31 Wedding Dresses Hung in Beirut to Protest Article 522

ABAAD hung 31 wedding dresses on Ain el Mraysseh to protest Lebanon's law on rape that still allows a rapist to get away with his crime if he marries his victim. The 31 partially-shredded symbolize the 31 days in a month that a woman may be raped or forced to marry her rapist as explained by Alia Awada from ABAAD. The installation was done by Lebanese artist Mireille Honein. ABAAD is hoping that MPs will…

Batman to the rescue in the Bekaa

War Child is an international NGO investing helping out children and young people affected by armed conflict. They've been doing an amazing work for years now in Lebanon helping out Syrian refugees and they've just released this video under the caption "For some, fantasy is the only way to escape reality". War Child works to protect children from violence and uses creative and involving workshops to unleash the children's inner strength. This video is a…

Malak el Taouk Reopens in Zouk Mosbeh

1 day ago
Malak el Taouk issued a statement today clarifying that early investigations showed that neither bacteria nor germs led to the death of the Syrian worker and that they will publish the official Ministry of Health ...

Why Lebanon is the Healthiest Nation in the Arab World

1 day ago
Lebanon ranked 32nd out of 163 countries in Bloomberg’s 2017 Global Health Index and the healthiest nation in the Arab World with a health score of 79.55. Just to give you a quick overview of ...

UAE Bans Import of Apples from Lebanon

2 days ago
It doesn’t look like Lebanon’s apple crisis is going to end anytime soon as the UAE has just banned imports of fruits and vegetables from five Middle Eastern countries, including apple from Lebanon. The reason ...

Jou3an? 3o2o …

2 days ago
Snack Chouchou has recently opened in Jounieh and the above is their idea of promoting their delivery service. Their delivery number is 71/302080 so they decided to highlight the 3020 in big letters as “3o2o”. ...

Lebanese Ministry of Telecom Website Got Hacked for 6 Hours Yesterday

3 days ago
The Lebanese Ministry of Telecom official [website] got hacked yesterday in the afternoon and only got fixed around the midnight. What’s funny is that I wanted to tag the ministry or minister to inform them ...

French Presidential Elections (Round 1) Results in Lebanon

3 days ago
Who did the Lebanese-French vote for in the first round of France’s Presidential elections? The French Embassy tweeted the official results and surprisingly more people voted for Fillon (5451 votes) than Le Pen (1099 votes) ...

#TeamLebanon Finishes First in Monza Blancpain GT series (AM Class), 27th Overall

4 days ago
And they’ve done it! #TeamLebanon which was led by Lebanese Alex Demirdjian finished in the first spot in their class at the Monza Blancpain GT series Endurance Cup, which is the first of 5 endurance ...

#LebanonIsCalling from Autodromo Nazionale di Monza

5 days ago
I just landed in Monza yesterday to attend a very special event as Alex Demirdjian, CEO of Demco Properties, is taking part in the Blancpain GT series Cup in a Ferrari 488 GT3 under Team ...