A Random “Amir el Leil” Question

I did try a couple of times to watch Amir el Leil but just like all Lebanese TV series, I didn't last longer than 10 minutes . Still, one thing caught my attention while seeing the credits for the show that I thought is worth sharing. There are over 40 filming locations cited in the credits, including 3 castles, 5 villas, 8 resorts, hotels & beaches and tens of houses! Isn't that a lot? Why…

Why Is BeirutNationalMuseum.com Sponsored by An Egyptian Company?

It has been brought to my attention that BeirutNationalMuseum.com is maintained by an Egyptian company called El Motaheda and sponsored by mashy.com, which is an Egyptian news portal. I doubt that this is the official website, as the one I'm aware of is Beirutnationalmuseum.org but the .com website is the one that comes out on top of the Google searches so this needs to be fixed. Someone should inform the Ministry of Culture & Tourism…

Costa Coffee’s Would-be Suicide Bomber The Dumbest Ever?

1 day ago
Almost everyone hailed the collaborative efforts between the Lebanese army and the ISF that led to foiling the Costa Coffee attempt on Saturday but a lot of people are raising doubts about this whole incident ...

Trump Vs Obama Crowds Remind Me of M14 vs M8 Protests

2 days ago
I never thought I’d see the day where US media is busy debating whether Trump attracted more crowds to his inauguration than Obama did in 2009. They are comparing crowds by examining aerial shots, metro ...

Tanoreen’s Knafeh

3 days ago
Tanoreen, a popular Middle-Eastern restaurant based in Brooklyn and run by Palestinian-American chef Rawia Bishara, was featured in last week’s edition of the Explorers and the highlight of the visit was Rawia’s homemade Knafe, which ...

Who’s Behind The Beqaa Kidnappings?

4 days ago
Armed gunmen kidnapped a 74 year old man called Saad Richa in Chtaura few days ago and they haven’t released him yet. Almost every political and religious party in Lebanon is trying to negotiate with ...

Byblos Got its First Bike Sharing Station as Well!

4 days ago
The bike sharing system is spreading across Lebanon. Beirut got its first bike sharing station two days ago and Byblos followed today. Let’s hope that this project will expand outside Beirut to include all of ...

AUB Kicks Off #BoldlyAUB Campaign With The Largest Donation in its History

5 days ago
Two years after receiving the largest single donation ($32 million) in its 147-year history donation, the American University of Beirut received this week an even bigger donation presented by the Semaan Foundation. The amount of ...

B-Qā by Chateau Marsyas

5 days ago
Back when I started the blog around 7 years ago, I admit I wasn’t the biggest fan of Lebanese wines. Now, even though I might not be a true wine connoisseur, I am an avid ...

First Bike Sharing Station Launched in Beirut

6 days ago
We finally have a bike sharing system in Beirut thanks to efforts from Jawad Sbeity in collaboration with Beirut’s governor Ziad Chebib and Beirut’s municipality. The first sample station was set up yesterday near Le ...