#Beirut Wants to Break The Guinness Record For World’s Longest Continuing Party

Lebanon will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for longest continuous party which is currently 54 hours by organizing the longest continuing party from August 28th till August 30th. The event is taking place under the patronage of Lebanon’s Ministry of Tourism at Nurai in Monot. In order to make that happen, tens of artists, DJs and local bands will have to continuously perform throughout the duration of the party. I'm not a fan…

Iris Beach Club “Punches” Back

I think we're all aware that night clubs and beach resorts in Lebanon are not that affordable and there's nothing wrong in complaining about that matter, but when you head out to a popular beach club, order an item four times and then share a picture on Facebook complaining that it's a rip off, then no one's going to take you seriously. The worst part is that the famous "punch" that made headlines is not…

Diageo World Class 2017: SAPA’s Mike Kassabian Best Bartender in Lebanon

5 months ago
In its sixth edition, Diageo World Class continues to look for Lebanon’s best mixologist and has selected last week Mike Kassabian from SAPA Best Bartender in Lebanon to represent his country in the global finale ...

#15ISFAIR: The Gärten is Back With a New Look, and a Cheaper Entrance Fee (15$)

5 months ago
The Gärten has been open for five years now and still kicks ass. The venue, the music, the experience offer an unmatched nightlife experience especially for house music fans. This year, The Gärten changed its ...

All You Need to Know about Restos St. Nicolas: A New Food Cluster Opening in Achrafieh

6 months ago
If you’ve passed by Charles Malek’s Avenue in Achrafieh recently, you probably noticed ongoing construction right after Saint Nicolas’ Church. Since I used to work there, I thought at first they were destroying the old ...

Mar Mikhail Angry Residents vs Pubs: A Repeat of Gemmayze?

7 months ago
Back in 2008, more than twenty pubs were shut down in Gemmayze after more than 100 angry residents blocked the Main Street to protest the hijacking of parking spaces and pubs that were violating the ...

There’s a New Night Club in Town Only For Teenagers (Aged 12 to 18 years)

7 months ago
Glow Pub is Lebanon’s first teens-only night club. It recently opened in Furn el Chebbak and only admits kids aged 12 to 18. Obviously smoking and alcohol are prohibited in the club and to make ...

Two Reminders That We’re still Living in a Jungle

8 months ago
Some guy got into a fight on Friday night with a bouncer at a night club in Beirut so he decided to pull out his gun and fire into the air before he was stopped. ...

What Happens (NOT REALLY) When You Go Party in #Lebanon

10 months ago
It looks like MTV has got some serious competition when it comes to giving advice on partying in Lebanon and “reporting” what happens at night clubs in Beirut. [Lebanonfiles] shared a small article entitled “This ...

Brazilian Star Ronaldinho Partying in Beirut

10 months ago
Football star Ronaldinho landed in Beirut few days ago and was spotted partying at Taiga in Beirut. I have no idea what he’s doing here; my guess it’s for a summer camp since he’s FC ...