Lebanese Women Entrepeneurs Highlighted in #Facebook’s #SheMeansBusiness Initiative

Facebook recently launched the #SheMeansBusiness global program to train and inspire women entrepreneurs on using Facebook and Instagram as platforms for their businesses. They are partnering with organizations in the UAE and Egypt to enable opportunities for 10,000 women in the MENA region by 2018. For that purpose, #SheMeansBusiness will run a series of workshops, training sessions and online resources to arm women entrepreneurs with the knowledge, connections, skills and technology required to build and…

BeMA: Beirut Museum of Art To Open by 2020

I wrote back in April 2016 that there were talks about opening a new museum of Modern and contemporary Lebanese art in central Beirut by 2020 and that Tony Salamé , Zaha Hadid , Hans Ulrich Obrist and Julia Peyton-Jones of London’s Serpentine Galleries were involved. Thirteen architects were shortlisted for the project and Hala Warde emerged as a winner and will be building the Beirut Museum of Art, which will serve as a symbol…

First Arabic TAG Heuer Digital Watch Face Designed by Lebanese Yazan Halwani

8 months ago
Lebanese graffiti and street artist Yazan Halawani has been commissioned by Swiss luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer to design the first ever Arabic face for its Connected watch. The Arabic watch-face design was launched last week ...

What Do You Think of Roadster Diner’s New Logo & Look?

11 months ago
Roadster Diner just opened a new branch in Hazmieh’s Backyard and introduced a new logo and look. I think this is the first logo change ever since Roadster opened and it’s very different from the ...

When Eden Park Asks You To Redesign Their Famous Bow tie

1 year ago
Eden Park were celebrating yesterday their 15th anniversary in Lebanon, and I was asked along with 8 of the country’s top artists, designers and bloggers to redesign Eden Park’s famous Pink Bow Tie, the brand’s ...

Seven Creative “Lebanese” Greeting Cards For Mother’s Day

1 year ago
I finally got to meet Muriel Moukawem, the founder of Mukagraf Design Studio (lebanese greeting cards), last year during the Mzaar festival and it’s great to see her come up with new and creative cards ...

A Lebanese Christmas Card Like No Other …

1 year ago
By Mukagraf Christmas will have a different “flavor” this year in Lebanon. There are still no solutions for the garbage crisis and everyone is hoping at this point that snow will cover everything. Until then, ...

Piper-Heidsieck Champagne And Food Pairing At Les Caves de Taillevent

2 years ago
Every time I go to Les Caves de Taillevent, I fall in love with that place once again. I love the setup, the caves, the staff and more importantly the food and alcohol pairing sessions ...

Jounieh Floating Island or Cedar Island?

3 years ago
I was reading an article in Al-Akhbar about a floating Cedar Island in the bay of Jounieh, then I saw that Lebanondebate posted about this as well with a picture that reminded me of a ...

Bernard Khoury’s Penthouse in Beirut

3 years ago
That’s a pretty cool penthouse that the majority of Lebanese probably will never be able to buy. Check out more awesome pictures [Here]. This spacious penthouse in Beirut is owned by 45-year-old Lebanese architect Bernard ...