Beirut Mosque Launches Kindness Fridge Initiative

Al Daouk mosque on Bliss Street set up a fridge on the sidewalk whereas people can donate extra food and needy people could pick it up. This Kindness Fridge idea will hopefully help feed the hungry for free and encourage people to donate food instead of throwing it away. let's just hope it won't end up being vandalized like the Wall of Kindness was last year.

Someone Did the Math Behind Lebanese Governments’ Formation

Benjamin Redd, Journalist at the Daily Star, tweeted yesterday an interesting excel sheet showcasing the amount of times it took the past eight prime ministers to form their governments, the number of days from designation to formation, the numbers of days from formation to confidence or resignation and other insightful numbers. As of today, it's been 140 days since Hariri was designated to form a government, which is the third longest period we've spent in…

Alfa Telecom to Ship 460 Tons of e-Waste to Sweden

1 week ago
As of 2017, over 47 million tons of e-waste were generated and the numbers are rising annually by 4%. Unfortunately, only 20% of e-waste is subject to recycling and 80% are dumped in landfills or ...

#NotEverythingIsForSharing: Alfa’s Timely Reminder

1 week ago
It’s like every single day, countless new videos are shared online of people in situations they will most probably later regret. Most of the time, it’s the people concerned themselves that share something they later ...

LBCI Launches Paid Subscription Service to Rewatch Episodes

1 week ago
Much to the discontent of TV viewers, LBCI surprised its fans by launching a couple of days ago a paid subscription service, to be able to rewatch the episodes of its programs. The news was ...

Haret Hreik Lab Tests Show Water Contains Human Stools

1 week ago
A Haret Hreik resident sent a sample of his building’s water to test to have it checked, and the laboratory tests turned out to be horrific. Not only is the water not drinkable, but it ...

#FeelTheBeat: Get your Free Checkup For Heart Diseases at City Centre Beirut

1 week ago
Heart diseases and strokes remain the leading causes of death globally and plenty of cases can be prevented by running routine check-ups. In an attempt to raise awareness on that matter, LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital ...

Al Hayba is on Netflix

1 week ago
I was going through series on Netflix last week when I noticed Al Hayba is now available to watch. The series made a lot of buzz when it aired last year but I never watched ...

“Marqet”: Lebanon’s First Blind-friendly Supermarket

1 week ago
On September 27, the Lebanese NGO Red Oak launched in collaboration with the Youth Association of the Blind (YAB), at the “Marqet” supermarket on the Koraytem main road, Beirut, its “Red Oak Blind-Friendly Market” project which ...

Ottawa Names Street After St. Charbel

2 weeks ago
During Patriach Rai’s visit to Canada, he visited Ottawa where one of the largest Lebanese communities live, and celebrated the renaming of a section of Donald Street in Ottawa to St. Charbel Way4 (Mar Charbel). ...