Beirut’s Airport and the Never-Ending Parking Problem

A video was circulating yesterday online of a woman yelling at a cop after he fined her for parking illegally at the airport. She was yelling in English for some reason and her argument was that "This is Lebanon" and that there are other cars around, which doesn't justify parking wrongly of course but the question remains whether the cop was being selective as they always are. In fact, if parking in front of the…

Make Way For The Biggest Phoenician Ship Built Out of Plastic Bottles

LAU students with the help of the environmental NGO Chreek have built the biggest Phoenician ship made out of plastic. The Phoenician-shaped trireme is 13 meters long, 4 meters wide, is made out of 25,000 plastic bottles and completed on Sunday its first voyage from Byblos to Zaitunay Bay. The aim from this initiative is to raise awareness on the ever-increasing plastic pollution and bringing people together to fight Lebanon's littering problem while celebrating our…

Nadine Labaki, Becomes Second Lebanese Director, First Female Director, To Clinch Cannes’ Jury Prize

4 days ago
Nadine Labaki may not be the first Lebanese director to win the Jury Prize at Cannes but she is the first Lebanese female director to do so, and the first Arab filmmaker to win an ...

Homenetmen Crowned 2018 Lebanese Basketball Champions

1 week ago
The 2018 Lebanese basketball circus is finally over and Homenetmen men’s basketball team has won the League after defeating Riyadi 74-59. This has been one intense series that almost got ruined in Game 6 after ...

Meet the AUB Surgeon Treating Palestinian Protesters in Gaza

1 week ago
Dr. Ghassan Abu-Sitta, a reconstructive surgeon working at the American University of Beirut, has been making trips to Gaza for the past five years to help injured Palestinians. He’s currently there operating non-stop at al-Awda ...

Sign Up To Start Recycling & Start Making A Change

1 week ago
The garbage crisis is still ongoing just in case anyone’s wondering, and while we were all distracted by the elections, garbage is still piling up and being dumped into the Mediterranean. However, there are still ...

A Powerful ICRC Video On Targeting Hospitals in War Zones

1 week ago
ICRC shared few days ago a powerful video aimed at shedding lights on health workers and hospitals being attached in war zones. The video entitled “Why We Can’t Save Her Life” shows a father driving ...

R.I.P May Arida

1 week ago
May Arida, the President of Lebanon’s prestigious Baalbek International Festival and “a name that raises so much values, so many memories” has passed away aged 92. Here’s a small biography of Arida’s numerous accomplishments and ...

Official Results of The 2018 Lebanese Parliamentary Elections & More

1 week ago
The official results were finally published online by the Interior Ministry, they included detailed results for every districts and every polling station. The results are all in PDF formats which sucks but fortunately there are ...

The Lebanese Bakery Now Open in London

1 week ago
The Lebanese Bakery is an authentic bakery located in Achrafieh and one of my favorite breakfast places in Beirut. They serve breakfast and brunch and make the best Kaak in town, in addition to their ...