The End of an Era: Roadster Diner Achrafieh Branch to Close Next Week

The first ever Roadster Diner branch is set to close next week after almost 20 years. The Achrafieh branch is closing and getting relocated to Restos St. Nicolas, a food cluster at the heart of Achrafieh, which is expected to open on November 23. It only makes sense for Roadster to relocate its Achrafieh branch to St. Nicolas as it's a much better location that's closer to all the businesses and banks. Still, I'm sure…

Who wants a Baba à l’Arak?

I just placed an order for two jars of Baba au Rhum and, wait for it, Baba a l'Arak. I once saw a picture of a Baba l'Arak jar online back in August but then I totally forgot about it up until I saw Anthony's post and Clement Tannouri's photos few days ago. I had no clue Clément was the guy behind them. Most of you know Clément Tannouri from his stunning aerial photos of…

Zaatar W Zeit Opening in Vancouver

2 weeks ago
Friends in Vancouver told me that they spotted a Zaatar w Zeit branch opening there, so I looked up the news and it’s indeed happening. Quoting ZWZ’s blog which dates back to October 5, they ...

It’s Thyme to Celebrate #WorldMankoushehDay

3 weeks ago
What we decide to eat for breakfast varies greatly from one country to the other and from one person to the other, but I believe the majority of Lebanese agree that nothing tops a Mankousheh ...

BK is Offering You a Free Whopper on Halloween if You Come Dressed as a Clown

4 weeks ago
Burger King is trolling McDonald’s by giving free whoppers to people dressed as clowns on Halloween. All you need to do is show up at BK Jal el Dib on Tuesday October 31st between 7 ...

Chef Alain Ducasse Opening a Restaurant at Le Gray Beirut

4 weeks ago
I just read on hospitalitynewsmag that one of the world’s most decorated Michelin star chefs Alain Ducasse is coming back to Beirut to open a restaurant and a chocolate boutique at Le Gray Hotel. Star ...

Mathieu: Best Crêpes in Mar Mikhael

1 month ago
I love crêpes and I’m always looking for new crepe places to try in Beirut. Mathieu opened earlier this year in Mar Mikhael a block from EDL and makes some of the best crepes I’ve ...

Cold Stone Opening Soon in #Beirut

1 month ago
I spotted this morning a Cold Stone sign on one of the shops in M1 building in DownTown Beirut and it looks like it’s opening really soon. Cold Stone Creamery is an American ice cream ...

NYTimes on the Sahyoun Falafel Rivalry

2 months ago
NYTimes published yesterday a great piece on the Sahyoun brothers falafel rivalry. Zuheir Sahyoun & Fuad Sahyoun both inherited the Falafel business from their father Mustapha Sahyoun but then the younger brother broke away and ...

How Many Guinness World Records Does Lebanon Hold?

3 months ago
I stumbled upon a friend’s comprehensive list of all the Guinness World Records Lebanon holds and there are 47 of them apparently! I looked up the Guinness World Records website and found 47 hits dating ...