If There’s a Water Shortage, Here’s What To Do

I was having lunch with a friend yesterday and he was telling about the water shortage they've been facing at his building for weeks now. Obviously this is a problem we're all facing nowadays and every summer, except those who illegally dug wells next to their homes, water shortage is getting worse every year and we might be facing a serious crisis by 2035 because of poor rainfall, droughts and government mismanagement. So this friend…

Zero Waste Fail

Ain el Rihane is apparently starting some zero waste project, which is great news, but some people don't seem to understand what that means. Zero waste doesn't mean you put zero waste in the recycling bins and leave them all outside!! While I understand that such projects need awareness campaigns, it doesn't take much effort to understand that the trash has to go INSIDE the bins, and that these bins were not designed to handle…

Lebanese-Australian’s “No Bag – No Problem” Trolley Stunt

2 weeks ago
When supermarkets decided to axe plastic bags in Australia, one fed-up customer decided to put the entire shopping kart and take it back home. When interviewed by a local channel, he welcomed them “the Lebanese ...
Animals & Wildlife

A Hen House Inside EDL’s Building

1 month ago
This is hilarious. According to this MTV report, they are raising chicken inside EDL’s headquarters on the second floor and they’re provided with 24/7 electricity while the rest of us are paying outrageous generator bills ...

First #ElectricVehicle Charging Station Launched in #Lebanon

2 months ago
In case you’re wondering on which planet our politicians are, we just launched our first EV charging station in Lebanon, dubbed “a good environmental step in the sector”, while half the country has been complaining ...

Someone got Offended by Mezza Beer’s Commercial

3 months ago
I shared the MEZZA Beer commercial a while back because I loved it. It’s catchy and creative and my favorite part was the continuous head shaking throughout the ad. However, someone SOMEHOW managed to get ...

World Cup Teams Flags Banned in Beirut

3 months ago
Update: A Beirut street defying Chbib’s decision. Beirut Governor has issued a statement today banning Beirut residents from raising non-Lebanese flags during the World Cup, as it is against the law. The only flag that ...

Beirut’s Airport and the Never-Ending Parking Problem

4 months ago
A video was circulating yesterday online of a woman yelling at a cop after he fined her for parking illegally at the airport. She was yelling in English for some reason and her argument was ...

#Elections2018: Clowns Running For Parliament

4 months ago
The people behind Clown Me In, which is basically a group of clowns bringing joy to people and spreading laughter and love, went down to the beach and took the streets afterwards to show people ...

When an Egyptian Talk Show Host Sums Up Lebanese Politics in 5 Minutes

5 months ago
Check out this take by “Joe Show“, a weekly TV satirical comedy show, that tackles the new Lebanese electoral law, the political inheritance, the hypocrisy of some politicians, the incompetence of others and of course ...