Uber Beirut Fares Drop by 15%

I ordered an Uber for my wife yesterday to take her from work to our home in Jeita and was surprised when I got charged $13.36 only. It usually used to cost me around $17-18 but then I read on Gino's blog that Uber has apparently dropped its prices by around 15-20% and saw the story on Uber's blog as well. If we look at the above prices shared by Uber, the drop is somewhere…

A Lavish Sunday Buffet at The Four Seasons Beirut

I love the Four Seasons Hotel in Beirut. It’s definitely one of my favorite hotels in the capital. It seems that I always keep coming back for their amazing breakfast, but sometimes, I just pass by to have their delicious hot chocolate and smoothies in the hotel lounge as I wait for traffic to ease out of Beirut. The true gem for me though, is their Sunday Buffet Lunch. I’ve had the buffet lunch on…

Red-Light Enforcement Cameras Installed in #Beirut

5 days ago
The Traffic Management Center (TMC) is teaming up with Sensys Gatso Group, the leading provider of traffic safety solutions delivering systems, to install the first Red-light systems in Beirut. The red-light cameras were first tested ...

Dar Group Commissioned To Rehabilitate & Extend Beirut Port

6 days ago
It looks like Beirut Port is getting a major makeover that will include rehabilitating and extending the existing cargo area and infrastructure. I’m looking at the pictures of this new Port and it’s too good ...

FIA President Jean Todt is in Beirut

1 week ago
FIA President & ex-Scuderia Ferrari General Manager Jean Todt visited today the students of the Master’s degree in Road Safety Management at Saint-Joseph University in Beirut. Todt also serves as UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy ...

AUBMC Celebrated Valentine Differently This Year

1 week ago
American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) decided to celebrate Valentine differently this year by organizing a small romantic dinner for a couple to thank them for their endless devotion and being a source of ...

Learn to Love #Beirut

1 week ago
So a French astronaut shows interest in our city which he happens to find beautiful, and we just take this opportunity to roll out all our anger and negativity. A foreigner shares his fascination with ...

Beirut as Seen From Space

2 weeks ago
French Astronaut Thomas Pesquet shared yesterday a stunning shot of Beirut taken from the International Space Station. Pesquet has never been to Beirut yet but none of us Lebanese have seen Beirut the way he ...

First Bike Sharing Station Launched in Beirut

1 month ago
We finally have a bike sharing system in Beirut thanks to efforts from Jawad Sbeity in collaboration with Beirut’s governor Ziad Chebib and Beirut’s municipality. The first sample station was set up yesterday near Le ...

Beirut Chants: 29 Free Concerts Celebrating Diversity & Promoting A Culture of Peace

2 months ago
This year marks the 9th edition of Beirut Chants, a festival that has become one of the Christmas season’s most anticipated events. Every year during Christmas, concerts are organized in all of Beirut’s historical churches ...