“Marqet”: Lebanon’s First Blind-friendly Supermarket

On September 27, the Lebanese NGO Red Oak launched in collaboration with the Youth Association of the Blind , at the “Marqet” supermarket on the Koraytem main road, Beirut, its “Red Oak Blind-Friendly Market” project which continues the NGO's recent cultural project aiming at facilitating the entrance of the blind and visually-impaired persons to museums in Lebanon. This new initiative has resulted so far in 5 employees of "Marqet" being trained during a two-day workshop to guide…

75-Year Old Publisher Dar Assayad To Shut Down

Al-Anwar newspaper first declared on its front page and it will stop being published, only to be followed by news that its publisher, Dar Assaad, which was founded in 1943 by Said Freiha, will halt all the magazines it publishes – including Fayrouz, Achabaka and Assayad, "Fares", "Al Difa3 Al Arabi" and others. Assafir, one of Lebanon's oldest newspapers, also decided to shut down in 2016 due to financial difficulties. A sad day for Lebanese…

Dunkin’ Donuts to become Dunkin’, with Lebanon to follow trend starting 2019

2 weeks ago
After 20 years of going under the name “Dunkin’ Donuts”, the American-borne company has decided to move to Dunkin’ to emphasize the selling of coffee and other drinks, beside doughnuts. This will happen in January ...

South Africa Added to Countries Lebanese can Visit Without a VISA

2 weeks ago
Lebanese will no longer need a visa to visit South Africa, following recent changes done by the South African authorities in visa waiver agreements with some countries. “Citizens from countries which will now no longer ...

Underground Waste Containers Installed in #Beirut

4 months ago
Ramco replaced Sukleen and started collecting garbage in Beirut back in May after winning a $70 million tender over a 5-year period. The company will pick up 650 tons of waste per day and has ...

ISF covers Entire Football Field to Display Lebanon’s Largest-Ever Drug Bust

4 months ago
Fifteen tons of weed were apprehended yesterday by the Internal Security Forces, making it the country’s biggest-ever drug bust. The drugs were worth over $100M dollars and were hidden inside paint buckets. They were set ...

Newly Elected MP Michel Daher Vows To Transfer Salary/ Benefits to the Lebanese Army

5 months ago
Most people I know associate Michel Daher with Daher Foods and Master Potato chips but little do they know that Daher Capital has been investing in public equity and alternative investment markets since the 1990s ...

Marcel Ghanem to Make First MTV Appearance Tonight

5 months ago
After announcing his departure from LBCI, Marcel Ghanem will officially make his first appearance on MTV tonight as part of a special coverage of the elections as the results are coming out. To be honest, ...

Hanna Lahoud, Lebanese Red Cross Aid Worker, Killed in Yemen

5 months ago
The ICRC has confirmed earlier today that a Lebanese aid worker called Hanna Lahoud was shot and killed by an armed man when a team of aid workers were returning from Taiz city South of ...

Sagesse’s Maroun Azzi Has Passed Away

6 months ago
Sad news today as the kid called “Maroun Azzi” who became an internet sensation about sharing videos where he was bashing his school then went back to apologize has passed away after a battle with ...