#Lebanon Still Has Third Highest Debt-to-GDP Ratio in the World

Debt is not necessarily a bad thing when governments borrow to fund spending on infrastructure or hospitals and schools, which is clearly not happening in Lebanon. Still though, we have an increasing debt-to-GDP ratio at 156.1 and we're closing in on Greece in second spot. That's a problem McKinsey is expected to help with, but that will require a complete restructuring of the economy and a war on corruption. No oil business is going to…

Salim Salam Tunnel To be Partially Closed for Two Months

Improvement works for the Salim Salam tunnel are expected to start on Monday 15th of January and take around two months. According to the ISF, the tunnel, which is one of the most vital links in Beirut, will be partially closed for mechanical and electrical works. I hope they will fix the ventilation system and lighting once and for all as they're horrible. Otherwise, enjoy the traffic LOL! صدر عن االمديرية العامة لقوى الامن الداخلي…

Why Are We Giving So Much Importance to Dubai’s Basketball Tournament?

2 days ago
Can someone explain to me why the Lebanese teams are so eager to take part in Dubai’s tournament? Is it worth investing that much in foreign players to take part in a friendly tournament? As ...

Spielberg’s Latest Movie “The Post” May be Banned in #Lebanon

3 days ago
I was asking around if there’s any avant-premiere events for Spielberg’s latest movie THE POST which features Tom Hanks & Meryl Streep but I was surprised to hear that the movie apparently didn’t pass censorship ...

Barley & Bean’s Awesome Fresh Water Initiative: No Plastic, Free Water!

5 days ago
The world has a major problem with too much waste. Lebanon is no different, in fact, with the ongoing garbage crisis with no meaningful solution in sight, reducing our waste drastically is a major necessity. ...

Huawei is Releasing a Mate 10 Lite Edition

1 week ago
The Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro were released few months ago and are here to complete with the big guns, but a lot of smartphone users, especially young consumers, don’t really care about AI ...

LibanPost’s Ghayyir Law7tak: Changing Car Plates Made Easy

1 week ago
In case you’re considering changing your car plates and don’t know how to go or don’t feel comfortable going to the designated shops, especially after rumors of some owners overcharging customers, I was informed a ...

Can McKinsey Help Revive Lebanon’s Economy?

1 week ago
Lebanons is hiring McKinsey & Co. to help restructure the economy and has apparently given the company half a million dollars in advance to kick off the study. The six-month agreement should kick off next ...

Widespread Power Outage Continues Across Lebanon

1 week ago
A severe power outage has been affecting a lot of Lebanese regions and the situation will only get worse after Turkish power barges threatened to halt production today in the evening if they were not ...

Updates on the Lebanese Team at #Dakar2018

1 week ago
Jad Comair and Antoine Iskandar are off to a rough start at the 2018 Rally Dakar after their BMW did a barrel roll during Stage 1. I am not sure if Jad & Antoine will ...