Why Jewish Voters are Labeled as “Israelites” on Electoral Lists

If you go to dgps.gov.lb and look up your ID in Beirut for example, you will notice in the drop-down list of sects the term "إسرائيلي", which does not refer to Israelis but to Israelites, which is an old term used to refer to the Jewish voters in Beirut. The first time I saw the term, I was sure it was a mistake but I asked around and it's not. In fact, ex-Interior Minister Ziad…

Tripoli Mina’s 2018 Zambo Festival

Not many of you may have heard of Zambo, but it is a yearly tradition that has been held for almost a century now and that takes place in Tripoli Mina a day before the beginning of the lent . Basically people wear tribal clothes, paint their skins in dark colors and put on scary masks while wandering around the alleys of the Old Mina. It’s a fun event that Tripoli residents from all religions…

Tripoli Judge Gives Unusual Sentence For Three Men Accused of Insulting Christianity

6 months ago
Those found guilty of blasphemy or insulting a religion can face up to one year in prison according to Article 473 of the Lebanese Penal Code. Such acts are almost always taken very seriously and ...

Bcharreh will soon be Home to The World’s Tallest & Biggest Statue of Jesus Christ

7 months ago
Lebanese sculptor and artist Rudy Rahme revealed to Al Jomhouria newspaper that he’s sculpting the world’s biggest and tallest Jesus Christ statue which will be placed in his hometown Bcharreh once done. The statue is ...

Pictures + Video: Mar Charbel Shrine inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral

9 months ago
Mar Charbel’s shrine was officially inaugurated yesterday in New York by Lebanon’s Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros al- Rahi. The shrine was donated by Lebanese businessman Anton Sehnaoui in the name of May & Nabil Sehnaoui. ...

Shrine Dedicated to Saint Charbel inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York

9 months ago
A shrine dedicated to Saint Charbel was recently installed inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City and will be officially inaugurated on October 28th by Lebanon’s Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros al- Rahi. The shrine ...

Mar Charbel’s 24m Long Statue Installed on Faraya’s Mount of the Cross

11 months ago
Lebanon’s largest statue of St Charbel was finally installed today in Faraya on top of the Mount of the Cross. The long monument, which weighs 40 tons, was built with highly durable materials (mainly fiberglass) ...

How a Lebanese Priest Celebrated Labor Day

1 year ago
Majdi Allawi is a Lebanese priest and the founder of a religious organization called “Bonheur du Ciel”, an organization that helps treat people struggling with substance abuse with the power of faith. The priest decided ...

Lebanon is Building The Biggest Cross in the Middle East (Again)

1 year ago
We’re building a new cross in Lebanon that is bigger than the one in Bekich. The Ijdabra cross, located in the Batroun area, will be 60 meters long and is being built on a land ...

Tripolitan Rola Sleiman is Arab World’s First Woman Pastor/Reverend

1 year ago
On February 26, 2017, Rola Sleiman made history by becoming the first woman to be ordained in a Middle Eastern Church (the Presbyterian Church). By doing so, Rola has also become the first Lebanese & ...