Lebanon Just Appointed 3 new Female Ambassadors

Amal Mudallali, Sahar Baassiri and Tracy Chamoun were appointed this week by the Lebanese government as new ambassadors for Lebanon. Dr Amal Mudallali, who works as a CEO for Bridges International Group, is a contributor to Foreign Policy and once worked as BBC's Washington Correspondant, was appointed as UN Ambassador and will be the first Lebanese female to hold this position. Sahar Baassiri, Lebanese journalist and the wife of Lebanon's permanent representative at the UN…

Lebanese Soldiers Fight off Terrorists & Suicide Bombers in Arsal

The Lebanese Army stormed two refugee camps in Arsal's outskirts and managed to arrest and kill several terrorists. The operation wasn't that easy as the first man they were looking for blew himself up, then four other militants blew themselves up but luckily no soldiers were killed in the process. Instead several soldiers were slightly injured. More than 30 terrorists and ISIS members were arrested so far in Arsal an another major terrorist and Ain…

Terrorist Arrested by Police Says He was Recruited via Boom Beach

1 month ago
The Lebanese security forces arrested two men after they suspected that they were planning an attack in Downtown Beirut. The terrorists apparently were working with Daesh and were targeting businessmen and politicians among others. Mustapha ...

New Ogero DSL Speeds and Pricing as per Today’s Approved Decree

1 month ago
The new prices that Ogero announced almost a month ago were finally approved in today’s session with even further reduction in monthly subscription prices. While speeds will remain the same for most plans depending on ...

ABC Verdun Officially Opening on July 28

2 months ago
It’s official! ABC Verdun will open on July 28. I’ve shared early pictures during a sneak peek visit and the video showing how it should look like. Here are some more details on Beirut’s hottest ...

French Presidential Elections (Round 1) Results in Lebanon

2 months ago
Who did the Lebanese-French vote for in the first round of France’s Presidential elections? The French Embassy tweeted the official results and surprisingly more people voted for Fillon (5451 votes) than Le Pen (1099 votes) ...

Expect a Hellish Traffic in Hamra till mid-April

3 months ago
There are planned road works on Makdssi street in Hamra starting March 24 until April 10 and few roads will be blocked during that period. Traffic is already horrible in Hamra so I’m finding it ...

Ogero Stand at MWC 2017 – Barcelona

4 months ago
Ogero is taking part as an exhibitor at the Mobile World Congress 2017 this year. The above picture of the stand was tweeted by Ogero and shows Lebanon’s map with “Internet of things” written all ...

No More Political & Religious Slogans on Tripoli’s Roundabouts?

6 months ago
Tripoli’s municipality is trying to cut down on political & religious slogans in the city by removing all barriers across its roundabouts. Technically speaking, there’s no official decision taken yet to ban these slogans but ...

Meet the Lebanese Who Hijacked Six Planes – A Record to This Day

6 months ago
Plane hijacking was unfortunately quite common in the 1970s and 1980s and a certain Lebanese named Hamza Akel Hamieh, holds the record for the largest number of hijackings (6) between 1979 and 1982 and one ...