First Bike Lane Prototype Introduced in #Beirut

After getting its first bike sharing station, Beirut just got its first official bike lane. The assembly of the first bike lane prototype was completed two days ago and the first bike tour will take place on April 30 as shown in the invite below. This is a great step forward to turning Beirut into a bike-friendly city. The most important part is to make sure everyone respects the bike lanes and that no one…

Why I’m Losing Interest in Football

I've always been a passionate about football. I follow most of the leagues, mainly the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga and Bundesliga, I look forward to the World Cup & Euro, I love the Champions League but in the last couple of years, I've come to realize that I'm losing interest in the sport mainly due to the FIFA, UEFA and the corrupt shit heads that were running the show. A lot of things…

Byblos Bike Sharing System Officially Launched, Bike Lane to Follow

2 weeks ago
Byblos launched two days ago officially the “Byblos Bike Sharing System” and will soon introduce a dedicated bike lane in the city. NNA article says the lane will cover a 50,000 square meter area but ...

Lebanese All-Star Basketball Game With More Foreigners than Lebanese

3 weeks ago
There’s an all-star Lebanese basketball game scheduled on April 9th at 5 PM by the FLB. The game will oppose players from Beirut vs Outside Beirut including three foreign players on each team LOL! So ...

Follow Silvio Chiha’s “Mountain to Sea” Challenge Live

4 weeks ago
We always tell foreigners (mostly jokingly) about being able to “Swim & Ski” on the same day in Lebanon but we never get to do it, mainly due to traffic LOL, but Silvio Chiha wants ...

Did Anyone Attend the so-called “World Cup” Match in #Beirut last Week?

1 month ago
When I first spotted the poster last week, I thought it was some really old event because it looked like it was done using a Microsoft Paint from Windows 95 but then a friend asked ...

Ali Kedami will Run 72 Hours Non-Stop for SANAD Hospice!

1 month ago
Ali Kedami is an internationally renown long trail runner who has completed some of the most challenging and tough races in the world, including The 4 Deserts: the world’s leading rough-country endurance footrace series. Last ...

The Real Cost of a Ski Trip this Winter

1 month ago
If we forget for a second the pricey ski passes, rental fees and the 30$ Man2oushe, the damage that your car endures on every ski trip you take will end up costing you as much ...

#MagicFutsal: Meeting Maldini, Giggs & Falcao

1 month ago
Falcão, Paolo Maldini, Ryan Giggs, Vahid Shamsaee, Nabil Akaazoun and Zoran Rakicevic were in Beirut this weekend to meet their fans and play against Bank of Beirut’s futsal team. I was lucky enough to receive ...

El Clásico in #Beirut

1 month ago
El Clasico is one of the most popular and viewed football matches in the world. It’s the name given to any match between rivals Real Madrid and FC Barcelona and it looks like we’re getting ...