Beirut is Getting its First Avocado Bar

Avocado bars have been trending for quite some time now worldwide and Beirut is finally getting its first Avocado bar, a restaurant that features fresh avocado in all its dishes. The place is called L'Avo and will open in Achrafieh on Charles Malek Avenue. There's still no official opening date but it should be soon. It's definitely an interesting place to visit especially if you like Avocado .

Controversial Article 49 of the 2018 Budget Paving the Way for Naturalization?

You'd expect the Lebanese parliament to make the new 2018 Lebanese budget available online or in the papers, especially that it's the first budget we pass since 2005 but I couldn't find it anywhere and even more specifically, none of the articles on the budget had any reference to the controversial Article 49 that allows any foreign national who invests in a real estate starting at around $500,000 inside Beirut and $330,000 elsewhere to obtain…

New BIEL Excavations Sneak Peek

7 months ago
After we got some early info of the plans and renders of the new, bigger BIEL set to open in the Tahwita region earlier this month on Gino’s Blog, I managed to get my hands ...

Awesome Beirut 360-degree Shot

9 months ago
Check out this beautiful 360-degree shot of Beirut. You can closely check out DownTown Beirut as well as its surroundings. It was captured by Maher Iskandar who has been shooting some awesome drone shots and ...

Beirut Street Named after PM Saad Hariri

10 months ago
Beirut Municipality issued a statement yesterday where they agreed unanimously to name one of Beirut’s streets after PM Saad Hariri. Streets are usually named after martyrs, historic and famous people but it’s also common to ...

Beirut Airport Expansion Planned To Accommodate An Additional 5 Million Passengers

10 months ago
The airport was originally built in 1992 to accommodate 6 million passengers and obviously need a whole revamp, not just an expansion plan. However the real problem is not only in the airport’s capacity but ...

Here’s why Uber did not show up to the #CareemDanceOff

10 months ago
I’m sure you’ve all seen Careem’s billboards challenging Uber to a dance off on October 22 at 4pm. I thought it was a fun challenge but I wasn’t really expecting Uber to show up, unless ...

Formula E in Beirut?

11 months ago
Back in 1999, Lebanon almost won the bid to host an F1 track back in 1999. F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone was fond of the idea and F1 Race Director Charlie Whiting visited Lebanon to inspect ...

Gorgeous New Beirut Mural by Cuban-American Artist Jorge Rodríguez Gerada

11 months ago
Cuban-American Artist Jorge Rodríguez Gerada is in Beirut and has just finished the first of a series of large scale works. The mural is near the Beirut Digital District and is a collaboration between Gerada ...

Beirut Municipality to Plant 7000 Trees By 2019

1 year ago
The Municipal Council of Beirut City is set to plant about 7000 trees, within a year from this date. The types of trees that are expected to be planted are Barakititium, Jacaranda, Olive, Albizia, Magnolia, ...