Bartartine Opens at ABC Dbayyeh With New “Bake & Brew” Concept

I'm glad to see Bartartine finally opening an outlet at ABC Dbayyeh, and I love the new "bake & brew" concept that they're introducing there. I always find myself picking up stuff from their ABC Achrafieh or Dbayyeh outlet but the selection is usually limited to breads and desserts, so introducing a whole selection of ready-to-eat and grab items is a brilliant and most welcome idea! They're also expanding their coffee menu and adding a…

Lebanese Aline Asmar d’Amman to Redesign Tour Eiffel’s Iconic “Le Jules Verne”

Beirut-born architect and founder of Culture in Architecture Aline Asmar d’Amman was recently tasked with redesigning one of Paris' most iconic restaurants, Le Jules Verne, which is situated on level two of the iconic Eiffel Tower offering a magnificent view of Paris at 125 meter above the city and also Michelin-star dining. D’Amman had recently worked on Hôtel de Crillon’s renovation and the design of the 18th century hotel’s suites and historical salons. Here's what…

We Broke The Guinness World Record For The Longest Zaatar Man2oushe, Again.

1 month ago
Rmeile Municipality produced the longest Zaatar (thyme) Man2oushe in the world during its summer festival, breaking the previous record by over 10 meters. The Man2oushe was 44 meters and 92 cm. Back in 2015, Choueifat ...

Beirut is Getting its First Avocado Bar

1 month ago
Avocado bars have been trending for quite some time now worldwide and Beirut is finally getting its first Avocado bar, a restaurant that features fresh avocado in all its dishes. The place is called L’Avo ...

A New “All-Year-Long” Cluster Coming to Beit Mery in 2019

2 months ago
Food clusters are still the hottest trend in Lebanon and the latest addition to them is an exciting cluster opening in Beit Mery. The project, which is set to open next summer, promises to be ...

The Lebanese Bakery Now Open in London

4 months ago
The Lebanese Bakery is an authentic bakery located in Achrafieh and one of my favorite breakfast places in Beirut. They serve breakfast and brunch and make the best Kaak in town, in addition to their ...

In Labneh We Trust, Taanayel Les Fermes Products Get “Patriotic” Design

4 months ago
It’s impossible not to notice Taanayel Les Fermes’ branded products for the elections at the supermarket. They’ve customized the package of their Labneh containers and other products with the Lebanese flag and featured several messages ...

Meet Zaatar w Zeit’s Super-Natural Green Sandwich!

5 months ago
As you all have probably guessed by now, the green people spotted and the green billboards on the highway were part of a teaser campaign by Zaatar W Zeit to launch their latest product, a ...

Burger King is Launching a Chocolate Whopper

5 months ago
Burger King announced yesterday that it is launching a special edition of our Whopper made entirely with chocolate & candied ingredients available only on Sunday April 1, which also happens to be April Fools’ Day. ...

Milk-Free, Butter-Free, Egg-Free Yet Delicious Croissants

6 months ago
It’s lent season and a lot of people tend to follow the Church’s guidelines and fast daily from midnight until noon and refrain from eating meat and dairy products, even on Sundays. Not eating meat ...