#UltimateEXPEDITION With Ford in Ras Al Khaimah, Dubai

A couple of weeks back, I flew to Dubai to a first hand experience with Ford's latest SUV: the all-new 2018 Ford Expedition. We've already been to several experiences in Dubai with Ford and they never disappoint. This time, we headed to the gorgeous Desert Palm Hotel in Ras Al Khaimah to test out the new Expedition. We had a welcome dinner the first night before hitting the road on Sunday morning. The SUVs were…

Zouk Mosbeh is Fining Dog Owners Who Don’t Pick Up Poop

Zouk Mosbeh Municipalitiy is going after people who do not pick up after their dogs and will be fining them LL50,000. As stated by Beta, this is definitely a much better initiative than banning dogs all together but I'm struggling to locate where this sidewalk is located in Zouk because it looks brand new and clean and to be honest, most sidewalks in Zouk Mosbeh and its surrounding are pretty dirty. I used to go…

La Nuit des Musées 2018: Visit Lebanon’s Museums For Free on April 14th

1 week ago
The 5th edition of “La Nuit des Musées” is being organized by the Lebanese Ministry of Culture on Saturday April 14th from 5PM till 11PM. Similarly to last year, thirteen museums are taking part in ...

Nadine Labaki ‘s Movie “Capharnaüm (Capernaum)” is Competing for the Palme D’or This Year!

1 week ago
The official selection for the 71st Cannes Film Festival was just announced and Nadine Labaki’s movie “Capharnaüm (Capernaum)” is officially competing for the Palme D’or! The movie was directed Nadine Labaki and co-written by Michelle ...

Hiking to Protect The Lebanon Mountain Trail!

1 week ago
Fadi Baaklini and Kamal Rizk, a businessman and an architect, are hiking the Lebanon Mountain Trail on a 30 days epic journey in order to help raise funds for the protection of the LMT. Their ...

Meet Zaatar w Zeit’s Super-Natural Green Sandwich!

1 week ago
As you all have probably guessed by now, the green people spotted and the green billboards on the highway were part of a teaser campaign by Zaatar W Zeit to launch their latest product, a ...

The Story Behind This Iconic Lebanese Civil War Picture Shot 33 years Ago

1 week ago
With April 13, the remembrance day of Lebanon’s war, approaching, I found this intriguing article posted by the Guardian on a Lebanese Photographer called Maher Attar who got reunited with the one-legged mother that he ...

Controversial Article 50 of the 2018 Budget Paving the Way for Naturalization?

1 week ago
You’d expect the Lebanese parliament to make the new 2018 Lebanese budget available online or in the papers, especially that it’s the first budget we pass since 2005 but I couldn’t find it anywhere and ...

List of Donors at the #CEDRE Conference

1 week ago
Lebanon received more than $11 billion between loans and grants at the CEDRE conference last week, in a bid to support development projects and reforms in the country. We were looking for investments between $16 ...

Lebanese to Watch the 2018 World Cup for Free?

1 week ago
Information Minister Melhem Riachi has promised football fans in Lebanon that they will be watching the 2018 FIFA World Cup for free. The details will be announced next week but it looks like the minister ...