Deghri Messengers, Beirut’s First Bike Messenger Service, to Cease its Activities

Deghri Messengers is a green courier service that was founded in 2013 and that provides deliveries by bicycle of goods and packages inside Beirut. Unfortunately, it released a statement this morning announcing that it will cease its activities because "the time and cost required to deliver on the vision is more than the market is prepared to invest". I've tried their service a couple of times, they're punctual and fast but Beirut is not that…

Syrian Version of Games of Thrones to be Aired during Ramadan

I saw pictures a month ago of an Arabic version of Game of Thrones with all the characters but I didn't think it was for real. As it turns out, there's a Syrian version of GOT called "Orchidea" airing starting May 27 on Abu Dhabi TV . The series is directed by Hatem Ali and was shot in different parts of Romania and France, Given how bad Arabic TV series have been in the past…

So-called Lebanese Nationalists Mixing Leftism & Homosexuality

2 days ago
I don’t even know where to start with this video. I’m not sure if it was meant to be satire or a serious one because nothing adds up. Here’s what they’re saying briefly: – In ...

Le Charcutier Aoun is not Selling and will Remain 100% Lebanese

2 days ago
For the past three years, I’ve been hearing rumors about Charcutier Aoun selling out to Al Futtaim but the deal never took place. Negotiations were apparently serious this year but the deal was cancelled and ...

CNN: Surfing Becoming More Popular in #Lebanon

2 days ago
I remember when Cafe Najjar first featured a surfer in its most recent ads, I got several comments asking me if one can really surf in Lebanon while others laughed at the idea. Well surfing ...

VAPE’s Latest Ads

2 days ago
I’ve seen the VAPE ads several times now on the road and I’m still not comfortable with the one with the local thug. The ad with the teacher is kinda funny even though professors shouldn’t ...

ASHEKMAN Are Drawing a Massive “Salam” (Peace) Sign on Ouzai Rooftops

3 days ago
ASHEKMAN just kicked off a huge project in Beirut’s Ouzai area where they will be painting hundreds of houses and buildings to show the word سلام (Peace in Arabic). The gigantic Arabic calligraffiti will be ...

World Economic Forum: 9 Lebanese Starts Ups Shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution

3 days ago
The World Economic Forum has teamed up with the International Finance Corporation to bring us the top 100 Arab World startups that are shaping the future in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). ...

When You Google Smoking in Lebanon

4 days ago
I was just watching a disturbing video showing a young kid asking her mother to pass her the Arguile, which the loving and thoughtful mother does! This may be shocking to many but the sad ...

All You Need to Know about Restos St. Nicolas: A New Food Cluster Opening in Achrafieh

4 days ago
If you’ve passed by Charles Malek’s Avenue in Achrafieh recently, you probably noticed ongoing construction right after Saint Nicolas’ Church. Since I used to work there, I thought at first they were destroying the old ...