Attention all Lebanese Developers: Join The Facebook Messenger Challenge

Facebook is challenging all Middle East Developers to create the smartest bots for FB Messenger and asking people to sign up and join the contest. Developers, in teams of up to three people, are invited to create bots in three categories: gaming and entertainment; productivity and utility; and social good. The judging criteria will be on technical quality , non-technical quality and user-experience . Bots must comply with all Facebook for developers Messenger Platform developer…

ASHEKMAN Taking Part in Saudi Arabia’s First Ever Comic-Con

Saudi Arabia is currently hosting its first ever Comic-con, a three-day festival of anime, pop art, video gaming and film-related events. Two prominent "Game of Thrones" stars attended the event: Julian Glover and Charles Dance , as well as other international stars such as Mads Mikkelsen and American award-winning Science Fiction/Fantasy author Maxwell Alexander Drake. Lebanese street art artists ASHEKMAN are also taking part in the event and selling their ASHEKMAN Clothing collection including geeky…

Transforming Arabic Words Into Illustrations Showing Their Meaning

5 days ago
I’m not really sure who’s behind these illustrations to be honest but I love the concept and execution. Basically, they manipulated Arabic words and turned them into illustrations that show the literal meaning of these ...

Royal Jordanian Mocks Trump’s “Muslim” Ban Once Again

2 weeks ago
RJ took another hit at Trump’s Muslim ban by slashing their prices and changing the Ban to “Bon Voyage”. The old ad that came out before Trump won said “Just in case he wins … ...

Appointment of a Lebanese as Head of PR Causing a Stir in Saudi Arabia

3 weeks ago
I have no idea who Kristie Sarkis is, but her recent appointment in a senior position at Saudi Airlines has caused a twitter storm in Saudi Arabia. Saudis are upset that their national airline chose ...

The 2016 Democracy Index: Lebanon a Hybrid Regime, The U.S A Flawed Democracy

3 weeks ago
The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index for the year 2016 is out. It is a yearly report that classifies countries as one of four types of regimes: – Full Democracy: a nation where civil liberties ...
Middle East

Best AP 2016 Images From The Middle East

1 month ago
2016 has been unfortunately a bloody year for the Middle East and the majority of this year’s top AP images are from wars or suicide bombings mainly from Iraq & Syria. Mercifully as put by ...
Middle East

Several Lebanese Reported Missing And/Or Injured At The Istanbul NYE Reina Attack

1 month ago
39 people, including at least 15 foreigners, were killed in a terrorist attack on one of Istanbul’s most famous nightclubs, Reina. At least 69 people are being treated in hospitals according to Turkey’s interior minister ...

Celebrating Arabic Language Day: The Different Arabic Language Dialects

2 months ago
A Kuwaiti, a Lebanese, an Iraqi, an Emirati, an Eritrean and a Palestinian explore the many different ways of saying the same thing in Arabic. Some of these terms are pretty interesting hehe : – ...

Maxime Chaya Aiming To Be The First To Cycle Across Rubh’ Al Khali (Empty Quarter)

2 months ago
Maxime Chaya is off to a new challenge as he aims to successfully complete the first ever crossing of Rubh’ Al Khali by bicycle. The expedition will be unsupported, but assisted by means of pre-laid ...