only did they get there late, but…

Virgin Megastore Iconic Opera House Closes Down

3 hours ago
Even though the news has been out for over a month now, Virgin Megastore has officially announced yesterday that its flagship branch at Beirut’s Opera house is closing down in an emotional FB farewell message. ...

Apps with Car Plates Directories Are Still Available Online

1 day ago
A friend was showing me yesterday an app she uses to figure out who’s blocking her car at the parking lot. It’s called MinMsakar where you simply need to enter the car’s license plate number ...

#Lebanon Still Has Third Highest Debt-to-GDP Ratio in the World

2 days ago
Debt is not necessarily a bad thing when governments borrow to fund spending on infrastructure or hospitals and schools, which is clearly not happening in Lebanon. Still though, we have an increasing debt-to-GDP ratio at ...

Salim Salam Tunnel To be Partially Closed for Two Months

3 days ago
Improvement works for the Salim Salam tunnel are expected to start on Monday 15th of January and take around two months. According to the ISF, the tunnel, which is one of the most vital links ...

Why Are We Giving So Much Importance to Dubai’s Basketball Tournament?

3 days ago
Can someone explain to me why the Lebanese teams are so eager to take part in Dubai’s tournament? Is it worth investing that much in foreign players to take part in a friendly tournament? As ...

Spielberg’s Latest Movie “The Post” May be Banned in #Lebanon

4 days ago
I was asking around if there’s any avant-premiere events for Spielberg’s latest movie THE POST which features Tom Hanks & Meryl Streep but I was surprised to hear that the movie apparently didn’t pass censorship ...
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#Beirut The Movie is Coming Out on April 13, Trailer Doesn’t Look Promising

5 days ago
Beirut, formerly titled “High Wire Act” is an American political thriller film coming out on April 13. The movie was directed by Brad Anderson and starring Jon Hamm (From Mad Men) and Rosamund Pike. The ...

Barley & Bean’s Awesome Fresh Water Initiative: No Plastic, Free Water!

5 days ago
The world has a major problem with too much waste. Lebanon is no different, in fact, with the ongoing garbage crisis with no meaningful solution in sight, reducing our waste drastically is a major necessity. ...