Fairouz Sued Madonna in the 1990s

It looks like MTV Lebanon is on a roll these days. A friend of mine sent me a link to an MTV article entitled " فيروز في أغنية جنسيّة والأسوأ في هذه السّطور" where they tell us how Madonna used one of Fairouz's Easter songs in her album Erotica. They are obviously outraged by this "crime", which is a huge insult to Christianity, want Madonna to be held accountable for it and even asked the…

Santa is Coming to Town – With a Lebanese Twist

The band is called Iyam El Lira and is formed of young talented Lebanese musicians whose mission is to reach out to new generations and remind them of the good old songs by adding a special twist to it. Check out this Arabic rendition of "Santa Claus is coming to town", it's beautiful:

Bourj Hammoud’s Dancing Santa

3 weeks ago
There are plenty of dancing Santas during the holidays but at least this guy has got some cool moves and not just stupidly waving his hands lol! ...

The Worst Christmas Music Video

4 weeks ago
I have no idea Rima Dib is or what she’s trying to accomplish. Don’t let your children watch this video, they will have nightmares on Christmas eve. ...

Beirut Chants: 29 Free Concerts Celebrating Diversity & Promoting A Culture of Peace

1 month ago
This year marks the 9th edition of Beirut Chants, a festival that has become one of the Christmas season’s most anticipated events. Every year during Christmas, concerts are organized in all of Beirut’s historical churches ...

Fairouz Songs Banned At the Lebanese University – Hadath

1 month ago
A group of LU students decided to honor their friend who recently died in a car crash so they invited his mom and wanted to play Fairouz songs in the university since he loves Fairouz ...

Chico Records [Beirut] Among The World’s Best Record Shops

1 month ago
Video Chico was established as a record store in the 1960s and has long been considered as a Mecca for vinyl collectors in the region. Chico was recently featured in an article on [TheVinylFactory]. Chico ...

Pink Martini Sings Al Bint Al Shalabiya by Fairouz

1 month ago
I am a Pink Martini fan but this is bad. Mish Zabta lol! Via Mustapha ...

Paragliding “Band” Plays Lebanese National Anthem in the Sky

2 months ago
A group of para-gliders got their instruments up in the sky and played the Lebanese National Anthem while flying. Manale Nehme, Valerie Zakka, Nabil Abou Assi and Patrick Mouaness produced this video for Lebanon’s Independence ...

Lebanon at the Disco Dance Finals in 1980

2 months ago
I have no idea how my friend Mark dug out this video but it’s pretty cool. There was a Lebanese participant at the the 1980 Disco Dance World Finals called Henri Daou. I have no ...