Burj Hammoud Mountain Garbage Being Dumped Into the Sea

No one really knows what's happening at the Burj Hammoud landfill but the mountain is slowly being flattened and dumped into the Mediterranean. Here's a recent picture taken by a friend showing how the mountain is slowly disappearing. And here are two more pictures showing how the water looks like next to the landfill:


I can't believe we actually need a campaign to tell motorists to pave way for the ambulance. Unfortunately, I've noticed on many occasions a lot of cars blocking the ambulance's road and the worst kind are those who follow the ambulance closely to cut through traffic. Going back to the awareness campaign, I love how they chose a young girl to send out the message. I was reluctant to watch the video to be honest…

The Children’s Heart Center at AUBMC Performs First Successful Heart Transplant

4 weeks ago
The first successful heart transplant for a pediatric patient in Lebanon was performed on a five year child at the American University of Beirut Medical Center on June 14. The child was “successfully taken off ...

Lebanon the Third Biggest Consumer of Cigarettes WorldWide?

1 month ago
The Independent released a map showing the average number of cigarettes per person, per year in every country where Lebanon came out third, after China (11-12 cigarettes a day) and Belarus (10-11 cigarettes a day). ...

AUB Beach is Open but Not Suitable for Swimming

2 months ago
AUB sent out an email few days ago that AUB Beach will be open officially as of Monday 22nd of May from 10:00am till 7:00pm on a daily basis, including weekends. However, this email was ...

When You Google Smoking in Lebanon

2 months ago
I was just watching a disturbing video showing a young kid asking her mother to pass her the Arguile, which the loving and thoughtful mother does! This may be shocking to many but the sad ...

KMC Offering Blood Withdrawal Services at Home

2 months ago
Keserwan Medical Center, an AUBMC affiliate that is open in Kfarhbab, is offering a blood withdrawal service at home starting May 4. The service is available from Monday till Saturday from 6:30 AM till 10:30 ...

Why Lebanon is the Healthiest Nation in the Arab World

2 months ago
Lebanon ranked 32nd out of 163 countries in Bloomberg’s 2017 Global Health Index and the healthiest nation in the Arab World with a health score of 79.55. Just to give you a quick overview of ...

Mental Health now Covered in Lebanese Hospitals

3 months ago
Mental disorders touch 25% of the Lebanese population according to reports and everyone of us is vulnerable to these mental health issues. We’ve seen plenty of awareness campaigns this year in regards to mental illness ...

(Updated) AUB’s Insight Club Controversial Lecture on Homosexuality

4 months ago
Update: The lecture has been cancelled. Here’s the [memo]. The Insight Club is hosting a public lecture on Thursday 23rd of March at the Issam Fares Lecture Hall – AUB (near AUBMC) at 5PM on ...