Movie Review: “Murder on the Orient Express”

"Murder on the Orient Express" is the newest classic remake undertaken by Kennet Barragh. The movie is the third adaption of Agatha Christie's novel of the same name. The first motion picture adaptation of the crime/mystery novel was a 1974 movie by Sydney Lumett and it was screened as a television series in 2010. The movie starts with the introduction of the obsessed, OCD, genius inspection Hercule Poirot ordering two perfectly identical, exactly 4 minute…

A Saudi Warning to Lebanon from 1967

OldBeyrouth shared yesterday an excerpt from an article published in 1967 depicting the reactions of Lebanese officials following a Saudi warning. The warning apparently came after a Lebanese newspapers attacked the Kingdom but the Lebanese government issued an official statement back then refusing the warning and asking KSA to respect Lebanon's stances, and added that they cannot forbid newspapers from sharing opinions as long as they abide by the set rules. Fifty years later, we're…

Lebanese Comedians Mistaken for Held Saudi Princes

1 week ago
I got the below pictures from at least three or four people claiming that it was Prince Walid Ben Talal being held at the Ritz but I immediately recognized Shant on his side. Unfortunately not ...

Still Not Sure What to Study? Go to Synkers Orientation Tomorrow!

1 week ago
The decisions we have to make when we’re 17–18 will affect the rest of our life in ways none of us had imagined at the time. The problem is that I never felt we had ...

Lebanese Dr. Nawaf Salam Elected as Judge in The International Court of Justice!

1 week ago
The UN General Assembly and Security Council elected four judges on Thursday from an initial pool of six candidates to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), which is the highest judicial body in the world. ...

Malts Masterclass with Diageo at Whisky Live

2 weeks ago
I was eager to check out the second edition of Whisky Live Beirut last month, and what got me even more excited was an invitation to one of its most interesting masterlcasses this year: Malts ...

Metamorphosis of Beirut From 1870 Till 2052 at Beyt Amir

2 weeks ago
There’s a really interesting exhibition taking place at Beyt Amir entitled “Temporary – Metamorphosis of a city: Beirut 1870 – 2052“. The exhibition is a tribute to Beirut through photographs, prints, and installations showing how ...

Waterfront City: A Self-Sustaining City Coming to Life

2 weeks ago
My daily commute includes driving by the series of complete or nearly-complete buildings next to the Marina in Dbayeh. Like most, I just thought it’s another residential complex. Recently though, I got a tour around ...

Zaatar W Zeit Opening in Vancouver

2 weeks ago
Friends in Vancouver told me that they spotted a Zaatar w Zeit branch opening there, so I looked up the news and it’s indeed happening. Quoting ZWZ’s blog which dates back to October 5, they ...

iPhone X is selling for $1650 in Lebanon

2 weeks ago
The iPhone X is priced starting $999 on Apple’s website yet Amhaz wants us to buy it for an outrageous $1650! I don’t know why anyone would buy it for this ridiculous price especially when ...