Rodolphe is Lame even when He’s Proposing

I ignored the below video like 4 times but Facebook kept bringing it back on my timeline until I watched it and regretted doing so of course. Basically Rodolphe decided to "surprise" his fiancee/gf and propose to her during his latest show with Raja "Ekhir 7al2a". Of course, the bride-to-be was waiting backstage when he proposed and then was escorted by one of the Zaffe guys, who was holding a trumpet, to meet Rodolphe. Rodolphe…

Syrian Version of Games of Thrones to be Aired during Ramadan

I saw pictures a month ago of an Arabic version of Game of Thrones with all the characters but I didn't think it was for real. As it turns out, there's a Syrian version of GOT called "Orchidea" airing starting May 27 on Abu Dhabi TV . The series is directed by Hatem Ali and was shot in different parts of Romania and France, Given how bad Arabic TV series have been in the past…

VAPE’s Latest Ads

4 days ago
I’ve seen the VAPE ads several times now on the road and I’m still not comfortable with the one with the local thug. The ad with the teacher is kinda funny even though professors shouldn’t ...

What if the Electoral Law were a Taouk Sandwich?

1 week ago
Here’s Sandwich w Noss’ attempt at explaining the difference between the proposed electoral laws in Lebanon. “الاكثري والنسبي بعيون سندويش ونص تخيٌل انّك اشتريت سندويش طاووق انت وصاحبك، انت اكلت كدشي وهو طرق كل باقي ...

Lebanese Caricature on French 2017 Elections

2 weeks ago
This is a caricature by Antoine Ghanem for Al Jomhouria pocking up of her loss at the most recent Presidential elections in France. A funny take but not as good as Royal Jordanian’s posts on ...


2 weeks ago
Why have a scooter deliver your food when you have a crane at your disposal? The best part is how safe this whole process is, with the crane hanging over the cars and on top ...

Free Arguile for Girls

2 weeks ago
It appears that we’re switching from “Ladies Night” and free drinks for ladies nights to free Arguile for ladies. I’ve seen this in some oriental restaurants but it’s usually limited to one night not all ...

Jou3an? 3o2o …

4 weeks ago
Snack Chouchou has recently opened in Jounieh and the above is their idea of promoting their delivery service. Their delivery number is 71/302080 so they decided to highlight the 3020 in big letters as “3o2o”. ...

Coca-Cola “Indecent” Billboards Removed in Tripoli

1 month ago
The Association of Muslim Scholars has apparently asked Tripoli’s municipality to take down the latest Coca-Cola billboards as they found them indecent. I am not really sure if they are allowed by law to do ...

Messi: A Parody of Klink’s “Goal” Song

1 month ago
A parody song of Klink’s controversial “Goal” song by Pierre Hachach. The lyrics are hilarious LOL! If I have time, I will try write them down tonight 🙂 ...