Street Fights between Hamra’s Beggars

Child beggars have become a familiar sight in Hamra's street and they've been fighting on the street for the past week without anyone intervening shockingly enough. Check out the below video where children and their families are beating each other up while everyone is watching. It is quite unfortunate and sad to see a whole generation of children forced to drop out of school and destroying their future on the streets that way. The authorities…

Lebanese Army Pays Tribute to Barcelona Terror Attack Victims

The above photo was shared yesterday on the LAF official website with the below message in English & Spanish: A salute from our troops fighting ISIS in the jurds of Ras Baalbek to the victims of Spain and the whole world Mkhayrme Mountain - jurds of Ras Baalbek #Dawn-of-the-jurds Nuestros soldados que combaten al Daesh en las montañas de Ras Baalbeck rinden homenaje a las victimas de España y de todo el mundo la montaña…

Lebanese Army Launches Offensive Against ISIS

18 hours ago
The Lebanese Army is fighting a historic battle against ISIS on the northeast border with Syria. The “Fajr al-Jouroud” operation got underway at 5AM after Army commander General Joseph Aoun tweeted the below: “In the ...
Animals & Wildlife

Animal Protection & Welfare Law Finally Approved!

1 day ago
This week marks a major victory for all animal lovers in Lebanon as Lebanon’s Parliament has finally approved the animal protection and welfare law after years of lobbying. The law “protects all animals in all ...

Fadi el Khatib Retires from Lebanon’s National Basketball Team

2 days ago
Fadi el Khatib announced his retirement from his national team duties yesterday in an emotional message on his Instagram page. Khatib was hoping to win the Asian trophy with Lebanon this year but Lebanon was ...

Article 522 Finally Abolished?

3 days ago
I just read on LBCI, Naharnet and a couple of other media portals that the Lebanese Parliament has officially abolished Article 522 of Lebanon’s Penal Code. Eight months ago, the Parliament’s Administration and Justice committee ...

Swap your Cocktails for Portable Arguiles? Seriously?

4 days ago
As if we needed another excuse for people to smoke the Shisha, some guy came up with a “brilliant” idea to sell mini portable Shishas at LL15,000 at outdoor events. I’ve already seen people smoking ...

#Beirut Wants to Break The Guinness Record For World’s Longest Continuing Party

4 days ago
Lebanon will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for longest continuous party which is currently 54 hours by organizing the longest continuing party from August 28th till August 30th. The event is taking place ...

Furn Beaino is Delivering Now!

4 days ago
Almost 8 years ago, I got introduced to Furn Beaino by mistake. I was at my friend’s shop in Sarba and he told me “let’s go have the best Lahm Baajine in town” so we ...

Ziad Doueiri’s Latest Movie: The Insult

4 days ago
Nineteen years after directing the awarding winning “West Beirut” movie, Lebanese-born cinematographer and film director Ziad Doueiri is back with another Lebanese Civil war movie entitled “The Insult” starring Adel Karam , Rita Hayek , ...