#KeepWalkingLebanon: The Resourceful Don’t Wait

Johnnie Walker revealed its 2017 edition of Keep Walking Lebanon a couple of weeks ago, and is shedding the light this year on the the resourcefulness behind every Lebanese. It's a reminder that we Lebanese always manage to figure a way out from our problems, and that we always come up with new and innovative solutions when everything is going wrong. I'm proudly taking part in that campaign and my walk is featured on Johnnie…

Almaza vs. Beirut Beer Round 2

I enjoyed Beirut Beer's take on Almaza the first time but to be honest, it felts like they were just waiting for Valentine's ad this week to react to it, which doesn't play in their favor, no matter how funny and witty their ad is. In all cases, Almaza's ad was average this Valentine so Beirut Beer could have topped it with a better ad without even referring to Almaza in my opinion.

Lebanon to Impose An Additional 500% Tax on Alcohol?

2 months ago
As if it’s not expensive enough to buy drinks at pubs and night clubs in Lebanon, the government is apparently planning to impose an additional 500% tax on alcohol. According to this MTV report: – ...

B-Qā by Chateau Marsyas

3 months ago
Back when I started the blog around 7 years ago, I admit I wasn’t the biggest fan of Lebanese wines. Now, even though I might not be a true wine connoisseur, I am an avid ...

Kfarman Municipality Trying To Use a 100 Year-Old Law To Ban Alcohol

3 months ago
What is happening in Kfarman (Nabatieh) and several other Lebanese villages in the South mainly is alarming and dangerous. It’s been years now that extremist and some religious groups have been trying to close down ...

209LebaneseWine.com: An Online Marketplace Dedicated to Lebanese Wines

4 months ago
Lebanese wines have been making headlines all around the world and more and more people are praising the energy and commitment of wine-makers in Lebanon and more importantly the quality of our wines. Back in ...

Dewar’s Kickass #ScotchEggClub & #LiveTrue Campaign

5 months ago
Dewar’s just kicked off the second edition of their #LiveTrueLebanon campaign. The campaign aims to highlight local creative talents who have transformed their dreams into reality by following their heart and often going against the ...

Meet Madees Khoury: The only Female Beer Brewer in the Middle East.

6 months ago
Taybeh beer is one of the most popular beers in the Middle East and Madees Khoury, who works as a general manager at the Taybeh Brewing Company, is believed to be only the female beer ...

Almaza vs. Beirut Beer

8 months ago
So Almaza Beer kicks off a campaign entitled “Almaza, Lebanon’s Beer” or #‎BeeretLebnen‬ and Beirut Beer hits back at them by reminding them that they are part of Heineken (they didn’t name it though). A ...

Dewars Introducing the Scotch Egg in Lebanon

9 months ago
[Source] Dewars Lebanon has officially launched The Scotch Egg Club a week ago that will take over Garden State on Monday on the 1st of August. I missed out on the launch but I’m eager ...