This Guy Says He Bought a Tank to Support the Lebanese Army

A Lebanese-Canadian shared a video in support of the Lebanese army where he's saying that one should show real support to the army by offering them a tank. The guy is posing right next to the tank and says he wants to ship it home to our brave soldiers. It's very considerate of him but I'm not really sure you can just go out to a military base and buy a tank from the showroom…

Game of Thrones Song: Awesome Oriental Version by Iyam El Lira

Iyam el Lira is a Lebanese band formed by young talented musicians whose mission is to reach out to new generations and remind them of the good old songs by adding a special twist to it. Last Christmas, they released a beautiful Arabic rendition of “Santa Claus is coming to town” and yesterday they shared an awesome oriental version of Game of Thrones' theme song. The timing can't be more perfect as Season 7 has…

Deekmatic: A Chicken Lover’s Hidden Gem in Matn

1 week ago
I’m quite familiar with local restaurants and small “mom-and-pop” places in the Metn area. I went to school in that district, and many of my closest friends live and grew up there. Naturally, all the ...

Mozart Chahine Smart Take on Celebratory Gunfire

1 week ago
It’s not that obvious for a shop that sells musical instruments to tackle an issue as sensitive as celebratory gunfire but Mozart Chahine has done so brilliantly. His latest ad reads “Ma T2awweslo Tabbello”, which ...

Amir Yazbeck Has 21+ Performances in Two Months This Summer

1 week ago
Just when I thought Wael Kfoury was having a busy summer schedule with 9 performances in 1 month, Amir Yazbeck just shared his schedule for the summer on a huge billboard and he’s performing in, ...

Lebanese Joe Zgheib Unlucky Run at Ninja Warrior

1 week ago
I stumbled upon this video of a Lebanese Parkour athlete called Joe Zgheib who was taking part presumably in Ninja Warrior Arabia. Joe crossed all the obstacles quite easily and slipped just as he was ...

Watch the 2017 Jounieh International Festival Fireworks with Michel Fadel

1 week ago
We witnessed yesterday Jounieh’s second major fireworks show this summer, which was organized by the Jounieh International Festival. I enjoyed them more than the ones held a month ago by Jounieh’s summer festival but I ...

Ogero Unleashes Open Speeds, Claims 60% of Users Affected

1 week ago
Yesterday around 11 PM, I asked a friend of mine in Daychounieh to do a speed test and he got twice the connection speed (3.8Mbps) he usually gets. In fact a lot of people were ...

Kickass Lebanese Wrestling Championship on Sunday 16th of July 2017

1 week ago
If you love wrestling, we have some pretty cool competitions that take place every summer in Lebanon. The ones I’ve heard of in the past years took place in Mayrouba, Saida, Jourit el Termoss and ...

Did you Like Fairouz’s “Yemken” Song?

1 week ago
Fairouz is releasing a new album on September 22 which will feature ten new songs. The album is the first collaboration with Fairouz’s daughter Reema Rahbany who is producing the album and the first time ...