Ma Tne2, De2! Speak up Against Corruption

We all had to bribe someone in Lebanon at some point. I hated the idea and always did everything I could in order not to but it's simply not possible. Luckily enough, I just had to do so a couple of times only but I've reported both cases to concerned parties and local NGOs and actions were taken against one of the corrupt officials. The Lebanese Transparency Association along with The Lebanese Advocacy and Legal…

What I Learned As a Jury Member of “Product of the Year”

We’ve all seen the “Product of the Year” label in red on products’ ads and on supermarket shelves. I myself have been invited several times to attend the ceremonies where the different categories’ POY winners are announced. However, I never really knew how the process worked exactly, until I was invited to be a jury member this year and found out about the laborious and comprehensive process to select different POYs every year. The Process…

Would Legalizing Electricity Production & Sales Solve Lebanon’s Power Crisis?

2 months ago
I saw this interesting video on the Lebanese Institute for Market Studies FB page where they are promoting the idea of legalizing electricity production and distribution to solve Lebanon’s Power Crisis. They are arguing that ...

Nissan-Renault Boss Carlos Ghosn To Become Mitsubishi Motors Chairman

3 months ago
Carlos Ghosn is getting appointed soon as the new chairman of Mitsubishi Motors and by doing so, will become the first executive to head three different automakers at the same time. The announcement was made ...

What’s So Special About These Maku Sandals?

4 months ago
A group of three Lebanese have apparently come up with the most comfortable sandals ever with an unmatched quality and versatility. They call them Maku and they are already off to a great start on ...

My Ogero DSL Internet Stopped Working Two Weeks Ago

7 months ago
Photo Credits: Executive Magazine Two weeks ago, my home internet stopped working, the internet button on the Ogero DSL modem turned red, I tried restarting the modem, turning it off and on, I checked all ...

Beirut Third Most Expensive City To Live in The Region, After Dubai & Abu Dhabi

7 months ago
The Mercer’s Cost of Living Survey 2016 is out and Dubai topped MENA Cities as the most expensive location for employees working abroad. Beirut ranked as the third most expensive city regionally and the 50th ...

Four Lebanese Banks Among Forbes’ Top 100 Arab Companies Of 2016

8 months ago
The 2016 Forbes list of the Top 100 Arab Companies 2016 is out and four Lebanese banks made the list. To rank the top 100, Forbes started with 1,316 publicly-traded companies from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, ...

Brazilian Company Building The Janna Dam Involved In a Massive Corruption Scandal

8 months ago
While the first phase of the Janna dam construction was handled by a local firm, the second phase which should have started in 2014, consists of the construction of a dam that will enable the ...

Not All Prepaid Cards Will Be Banned in Lebanon

10 months ago
The Central Bank (BDL) has decided last week to prohibit banks and institutions from issuing or selling prepaid cards, as part of its campaign against money laundering. “BDL gave the concerned parties till Sept. 30, ...