Why Jewish Voters are Labeled as “Israelites” on Electoral Lists

If you go to dgps.gov.lb and look up your ID in Beirut for example, you will notice in the drop-down list of sects the term "إسرائيلي", which does not refer to Israelis but to Israelites, which is an old term used to refer to the Jewish voters in Beirut. The first time I saw the term, I was sure it was a mistake but I asked around and it's not. In fact, ex-Interior Minister Ziad…

UN Listens: Submit Your Ideas Today

During the past few years, living in the shadow of the conflict in Syria, it’s easy for many to assume the UN just works with refugees in Lebanon. This though, is far from the case. The UN and its different bodies and agencies work in almost every sector and every part of Lebanon. You can see some of the projects they’ve been working on in the video they posted below: UN Listens is an awesome…

Trying Out Zaatar W Zeit’s Lent-Friendly Items

1 day ago
Lent is a season of reflection and preparation before the Easter Celebrations and is marked by fasting both from food and festivities. As far as food is concerned, people tend to fast from meat and ...

Tripoli Mina’s 2018 Zambo Festival

1 day ago
Not many of you may have heard of Zambo, but it is a yearly tradition that has been held for almost a century now and that takes place in Tripoli Mina a day before the ...

Malls Should Fine Cars Taking Up Two Parking Spaces

2 days ago
Don’t you just hate cars who take up two parking spots at the mall? Especially when it’s peak time and you’ve been driving around for half an hour looking for a spot? Of course this ...

MySay: An App to Poll Voters Ahead of the Elections and More

3 days ago
A major problem in Lebanon is the lack of numbers to back up people’s claims. Everyone thinks they share the same opinion as the majority, but if everyone claims that, then that’s definitely not the ...

#PyeongChang2018: Updates on the Lebanese Athletes at The 2018 Winter Olympics

3 days ago
Here are the latest updates on the three Lebanese taking part in the 2018 Winter Olympics being held in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Natacha Mohbat was able to finish her two runs in the Ladies’ Slalom ...

UNDP Latest Poverty Assessment Report: 30% of Lebanese are Poor

3 days ago
The last “Rapid Poverty Assessment in Lebanon” report conducted by UNDP was back in 2008 back when the Syrian Crisis hadn’t begun yet. That’s why a more recent one was conducted over a year ago ...

Christopher Feghali is Lebanon’s Youngest Karting Champion

4 days ago
Christopher Feghali, Abdo Feghali’s son, became the youngest Karting Champion in Lebanon’s history after winning five out of eight races in the 2017 Micromax karting Championship. Christopher began racing at age 4 and clinched the ...

Valentine Ads in Lebanon [2018]

6 days ago
Here’s a nice roundup of the Valentine ads that were shared this year in Lebanon. If I missed any, please do share and I’ll gladly add them. ...