Lebanese Judo Champion Nacif Elias Defeats World Number One

Lebanese-Brazilian Judo Champion Nacif Elias was taking part in the 2018 World Judo Championships and made headlines when he knocked out the world number one Aleksandar KUKOLJ in his first fight. Unfortunately, he lost in the quarter finals against SILVA MORALES who ended up with the silver medal. Check out the results .

Basketball – Lebanon fades in the dying minutes against New Zealand

A perfect first quarter seemed to put us on track for an excellent win against the Tall Blacks, but the Lebanese players melted in the heat down under and succumbed to 25 offensive rebounds by New Zealand and their last-minute recruit Corey Webster, to lose 63-60 in the dying minutes of a match they had their grasp firmly on. Contrary to last week's encounter against China, during which we played catch up for most of the…

Tennis – Lebanon rewrites history in Davis Cup with Thailand win

4 weeks ago
While the country’s eyes are on New Zealand for tomorrow morning’s basketball match between Lebanon and the Tall Blacks, a 20-year-old Hady Habib, ranked #643 in the ATP, claimed the final point in the tie ...

Basketball – Limping #Lebanon edges past China in unnecessary extra time

1 month ago
It was messy, it was stressful, it was exhausting.  But it was a win, regardless. Our team might be lacking key players including Jean Abdel Nour, Wael Arakji, Nadim Souaid and Bassel Bawji to name a ...

Abdo Feghali Impressive Run Earns Him 4th Spot at 2018 Red Bull Drift Shifters

1 month ago
The 2018 edition of Red Bull Drift Shifters took place this year in Liverpool and Abdo Feghali “Dado” pulled an impressive run to end up in fourth spot overall, and one of four drivers to ...

Ray Bassil & Alain Moussa Win First Gold Medal for #Lebanon at the 2018 Asian Games

1 month ago
Lebanese Champion Ray Bassil & Alain Moussa clinched the first gold medal for Lebanon at the 2018 Asian Games that are taking place in Jakarta. Ray & Alain won the Gold in the Trap Mixed ...

Lebanese Basketball Federation Limits Foreign Players Back to Two Per Team

2 months ago
The dumbest decision ever taken by the Lebanese Basketball Federation was allowing three foreign players instead of two a couple of years ago. Instead of promoting local talent and regulating every team’s budget to make ...

Fehmeen el World Cup Ghalat

3 months ago
The World Cup is a one-of-a-kind event that happens once every four years and is the most widely viewed and followed sporting event in the world. Most of the World cares about football a great ...

VAR is The Best Thing That Ever Happened to the World Cup

3 months ago
The Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system, is being used for the first time in a World Cup and I’m loving it so far! It’s about time we introduce technology to football and avoid referee mistakes ...

Ali Wehbe Sets New Guinness World Record for Fastest Crossing of Lebanon on Foot

4 months ago
The first time I wrote about Ali Wehbe back in 2014, he was running Lebanon for 12 days in 12 different marathons to raise and support the Lebanese Austism Society (LAS). This year, Ali Wehbe ...