R.I.P May Arida

May Arida, the President of Lebanon's prestigious Baalbek International Festival and "a name that raises so much values, so many memories" has passed away aged 92. Here's a small biography of Arida's numerous accomplishments and honors: - President of the Baalbek International Festival from 1973 till 2018 - President of the Lebanese Water Skiing Federation from 1953 till 1961. She organized the first world championship of water skiing in Lebanon. She also won once the…

Marcel Ghanem to Make First MTV Appearance Tonight

After announcing his departure from LBCI, Marcel Ghanem will officially make his first appearance on MTV tonight as part of a special coverage of the elections as the results are coming out. To be honest, I was hoping to see him interviewing candidates before the elections but it will be interesting to see how different his approach would be from LBCI. On another note, what's that invisible touch screen showing on the promo? This can't…

Expats Voters Turnout at 65% in Arab Countries, Highest Turnout in Qatar at 76%

3 weeks ago
The first round of the Lebanese expats voting is over and the second one is on its way today. This is the first time ever that Lebanese expats cast their votes outside their country and ...

Careem Got Hacked

4 weeks ago
This is from Careem’s official website and it’s some serious shit: On January 14th of this year, we identified a cyber incident involving unauthorised access to a system we use to store data. Our team ...

Mothers in the Lebanese Army Given The Day off

2 months ago
Armed Forces Commander General Joseph Aoun has given all mothers in the military a day off to celebrate Mother’s Day. This will be the first time in the army’s history. Back in September 2017, a ...

“Know Your Candidate”: Election App to Turn You Into an Informed Voter

2 months ago
There’s a really cool app that was released last week ahead of the 2018 elections called “إعرف مرشحك- Elections 2018” whose aim is to help educate the Lebanese citizens about the candidates, the electoral process, ...

Marcel Ghanem is Leaving LBCI after 27 Years

2 months ago
I never thought I would see Marcel Ghanem outside LBCI but the news was confirmed yesterday in a joint statement by Marcel Ghanem and LBCI’s CEO Sheikh Pierre Daher. Ghanem will be supposedly leaving to ...

Lebanese Women’s Struggle in One Infographic

2 months ago
Megaphone shared an infographic showing the various obstacles that Lebanese women had to overcome over the years in their struggle for women’s rights, and the many struggles that remain. The infographic showcases ten key stages ...

Abou Fouad From the “Yes” Commercials Has Passed Away

2 months ago
I just read that Robert Helou, better known as “Abou Fouad” from Procter & Gamble’s “Yes” commercials in the 70s, ’80s and even’ 90s has passed away. His commercials were the best back then and ...

Expats Will ONLY be Charged 1000 LL for Issuing a Lebanese Passport

2 months ago
I saw a tweet yesterday by Lebanon’s Foreign Affairs minister stating that Lebanese expats will now be able to get a Lebanese passport for only 1000LL and that it will be delivered to them free ...